FFXIV: Primal Song Lyrics

Lyrics taken from the respective FFXIV Soundtracks
(actually I really listened to the songs while typing these instead of simply copying them from the disk’s sheets)

FFXIV A Realm Reborn: Ifrit, Titan, Garuda, Good King Moggle Mog XII, Ultima, Odin
FFXIV Before The Fall: Leviathan, Ramuh, Shiva
FFXIV Heavensward: Ravana, Bismarck, Thordan
FFXIV The Far Edge of Fate: Sephirot, Niddhogg, Sophia, Zurvan
Susano, Lakshmi

A Realm Reborn Primals


  • Primal Judgment: no vocals except several “Ahhhhhhhhhh” 😀


  • Weight of a Whisper: no vocals
  • Weight of his Will: no vocals
  • Weight of theWorld: no vocals
  • Heartless: except repeated “Ahhhhhhh” no vocals
  • Under the Weight:
    • Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller, Titan! (3 times)
    • Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller,
    • Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller, Titan! (4 times)
      Titaaaaaaaaaaaaan! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    • Bow down overdweller (under the weight) (3 times)
      Bow down overdweller (in hell I wait)
      Bow down overdweller (under the weight) (3 times)
    • Wrought from the rock that stands upon old
      With the heart of black and a stare that’s cold
      Cold are the hands that grasp at your soul
      ‘Fore the graves are dug and the death knells toll.
      Tempered in the flows of the mountain’s core
      where the rage runs red twixt shore and shore
      Short from the world ‘neath the blazing sun
      Bound to the dark, for the light I shun
    • Bow down overdweller (under the weight) (3 times)
      Bow down overdweller (in hell I wait)
      Bow down overdweller (under the weight) (3 times)
    • Into the dark of an endless night
      Where the pulse of the land offers no respite
      In spite of the blood that was spilled before
      You whet your blades, you thirst for more
      Now kneel overdweller, your lord commands
      There’s no salvation for the sons of man
      The skies will tremble and the earth will quake
      From the crumbling walls no one escapes
    • Bow down overdweller (under the weight) (3 times)
      Bow down overdweller (in hell I wait)
    • Bow down overdweller (under the weight) (3 times)
      Bow down overdweller (in hell I wait)
    • Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller, Titan! (3 times)
      Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller,
    • Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller, Titan! (3 times)
      Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller (under the weight) (3 times)
      Bow down overdweller (in hell I wait)
      Bow down overdweller (under the weight) (3 times)
    • Repeat from: Wrought from the rock that stands upon old….


  • Fallen Angel:
    • (nevermind the “Ahhh” part at the beginning *lol*)
      NOW FALL…
    • Falling too far from the light
      Deeper into the night
      Lost here inside my own hell
      I am a broken angel

Good King Moggle Mog XII

  • Good King Moggle Mog XII:
    • Good King Moggle Mog
      Good King Mog
      Lord of all the land! (Kupo)
      Good King Moggle Mog
      Good King Mog
      Rules with iron hand!
      Good King Moggle Mog
      Good King Mog
      Leads the brave and true!
      Good King Moggle Mog
      Good King Mog
      Now come along and meet his trusty crew! Kupo!
    • Kupta Kapa will clip your tuft
      Split your hairs and ruffle your fluff
      Kupdi Koop will throw you for a loop
      Brave a wall of whiskers to find his troupe
      Kupli Kipp is sly yet sweet
      He’ll tickle your nose then tickle your feet
      Jolly Kogi’s eye for fun is clear
      He’ll put an arrow straight in your rear!
    • Pukla Puki plays with fire
      Poms a-burning on her pyre
      Puksi Piko likes her buddies big
      To sing a little song and dance a little jig
      Pukna Pako shivers and shakes
      She’ll stick you in the gut and give you bellyaches
      And who’s behind them, standing tall?
      Why, the biggest moogle of them all!
    • Who? Who? Whoever could it be?!
    • Good King Moggle Mog
      Good King Mog
      Kind and noble lord! (hear! hear!)
      Nod your noggle nog and mind your gob
      Or he’ll put you to the sword!
      Good King Moggle Mog
      Good King Mog
      His judgment you will dread!
      Good King Moggle Mog
      Good King Mog
    • What do you decree? (3 times)
      Off with their heads!


  • Ultima: not a “real” primal (although this song is in the section for primals on CD while Odin isn’t) but awesome music, sadly can’t find lyrics and they aren’t on any CD 😦 so I think it sounds somewhat Latin which I never studied except half a year in school so no clue what it says or so


  • The Corpse Hall: not a “real” primal and no song to be sung here sadly 😀 would’ve been epic though


  • Wreck To The Seaman: no vocals
  • Through theMaelstrom:
    • Leviathan Leviathan Endless!
      Leviathan Leviathan Send us!
      Leviathan Leviathan Breathless!
      Leviathan Leviathan Deathless!
      Leviathan Leviathan Restless!
      Leviathan Leviathan Test us!
      Leviathan Leviathan Tend us!
      Leviathan Mend Us
    • Drifting in the realm beyond all knowing
      Forsaken,shedding tears of glass
      Now tumbling from the boundless heavens, taken
      White moondrops, burning indigo
    • Leviathan Leviathan Endless!
      Leviathan Leviathan Send us!
      Leviathan Leviathan Breathless!
      Leviathan Leviathan Deathless!
      Leviathan Leviathan Restless!
      Leviathan Leviathan Test us!
      Leviathan Leviathan Tend us!
      Leviathan Leviathan Rend us!
      Leviathan Leviathan Vengeance!
      Leviathan Leviathan Penance!
      Leviathan Leviathan Send us!
      Leviathan End us
    • Silence from the knife that softly severs
      Mistaken for an unsung prayer
      Now rising from the soundless Deep. Awaken
      White fury, blinding indigo
    • Swell ye seas of old, Leviathan Leviathan
      Surging tides grow bold, Leviathan
      Seething currents whorl, Leviathan Leviathan
      To swallow up the world, Leviathan
      (2 times)


  • Thunder Rolls:
    • Ula menida tula oh
      Tela omnida tula ei
      Ona ramuhda deme os
      Nola tulama tela ei
    • Soul without a name, heed my call
      Sin doth stain the hearts of us all
      The worm hath burrowed deep and hath grown
      Soon he too shallreap what is sown
    • Step in from the storm, praise its mercy
      Let the sting of the rain ne’er stray far from thee
      Lightning bright, thunder bold
      Freeing us forevermore
    • Soul fallen from grace, ware thee well
      Judgment thou must face, thine own hell
      The worm stirreth within, black as night
      Breeding deeper sin, foul its blight
    • Soul, thine end is nigh. Take mine hand
      All life must return to the land
      Lingered hath the worm, overlong
      Purge thy flesh of fear and be strong
    • Step in from the storm, praise its mercy
      Let the sting of the rain ne’er stray far from thee
      Lightning bright, thunder bold
      Freeing us forevermore
    • Now lift thine heavy head and vanquish thy sorrow
      Lightning doth strike
      Thunder doth roll
      Now turn thy gaze ahead and look to the morrow
      Lightning shall strike
      Thunder shall…. roll on


  • Footsteps in the Snow: background vocals but nothing clear
  • Oblivion:
    • Staring at death, I take a breath, there’s nothing left
      Now close my eyes, for one last time, and say goodbye
      Lying naked while the snow falls all around me
      Drifting closer to the edge but She won’t have me
    • Wake up in sweat, full of regret, try to forget
      These memories, lurking beneath, lost in a dream
    • Unchosen paths, a broken past, forespoken wrath
      The pain won’t cease, I’ll find no peace, no sweet release
      Fragile creatures, we are taught to fear the Reaper
      Ever running, we are dead before we meet Her
    • These voices telling me let it go (let it all go)
      I try and try but I can’t say no (try and say no)
      This endless nightmare has just begun (nowhere to run)
      My heart is dragging me down into
    • The endless lies, I’ve cast aside, locked them in ice
      Steeled is my soul, my blood grown cold, I’ve gained control
      Fearless creatures, we all learn to fight the Reaper
      Can’t defeat her, so instead I’ll have to be Her
    • These voices screaming to let it go (never let go)
      This time I’m screaming back no no no (go on say no)
      My mind’s made up, yeah my fear is gone (Where have you gone?)
      open my eyes now here I come
    • For the last time
      I won’t say goodbye (3 times)
      For the last time


Heavensward Primals


  • The Hand That Gives the Rose: background vocals only
  • Unbending Steel:
    • High, on High I stand
      Gazing down to see
      The endless garden
      Awaiting me
    • Red bloometh the rose of conviction
      And red bloometh the rose of hate
      Yes, red bloometh the rose of contest
      Firmly bound to its fate
    • And the war, it wageth on
      The storm, it rageth on
      The bold ever fight on
      Their lives echoed in song (Hah!)
    • Fall, like snow they fall
      Pedals plucked and strewn
      Yet from their seeds grow
      This war anew
    • Blood trickling down from my fullers
      And blood trickling down from mine hands
      Yes, blood trickling down to Hydaelyn
      Until I alone stand
    • And the war, still wageth on
      The storm, still rageth on
      The bold blindly march on
      Their lives, lost in a song


  • Limitless Blue: no vocals
  • Woe That Is Madness: no vocals


  • Heroes Never Die: no vocals
  • Heroes: background vocals, but nothing clear


  • Battle to the Death – Heavensward: no vocals
  • Fiend:
    • What is it like when you pull back the curtain
      And realize every wrong is a right?
      Your world is rusted like a dirty razor
      The edge is calling tonight
    • The edge is calling tonight – The edge is calling tonight (2 times)
      The sun is setting, darkness taking over
      A date with chaos and you’re dressed to the nines
    • Salt of the earth salting your own fields
      Road to destruction that is true and tried
      You walk the path laid before you
      The call of reason, you refuse to abide
      Necessity is an inventive mother
      Promising sanctum that She cannot provide
      She is the hand that rocks the cradle
      The wind that breaks the bough and leaves you to die
    • And there She leaves you to die – And there She leaves you to die (2 times)
      You’ll find slumber when the world comes tumbling down
      Sweet dreams, baby, sleep tight!
    • Retreat where lesser men lead
      Flee from what you do not see
      Heed the dark within your being
      Turn away, disobey
      I’m the end and the beginning
      The faith that feeds the unbelieving
      A tightening knot to staunch the bleeding
      Say my name, Say my name:
    • The seventh hell’s become your seventh heaven
      Rose of redemption but a thorn in your pride
      Waste no more time fighting your demons
      Lay down your arms and let the evil inside
    • And then you let it inside – And then you let it inside (2 times)
      You let it eat you till there’s nothing left at all
      So you can feel that you are truly alive
    • Better to survive in a waking nightmare
      Than rule in their paradise
      What is gold, always glitters
      But it still comes with an unpayable price
      Treading out upon the stagnant waters
      Our savior waiting for a turn in the tide
      You are the night at the end of the tunnel
      The empty void where the serpent lies
    • Where the serpent lies – Where the serpent lies (2 times)
      The angels graze in the meadows of excess
      They must needs go that the devils drive
    • Retreat where lesser men lead
      Flee from what you do not see
      Concede your mind unto the fiend
      Turn away, debts are paid
      I’m the end and the beginning
      The drug that gives the wretched meaning
      The answer every soul is seeking
      Say my name, Say my name:


  • Freefall: no vocals
  • Revenge of the Horde: only background vocals


  • Battle to the Death – Heavensward: no vocals
  • Equilibrium:
    • The sigh of the shifting sea
      The kiss of the salt-sweet breeze
      The white of her silken dress stained in red
      A memory fading fast,
      Her mother sits, eyes downcast
      A torn uniform in hand, farewells unsaid
    • That once a certainty, lost in grief
      A daughter’s desperate cries, unheard pleas
      Forsaken, beaten, tried, on her knees
      A prayer passes from her lips
      Into her soul the Goddess whispers:
    • A heartbeat without harmony
      Is moonlight without dark
      The heart seeketh equilibrium
      With balance will your worry part,
      So still this broken melody
      And therewith shoulder thee
      One last step only leaving
    • An empty hearth down by the sea (2 times)


  • Battle to the Death – Heavensward: no vocals
  • Infinity: no vocals


Stormblood Primals


  • ??? no vocals


  • ???: non-official lyrics takem from here
    • Night
      Embrace her worldly delights
    • In time you shall follow (2 times)
      Behold as our burdens
      Come soft with the sun
    • Tonight
      Step from the dark to the light
    • Rise high
      High above our rivals
      Spread our wings
      Spread them wide
      Let them fly
    • Keep high
      Free to ever slumber
      Open the door
      Close our eyes
      We are the dreamers
    • Fire
      Born of the flames of desire
      This fire
    • Give in to the hunger (2 times)
      Cast off inhibition
      Let passion run wild
    • Desire
      For the unquenchable fire
    • Rise high
      High above your rivals
      Spread yours wings
      Spread them wide
      You needn’t hide
    • Keep high
      Free to ever slumber
      Open the door
      Close your eyes
      You are the dreamer



FFXIV: Chocobo Barding Patch 1.0 – 3.57

Overview of all bardings and head pieces obtainable from start of the game up to now (including Heavensward, excluding Stormblood). For further details regarding Chocobos check out my previous post (ATTENTION: It’s an old post from 2014 and probably needs a review at some point but still might help)

Chocobos are “naked” when received.
They can wear different bardings such as company bardings, special obtained or crafted bardings.

An overview of bardings that can be achieved:


  • Tank, Damage Dealer, Healer are obtained when leveling each “class” to level 10


  • Gridanian Saddle: Company-issued barding.
  • Gridanian Barding: A full plate suit of Twin Adder-issue chocobo armor.
  • Gridanian Crested Barding: An elaborately decorated suit of Twin Adder-issue chocobo armor.
  • Gridanian Half Barding: A lightweight suit of Twin Adder-issue chocobo armor.
  • Lominsan Saddle: Company-issued barding.
  • Lominsan Barding: A full plate suit of Maelstrom-issue chocobo armor.
  • Lominsan Crested Barding: An elaborately decorated suit of Maelstrom-issue chocobo armor.
  • Lominsan Half Barding: A lightweight suit of Maelstrom-issue chocobo armor.
  • Ul’Dahn Saddle: Company-issued barding.
  • Ul’Dahn Barding: A full plate suit of Immortal Flame-issue chocobo armor.
  • Ul’Dahn Crested Barding: An elaborately decorated suit of Immortal Flames-issue chocobo armor.
  • Ul’Dahn Half Barding: A lightweight suit of Immortal Flame-issue chocobo armor.

    As I am with the Adders, I can only provide pictures of the Gridanian Barding:


  • Blackmage Barding (180 Days): An expertly crafted suit of aether-infused chocobo armor, designed to mimic the garb of the black mages of days past.
  • Barding of Light (360 Days): A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble a legendary warrior of the Light
  • Wild Rose Barding (960 Days): A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble that worn by a long-forgotten hero of legend.


  • Plumed Barding: A suit of chocobo armor adorned with brilliant plumage. This particular design is quite popular amongst chocobo enthusiasts.
  • Sovereign Barding: A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble that of a chocobo king of legend.
  • Flyer Shaffron: Headgear designed specially for flying chocobos.
  • Race Barding: Lightweight armor designed for race chocobos.


  • Behemoth Barding (Behemoth Horn Exchange): A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble a ferocious behemoth.
  • Sleipnir Barding (Odin Mantle Exchange): A suit of pitch-black chocobo armor designed to resemble that worn by the legendary steed of the elder primal Odin.
  • Round Table Barding (Heaven’s Ward Helmet Fragment Exchange): A suit of chocobo armor crafted using a design employed during the age of Thordan and his knights twelve.
  • Gambler Barding ( 20,000 MGP): Chocobo armor designed to replicate the lavish accoutrements of a legendary gambler.
  • Ishgardian Barding (350 Centurion Seals): A full-plate suit of Ishgardian chocobo armor.
  • Ishgardian Half Barding (Boss FATE Chunning Mists): A lightweight suit of Ishgardian chocobo armor.
  • Mandervillian Barding (150,000 MGP): Expertly tailored trumpery designed to resemble the uniforms worn by the maidservants employed at the Manderville manor.
  • Abigail Barding (Palace of the Dead – Silver-/Gold-trimmed Sack): A suit of chocobo armor designed to fulfill your lifelong desire to see a chocobo dressed like a scullery maid.


  • Levin Barding (Leatherworker): A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble Ramuh, the Lord of Levin.
  • Tidal Barding (Armorer): A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble Leviathan, the Lord of the Whorl.
  • Ice Barding (Leatherworker): A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble the Lady of Frost, Shiva.
  • Highland Barding (Leatherworker): A suit of chocobo armor outfitted with multiple layers of leather and fur to protect its wearer from the elements.
  • Expanse Barding (Armorer): A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble Bismarck, the Lord of the Mists.
  • Hive Barding (Armorer): A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble Ravana, the Lord of the Hive.
  • Orthodox Barding (Weaver): A beautifully ornamented suit of plate armor worn by chocobos in the service of church officiants.
  • Sephirotic Barding (Leatherworker): A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble Sephirot, the Fiend.
  • Horde Barding (Leatherworker): A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble the great wyrm Nidhogg.
  • Sophic Barding (Goldsmith): A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble Sophia, the Goddess.
  • Zurvanite Barding (Armorer): A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble Zurvan, the Demon.


  • Noble Barding (Reward for special community events – NO PICTURE): A lavishly decorated suit of armor crafted for the riding chocobos of Ishgardian nobles.
  • Eerie Barding: An expertly crafted suit of aether-infused chocobo armor, designed to mimic the garb of the black mages of days past.
  • Egg Harness: An egg-themed chocobo harness created in celebration of Hatching-tide.
  • Starlight Barding: A suit of chocobo armor as worn by those legendary birds said to carry gifts from the stars.
  • Paramour Barding: A gaudy suit of chocobo armor designed for use during Valentione’s Day celebrations.
  • Egg Hunter Barding: A suit of chocobo armor equipped with a basket for hunting eggs during Hatching-tide.


  • Far Eastern Barding: An extravagant suit of celebratory chocobo armor.
  • Butlery Barding: A suit of chocobo armor designed to fool the world into believing your chocobo is a man hired to answer your front door.
  • Angelic Barding: A suit of armor designed to give your chocobo another pair of flightless wings.
  • Demonic Barding: A suit of armor designed to have you questioning your chocobo’s motives.

Holiday, Day 9

…AKA the day I got damn confused and took a real large detour but still made it in time *lol*.

I woke up at 4AM due to a truck honking in front of the hotel (it’s located on a huge street but I can’t hear it except some motorcycles are going too fast or if someone is honking like a maniac)… I was wide awake but turned around anyways. At ~7:30AM it started to get loud on the floor as some people returned to their rooms or left the hotel – I really couldn’t figure out which it was but tried to ignore them. My alarm went off at 9AM.

I got ready to leave and left the hotel at 9:20AM in direction to Akihabara.
I made a mistake: I thought the Chuo Sobu went directly to Akihabara, instead it goes from my station to Tokyo or the airport and I would need to switch line x.x ofcourse that’s not comfortable, especially not in rush hour… so I tried to get out, ofcourse the gates refused me due to logging in on the same station. I asked the staff to cancel, they sent me one floor upstairs to do so. At the gate upstairs the guys did cancel the card after they were confused why I didn’t take the long tour with JR train through Tokyo but they were really nice (and I might have looked like a lost puppy too – which helped).
But following this I didn’t jump on the Shinjuku line but took the Asakusa line instead -_- which led to another mistake as the one I jumped on was a limited express not on every station of the line – meaning: we jumped the station I would’ve switched lines… and I got off at the following station, taking the Ginza line to Ginza and switching to the Hibiya line (which I would’ve taken from Ningyochou if the train would’ve stopped there) until Akihabara.
I’m glad I left so early because I finally ended up in Akihabara at 10:05AM – still one hour and 20 minutes early but I could’ve made it even earlier with just taking the Shinjuku line for 1 station and walking *lol* anyway: interesting trip in rush hour!

I went to check where the café is located and found it immediately but was sent away as waiting there for an hour is not an option.
Instead I went to check if Kotobukiya would be open already – lucky me: it was!
So I bought some things (well, I went there for one item I owe to a friend as her wedding present but because I’m a huge fan of Tales of as well I bought some additional stuff too 😀  and think to return tomorrow after I went through my whole shopping tour) and checked for the availability of Wifi and played Pokémon GO until the Wifi strength depleted while I walked around 😀
I returned to the café’s place and checked out the souvenir corner, sat around a bit while playing Pokémon GO and got upstairs to the café, showed my ticket and was asked to wait 5 minutes until the official opening would begin.
I was first in line! Woooh!
I was given a tablet for ordering drinks and food, a ticket that showed my seat number and a collectable card which I could choose (ofcourse I chose the class I play ingame as well: Dragoon) – then I was asked to wait in front of the café door until they would let people in.
When they opened the door I was led to my seat which was directly at the bar *___* I could watch the guy mix all of the delicious drinks ❤
Next to me were sitting only two other people. I spoke to the Japanese woman next to me and figured she is playing the game as well as the dude next to her 😀 Fun!
The café staff held a short lottery (Gold Saucer style) and called out 3 seat numbers – the lady next to me got lucky to win first price 😀 (yes I was a bit sad it wasn’t me T_T but well~ it’s an experience in itself to be there as the only non-Japanese, haha)
There was also this poster at the table in front of me – I put it inot my bag after I saw that the other people did that aswell 😀 It’s a cool Halloween-themed one (actually I think it is the picture they used for the ingame Halloween event).

I couldn’t figure how to order food as the dude who gave me the tablet only explained how to order drinks – so I asked the woman next to me and she showed me how to get into the food menu 😀 (swipe to the left from the picture that says “Drinks” >.<
Ordering itself is quite easy, although the English explanation is really small and can’t be zoomed in. It helps to check up online about the possible menu although the FFXIV wiki does show an old menu – most of the mentioned things weren’t on the menu I saw today (might be also as these pictures and descriptions were made pre-Heavensward – e.g. I had an Ishgard-themed ice cream as the 3 alliance one wasn’t available) – plus that was the only shop I saw since Halloween that still sells Halloween-themed food 😀 (well the whole store was still decorated with Pumpkins etc too)

I had 2 drinks (Dragoon-themed and Leviathan-themed), one soup (coconut milk, potato, onion, carrot, broccoli) and one ice cream (vanilla ice, frozen berries, chocolate thing with Ishgard emblem). That gave me 4 collectable cards (one per ordered drink or food): Summoner, Blacksmith, Black Mage and Bahamut.
Shortly before I was about to leave the dude who sat next to the woman next to me came to me and gave me his double cards: Black Mage and Botanist.

In total I received 7 cards today *___* hooray! Lucky!
I went outside to pay (2830 Yen) and felt soooo stuffed~ super yummy food and drinks!

After that awesome experience and addictive vibe I checked out the Akiba Show Room

and went to Yodobashi Akiba’s 6th floor to draw some Gashapons 😀 (this time I didn’t spent as much as 2 years ago 😛 ) It was really quiet there – I only know this from late afternoons or weekends when it’s really crowded there so it might be better to go there in the morning or shortly before noon when you want to scout through the gashapon containers.
I spent my last few 100-Yen-coins (2200 Yen) and left for the hotel with my last 513 Yen I could’ve spent today 😛 (not in total, still got some Yen left for tomorrow’s shopping tour)

I’m so happy~ this day started to be really crap but turned out wonderful~

Gaming Log #9

What an evening it was…. yesterday. In FFXIV.

After a great day with a friend I had some hours of fun in the evening until the point… where I got annoyed. By. Quests.
Whoever came up with those Arcanist quests in FFXIV…. if I would ever meet that person… I’m not sure if I would congratulate or headdesk that person. Seriously.

It’s mindfuck. Upon lv15 I thought “oh well~”, when doing lv20 I was like “…. oh well~ I died once… but still~”, lv25 was easy but lv30 I was like “FUCK MY LIFE!”
That stupid bish who “helps” you…. died. In second try my Topaz summon and she died…. in third run her topaz, my topaz and she died… It was 10:30PM – me: “I need to sleep soon~ can you PLEASE manage to stay alive F****** B******?!”.
Then I changed my skills from using Bio, Miasma, Aetherflow and Energy Drain to: Bio, Bio II, Miasma, Aetherflow, Energy Drain. My topaz died, her topaz died, the NPC down to 5%, I 100%. YAY! 10:45PM finally unlocked the quests for Summoner and Scholar.
Cool, wanted to go to sleep at 11 something after doing the quests…. ehhhh…. well…. I’m glad I started with the Scholar quest. Which was uncomplicated. Lots of aggro but no death. Summoner was… not so nice. First try: NPC died, summon died, I died. Second try: I got aoe-d. Third try I set my skills on using Bane when the ugly nails were spawned and started running as soon I had the second nail down as I knew the AOE would come and instant kill me again – spamming Bio until all nails were dead -_-‘
Managed. 12:15AM I went to bed. Argh~ (at least my work day was not as bad as these freaking quests)

So now I got nearly all class jobs unlocked. Missing Warrior and Paladin (both Tanks). I don’t like Gladiator or Marauder very much and I basically need to level them close now because I got so much gear for tanks in my selling NPCs that it’s better to just take them step by step each so I can get rid of the armor and weapons sooner 😀 Hell yea~ (nooooooooooo! Whyyyyyyyyy)

Gaming Log #2

Fishing day!
I’m joking… not. Oh, I’m talking about Final Fantasy XIV again 😀

Actually I leveled all of my gathering jobs to level 25 and crafting jobs to level 20. I don’t really know for what reason (except that I converted the not needed clothes to materia so I got more space in my chest) but it was fun to do so… and annoying when it came to Blacksmith… gooooooooooooooood! Really.

So 2 hours ago I decided to work on my Fish Guide.
Since then I am traveling to also complete my map locations. It’s rather hard to do so with level 26 knowing there are locations I will not finish yet as I can not even locate the place, e.g. Salt Strand.
I HATE that stupid message telling me that I can sense something I am not able to fish as my level is too low Q_Q It’s so mean.
On the other side fishing up a fish somewhere on a map means it will be registered on the other locations you visited already. Else I would not have the amount of complete entries (while I can not remember completing them actively… except for 2).

And I simply LOVE that skill Mooch. It only works when you hook a “better” fish on the line. It’s so much fun imagining feeding one fish to get another >_< (okay, don’t imagine too much).

I made some nice screenshots but as I will not log out until I need to leave to friend’s place at 4PM I can not upload any right now (plus my USB stick is at work lol) – the fun owning a PS3 🙂 but I think the game itself could not run on my laptop or at least not with huge lags. I’m bound to enjoy the game on my huge LCD TV in HD 😀 what a shame haha.

Review: Final Fantasy XIV

Review: Final Fantasy XIVI heard stories.
A lot.
From “Awesome” to “utter disappointment”.
And after a while of really thinking about if I would want to give it a try (after playing so many Final Fantasy parts: X, X-2 (I will play both as remastered for PS3 at the end of the year again :P), III, Tactics, VIII, XIII) as it would be kind of different.
I mean it’s a MMORPG. Not the usual console game as we are all used to it. Well.
After I was sure I was trying to give it a chance there was no question about which platform I would buy it for: PS3!
Although I heard many voices saying the gameplay suffers due to the PS3 controlling but hell~ sometimes I am suicidal.

In the end it turned out to be less suicidal than I imagined. I was not 100% sure if it would be a game for me.
In contrary: I was pretty much sure I would put it aside after 2-3 hours (as I did with Final Fantasy XIII).

I went to buy the game on Thursday (19th of September) – I did not touch it until Sunday (due to work and I know how I react when having a new game). Meanwhile I was playing Puppeteer which I bought at the sametime and is definitely not what I would usually buy but it looked fun. And definitely is. But back to FFXIV.

Sunday after coming home from work and taking a shower: Game CD in PS3, starting installation and download. In total it took nearly 2 hours. And then I found out that I installed it in German and can not change it unless I delete and reinstall the game. Stupid me tried to set up German system on my PS3 to see if my keyboard will be recognized as a German keyboard. The answer was no. Still English despite German system and blah. Delete, Reinstall. Another 2 hours later I was ready to start. Problem now: I did not know which race I want to take! I was thinking about it since a week but the decision…. I decided by looks and created a female Hyur Midlander 😛 (First I wanted to take an Elezen but damn they are ugly.)
Next decision: the class @___@’ Well at least I decided beforehand I want to be a Dragoon, so the choice fell for *tatam* Lancer.
Now for birth date and deity, followed by name – a FULL name. Not just a random nick you give your characters, NO a first and last name. (Goooooood, the creation of my character alone took 1 hour)
So at 11:40pm I was ready to login on a server where 2 of my friends are playing: Phoenix (EU).

But…. Character creation is impossible when the server is crowded. Doh. Seriously? Seriously. So another wait.
Thank goodness there is an option to refresh the server overview every 3 minutes… that was fun. 12:40am (Monday) I logged in the first time with my fresh made Hyur Lancer named “Asteria Odina”. After logging in I had 4 messages at the moogle to retrieve: my collector edition boni. So first shock was: my chocobo armor vanished when pressing “Use”. Oh gosh. I did not really think about, so it took me 6 days to find out where it vanished to. That was when I received my chocobo *lol*
I played from 12:40AM until 5:50AM (I got tired, too old for overnight gaming!). In this time I got my lancer to 10. The next day I went on and unlocked the class Archer and the job Botanist. Wooh! I had lots of fun searching for all the trees to chop them down 😀 Especially after I found out I can also learn the Carpenter job… that was the moment when I was like “Ohhhh so if the main class hits Level 15 I can learn anything? I seeeeeee”. It took me another 2 days to retrieve all other classes and jobs 😛
Lancer is still my “main” as I still want to be Dragoon (requirement: Lancer Lv30, Marauder Lv15)… therefore I level it whenever I feel like it (of course, I try out other classes). Today I will hit Lv30~
Marauder is the only class with Lv15 so far. I need it for Dragoon. Therefore I kicked its ass up to Lv15 yesterday. And finished all class quests necessary. Jesus, I hate playing tank. Really. Not because it is much more ridiculous on PS3 a many people claim (this is something that depends on the person playing, in my opinion) but just because… I do not like tanks.
Followed by Archer Lv8 or so (just because I was in need of some slots in my Armour Chest as these freaking bows I get are blocking slots) and the others on Lv5-6: Conjurer, Pugilist, Gladiator, Thaumaturge, Arcanist.

As I got all jobs possible I have them between Lv8 and 15 at the moment: Botanist, Miner, Fisher, Alchemist, Blacksmith, Armorer, Carpenter, Leatherworker, Culinarian, Goldsmith, Weaver.

Basically it is the first game where you do not need to create dozens of characters to try out every class and/or job. Yay! As I love to try out things I wanted to test out anything anyways but the system itself is really cool.
You can switch immediately between classes and jobs – the only delay is in skills. Class skills take some time until the cooldown is gone – I think that is based on the level of the class (?), not sure but if you know about it you can coordinate. It was stupid in the beginning when I did not know about it yet. Meanwhile I arrange it quite fast and neat.
The only problem: Money. You waste a loooooooot to level the different jobs. Of course, that is only if you do not farm trees, minerals and fishies. But even if you do… it costs gil (the currency as in every FF part).
Also teleporting cost gil. So this is just between the different locations. Teleporting in the main cities is free – just for hopping around between different locations there. Just find every Teleporter there and *badam* it’s so easy. Setting preferred points lowers the costs for the teleports between the different maps. I got my preferred in each of the three starting towns and it is so damn cheap to go there 😀 On the other hand: I could get my chocobo and travel through the whole map but… some areas… I will not last longer than a few steps. Aggressive monsters 10+ Level above myself. Ugh.

So after playing for a whole week I found out how to take screenshots (!!!). It took me one week? No, I just did not think about finding out as there were soooooo many things to explore:
The beautiful maps, killing monsters with combinations of skills of the class used and other classes (this feature will be unlocked at a certain time of the main story and allows to use heals or buffs or check out ressources nearby), using the chocobo hiring service (needs to be unlocked as well but a nice method of traveling without pulling aggro of monsters, on the other hand it takes some time), the retainer system (to sell crap on the market when you do other things meanwhile), the player-made Free Companies (much like guilds) and the Grand Companies (there are only 3 – each for one of the main cities in their typical colors: yellow, red, blue), etc etc etc

I really enjoy playing FFXIV. Yes, I was doubting it, but it was totally worth getting it. The gameplay is really cool, interacting with other players is enjoyable (except the gilsellers which end up on my blacklist) and in total it gives the typical Final Fantasy atmosphere with all these nice animated cut scenes. Also the music is typical for Final Fantasy (so I thought when being in Limsa that I fell into The Hobbit or How To Train Your Dragon as the music was quite similar).

In general I have loooooooooooots of things I like but a few things which get a dislike.
First of all: Changing targets. It’s moronic. At least with the PS3. You target a target, you kill it, you click the button for targeting again and if there is any NPC, player or player summon in between you and the monster – it will choose this other entity over the monster. Basically it depends also in which direction the camera AND the character are looking at. So means if your charater is turned to the left while your camera is straight it will not necessarily mark a target straight but left. That idiocy costs me so much time – especially in instance dungeons.
Next point: Being queued while logged in and logging in immediately after receiving the message 😀 I got the message “Player in queue: 7” – means I am 8th in line, a moment later I was logged in. The next day I received the message for 3 people in queue and got logged in 5 minutes later *rofl* does it make sense? Not really, but at least you know when logging in you are not the first one to get in (or at least hope so). I will not talk about the 1 hour wait until I could create my character (while my subscription already started to run).
Third one: Loading times of areas where a lot of monsters/players are. You can play Fates. Sometimes it is really quiet but in the evening hours… I have lags or I can not see targets/players (forget about the players, I do not give a shit about em :P) or that I hit or get hit. Wooooh~ Either my internet is too slow (with 25 MB?) or the game/PS3 can not proceed the mass of data as fast as I am. Seems to only be an issue when running into a Fate with my chocobo, did not had these issues when I could not use it yet.
Also I find these fighting chocobos so annoying, I will be glad when having my own and annoying others with it when they accidentally target it *muhaha*.

Before I go to play again – some screenshots of my character and my chocobo from yesterday night (First with its usual company insignia – naturally I joined the snakes in Gridania… pardon serpents! And second with the collector’s edition Behemoth set):

Review: Final Fantasy XIV
Review: Final Fantasy XIV