Pokémon GO: 44th Week

Peace! Another week over, another event ended.

I finally got my highly-anticipated Houndoom (evolved from Houndour) and am still walking Larvitar. The end is near~~~
Tuesday I was rather sick (thanks to female problems and heat) and missed my daily PokéStop spin. I probably will skip on Sunday to turn back to my usual rhythm of SUnday = 7th day 😀



We got a new patch! Gyms look really different now and are somewhat PokéStops 😀

So before the patch the gyms were undergoing maintenance and any Pokémon being stocked in before that was kicked out *hoorah*
After they decided to push the new system – which might’ve been yesterday afternoon up to this morning, I don’t know – I was surprised how it looks like now. (First picture taken a few days before, the other two today…. but man this looks like we want to shoot rockets with the gyms now)



You can spin disks now at these PokéGyms – and you should!

  • The first time you spin a disk at a Gym it will give you the Gym Batch plus items (cooldown as usual PokéStops is 5 minutes).
  • The first spin per day will reward you with a special berry (didn’t see it in inventory but could use it on Pokémon at gym) and a Raid Pass.
  • Spinning a disk in a gym that is occupied by your team grants a “Team Bonus” (+1 per Pokémon)


CP = Health and will be depleted by each fight until it hits 0 – then the monster will be kicked out of the gym. The berries help restore the CP/Health.

You will also receive a popup message in the app when your monster gets kicked out from a gym.



Besides that: You CAN NOT fight against your own Pokémon anymore!

They changed the interface as you can already see above but also for arrangement of the Pokémon in the gym – looks really nice (usually the hearts are displayed, my app showed a Network error so it didn’t load the hearts :D):

Pokémon GO: 42nd & 43rd Week

Well as you can see the interval of posting declines 😀
Not because I don’t play but because nothing happens 😀

Well, I am still catching things. I am trying to beat other teams in gyms.
I didn’t catch anything new but I was able to use some of my upgrade items on caught monsters 🙂 Less crap in inventory *lol*

My Plus finally ran out of battery. Took me a few days to get a new battery and played less in that time buuuuuuuuuut I am back playing between home-> work and vice versa + home until sleep now 🙂

A new patch was released with some bug fixes although I don’t know what they fixed *lol*


Tonight a new event will start \o/ maybe I’ll be able to catch a Houndour.
Specifications of the Solstice Event:

  • 13th of June, 1PM PDT – 20th of June, 1PM PDT
  • rate of catching fire and ice types increased
  • EXP Bonus for Nice, Great, Excellent and First throws
  • EXP Bonus for hatching eggs
  • 50% discount on Lucky Eggs

To celebrate the first anniversary of the game, Niantic plans to host several events. The first one will take place on 22nd of July in Chicago, Illinois, USA. More information on other events will be posted soon. Somewhen.

Pokémon GO: 40th & 41st Week

The event is over~
I think it had the worst catch rates ever. -_- Kinda pissed me off.
Didn’t do much either as I had some days off due to holidays and such sooo not really lot to say 😀

I evolved Sunkern to Sunflora, I hatched a Magby, gathering all those evolve stones as I don’t seem to have any use for them right now, I’m walking my Lavitar since the event to push its candy 😀

and I got freaked out by Wobbuffet… I mean that female version has LIPSTICK. And the male looks like it needs to go to pee IMMEDIATELY…

I’m confused 😀

And thats basically it because I will have some days off again due to friends visiting me – and I will see how much I can play GO the next few days due to that haha.

Pokémon GO: 39th Week

Hello again.
I updated my game to the newest version and am surprised. This is the first update since three patches ago which I don’t need to deinstall, download and install the complete game again. Let’s wait for a bigger update so I can complain again that Niantic doesn’t check their own shit 😀

Pokémon GO will have a new event~ starting today (which is also my birthday hoorah!).

This event will feature Rock types and increase the buddy’s candy drop rate – 4 times as fast… meaning? Distance /4, so a 2km = 250m, 3km = 0,75m, 5km = 1,25km.
Also: More items will be obtained from PokéStops and PokéBalls are 50% off in the in-game shop. A new avatar item will be added: Explorer Hat.
The event will take place between 18th of May, 1PM PDT and 25th of May, 1PM PDT. In my time zone (Amsterdam, CET) that’s…. 10PM 😀

I am walking my Sunkern now, since I finished walking Scythor and evolving it to Scizor.
I hatched a decent Eevee a few weeks ago, needed some candies but finally could evolve it to an Umbreon – using the name cheat of course.

Two days ago I caught a Wobbuffet and yesterday I hatched a Mareep. And that’s about it for this week 🙂

Pokémon GO: 38th Week

another week done. I must say that last event didn’t do much for me BUT I finally got a Sunkern! And another and another and another ….all on Monday (last day of event *lol*)

There was a release note about a new update on 9th of May but I don’t seem to have it in the Play Store yet 😮 so not here yet 😀 whatever.

I hit Level 35 when popping my first PokéStop on Tuesday 😀 that item flood!
I also received another upgrade item on a random PokéStop…which totals me now to 5 in my inventory… I don’t even know what to do with all of these. Ofcourse one is reserved for Scythor (AKA Ravana) and one for Sunkern. But the rest: I don’t know~~~

I walked Teddiursa to 50 candies and evolved it to Ursaring. That one also was the 70th of 2nd gen Pokémon and gave me the achievement, hoorah!
Right now, I am pushing Scythor to 50, so I can use the evolution item on it. I guess I walk my Sunkern after (not the CP10 one, that was just the first to be caught).

(If you also have a keen eye you will notice that I expanded my item inventory… that happened after the item flood due to PokéStop + leveling up as those burst my inventory and I didn’t want to throw away my hard-earned balls.)

Pokémon GO: 36th & 37th Week

long time no post – at least about Pokémon. Not that I was lazy – I was hella busy.
Work was exhausting and I had an official holiday (King’s Day) on 27th of April plus a day off on 28th… so it was burning through my ressources and when I was off I did anything but not think about posting the blog ._.

But well here I am. And nothing happened really buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I got some new buggers. And upgrade items. And changed the monster I’m walking as it takes a bit less to walk it for evolving.

The fun thing of the last 2 weeks: I received 2 Up-Grades from PokéStops (not on 7th daily swipe), 1 Metal Coat and 1 Sun Stone from my 7th daily swipes.
Right after I received the 2nd Up-Grade a Porygon spawned at my place – caught it, evolved it to Porygon2, trashed it 😀 and evolved Skiploom to Jumpluff.
I also caught a new bugger – a Snubbull ❤

Soon I will also have my gold achievements for battling gyms @_@ just a 100 and something more each 🙂

Last week I walked all my eggs without receiving any new ones for a few minutes (okay hours) 😀 and later the whole inventory was filled again x__x

Here my PokéDex entries for the 2nd generation:

Pokémon GO: 34th & 35th Week

I didn’t forget last week’s post but did have some things to take care of so the post didn’t have any priority 🙂

Currently walking Larvitar:

It’s better now anyways due to the start of the Easter event last Thursday ending this Thursday – got a load of newbies in my roster. The event includes:

  • Lucky egg sale
  • 2km eggs can hatch a variety of other Pokémon (other than Squirtle I got Staryu, Tyrogue and Eevee)
  • double EXP on anything

Due to the 2-week-rotation in my area I caught a ***load of Totodiles and evolved one to its final form. Also Cyndaquill gathered enough candies by walking to be evolved too.

I got another upgrade item from a PokéStop (which I can’t use as it is the one for Porygon I think).
My last 7 day spins gave me 2 different upgrade items so *damdam* evolution time~

My new Tyrogue evolved to Hitmonlee – there seems to be a trick to evolve this bugger too:
Main stat ATK -> Hitmonlee
Main stat DEF -> Hitmonchan
Main stat HP -> Hitmontop

My caught Eevee was pushed to evolve to Espeon due to the fun thing called renaming Eevee to the trainer’s name 😀 So Sakura it was.