Review: (Nerd) Website and Shipment Services

It is time for a new review!
As I ordered a lot of things in the last few weeks and months I will give you a nice overview of some things I ordered and if/when I received those ūüôā
Please note that I am located in the Netherlands, EU Рtherefore some options are not interesting for everyone.


I’ll start with Skylanders:
As I completed my Skylander collection I ordered with several websites and shops – of course I will not mention those I went to personally as there was no shipment involved *lol*

  • Skylanders SuperChargers Land Racing Pack
    Price: German price (as it is the German Amazon) + Dutch VAT (!)
    Pre-order as it was released a week before Easter in Europe Рsent on 17th of March, first delivery attempt 22nd of March by PostNL, picked up on 23rd of March at a store that has a contract with PostNL.
  • Skylanders Elemental Pack 1 (Dark)
    Price: UK price (incl. VAT) + Shipment
    Ordered on 18th of January, delivered on 23rd of January by PostNL.
  • several deliveries of several skylanders
    Price: US price (incl. VAT) + Shipment incl. import tax
    Delivery of those took 1-2 weeks due to being located in the US and time of shipments. Shipment never exceeded 2 weeks. One was really fast with arriving just 5 days after the order was placed. Delivered by PostNL.
  • eBay: Price depending on seller location.¬†Possible Import Fee depending on seller location and how they filled out the papers.
    Delivery moment depending on seller location.
    There¬†was one that¬†went wrong – terribly so. If you didn’t read, please check out these posts for details:¬†ebay GSP,¬†eBay GSP2, eBay GSP3¬†(I re-ordered the item through
  • several skylanders in 3 shipments
    Price: EUR (incl. Dutch VAT) + Shipment
    Delivery had issues… not the one which was sent as a letter as this was sent with Post service but the following 2 delivered by GLS.
    The first delivery: the delivery guy couldn’t find my home¬†address – after 2 failed attempts a guy who knows the area finally brought it to my address.
    Second delivery: I¬†tried to let¬†it send to my company address, informed our office lady about a package arriving…¬†again couldn’t find it as they didn’t put in the complete address (just name + street + city + zip code — missing out on the company name so reception refused to take the package). I solved this while calling the driver and informing reception of the package.


If I don’t order Skylanders (don’t need to as I do have all for now)
I do order Anime/Game Figurines – with different websites of course ūüôā Those are my usual deliveries anyways and therefore the ones I got most experience with.

  • eBay / Amazon: Price: depending on seller
    Delivery: DHL, GLS or PostNL
    You might want to make REALLY sure you don’t buy counterfeits there! It happens. There is no way to know before you got the item and even if you know how to check that it might be hard to tell (and the original box is no indication that the figure itself is not counterfeit) – handle those options with care and only if you either don’t mind or if you trust the seller.
    eBay items might also get lost.
  • Price: EUR (incl. import fee) + German VAT + Shipment
    Delivery: DHL or PostNL
    Always on time – tracking without any clueless “where-the-hell-is-it”-moments.
    They also have a convention delivery system (Meaning: you can pick your order up at a convention they are present) – I didn’t use that yet.
  • Price: EUR (incl. import fee) + Dutch VAT + Shipment
    In general they are quite pricey but there are things that are considerably decently priced.
    Delivery: PostNL
    They have a convention delivery system – I used that, went well. You need the receipt of the order and pay (if you didn’t do so before) to get the item.
    I did have issues with one of the orders I placed last year.
    The figure was on “Available” and meant to be sent out within 48¬†hours which didn’t happen without any notice. So I contacted customer service and got a really rude reply that the item was delayed due to distributor problems – after they sent the reply to me they changed the website information. There was no apology what-so-ever but item was then delivered after it was available at their depot. But that actually made me refuse to use them for several months.
    I did use their website a few days ago, item was delivered next day.
  • J-List: Price: US Dollar (incl. VAT) + Shipment + possible Import Fee
    Delivery: PostNL
    They have a various selection of games, figures and other items.
    I ordered several times with them – even when I was still living in Germany. They are my first address to check if I am looking for Anko (they rarely have that in stock but it’s a reliable source to get it from) or Pockys.
    Items may be pricey compared to other sources – I do not know the reason for this as other items are cheap. Might be based on interest in series.
  • Plamoya: Price:¬†can be chosen by user (I used EUR) + VAT +¬†high chance item goes through customs when choosing EMS (it’s faster and cheaper than SAL)!
    Delivery: PostNL
    I used them once so far as they beat the price on any website for a figure (with me excluding possibility it might be counterfeit) – delivery is freaking fast (took less than a week although I did not choose any express option) but item was going through customs and research before I used them already told me that 99% of shipments end up in customs. I will update this after I received my 2nd delivery using EMS but chances are high that it’ll end up with paying customs ūüôā
  • Nippon-Yasan: Price: can be chosen by user (I usually choose Japanese Yen or EUR) + VAT + Shipment (can be chosen by user) + possible import fee
    Delivery: PostNL
    They have a various selection of games, figures and other items. Although several shipment options.
    I have a recent issue with their shipment option “Transi-Logistic” (shipment once per week in a cargo heading to France and being distributed through there). Item was ordered and not send for 2 weeks by now – customer service informed me that it will be sent out today¬†which it apparently did as I received the confirmation for transit just now.
    Any other shipment options (SAL, SAL ECO) I used did never had issues – until present.


So in general: I do have mostly positive experiences with the above¬†mentioned¬†websites and platforms but there are things that might go wrong. But this is also the case for other things in life ūüôā
I won’t stop ordering with some websites just because I had a bad experience – yes, sure I might not use it for a while but I do give 2nd chances ūüėÄ
Delivery-whise I do not like GLS nor eBay GSP so I try to avoid that although with eBay orders you can not really see that they use GSP before you place the order.