Cat Adoption #2

The day following Misha’s euthanization he was picked up for cremation.
I decided to get an urn to have him at my side. I chose a wooden sleeping cat design.

2 day later I was asked by the animal welfare activist woman if I’d be willing to take in another cat – just for care not to keep as they needed a place for a cat somewhere. I told her it would be too early for me and Berlioz and I wouldn’t know when I’d be ready.
I told her off again another time in the adoptions group on Facebook as I honestly believe: Berlioz doesn’t need another cat around. He didn’t do anything stupid since Misha is gone ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I received Misha’s urn on 22nd of December, 2018. I started crying immediately again before I placed it in a nice spot across his favorite sleeping spot.

I reflected alot since then what I could or should have been doing better to avoid Misha’s death but I still can’t get my mind to a source of what might have caused the virus mutate. It might have been stress caused by me or Berlioz or both, uneasyness due to Berlioz’ jealousy and food attachment, a second virus infection (if he had a first one before) due to Berlioz’ diarrhea or just really something else as I wasn’t around often and suddenly for 2 weeks when I was sick and then leaving again working full hours 5 days/week… or just something happening while I wasn’t at home (back then I had a really noisy neighbor who kept on playing music, screaming and partying at whatever time he liked until he was kicked out). I don’t know. And I will never know. I just feel sad about this little one being gone.

Meanwhile Berlioz started to actually get calmer. Much calmer.
He stopped begging for food as hard as he did before, he only occassionally tries to jump on the table when I prepare his food and he eats slower. He got more attached, clawed less into random clothes I wear and started to like cuddles.
But something was off, he wasn’t using his left paw at times when walking.
I let my vet check it twice in 4 weeks. He got antibiotics as his shoulder was warm and she thought it might be an inflammation.
He got the meds, everything was fine. He was off the meds, it returned.
After he ate a trash bin string on 23rd of December, I took him to the vet clinic on 28th of December after he develpoed a fever. They x-rayed his belly and shoulder (as I asked them due to the previous circumstances) and did an ultrasound – which he didn’t like at all. I was holding down his front paws and head when they screened him and he just tried to get out of the position screaming. I felt so bad for holding him down but we needed to know if any traces of the string remained. Nothing found. Thank god. But also nothing on the shoulder.
As the leg situation wasnt solved, they gave me an appointment for the day their bone specialist would return from holiday on 2nd of January, 2019.

Friends were visiting me at New Year’s and Berlioz was allowed to stay with me in the living room (while the bedroom door was closed as they were sleeping there) and took a liking to sleep next to my knees.
I let him be with me at night although he wasn’t allowed to do so before,so he wouldn’t need to be scared of the fireworks sounds. He was really curious about them, but wasn’t scared at all.
But he got anxious around 12:30AM on 1st of January, 2019… maybe it was too much going on for him.

I took him to the vet clinic on 2nd of January and another 2 x-rays later I finally knew what was going on. Berlioz developed elbow dysplasia due to high-energetic food. The vet told me most dydplasia aren’t genetic but food-related, so if I change his diet, his health would improve.
We talked through what he get to eat and he advised to drop all Vitamine D and stomach powder he still received and instead feed additional clam powder specifically for joints. His condition should improve in 4-6 weeks then.
I got that powder at a pet store and started immediately putting this into his food next to his usual vitamines and taurin (which should be put in there when feeding raw meat) and he got better within 2 weeks already.

The vet visits and checkupsย  including meds between October and January totalled to a 1600 Euro bill. Misha’s cremation was 400 Euro. Alot of money for two little buggers, but I do think it was worth it, although about 1-2 visits regarding Berlioz could’ve been avoided if I’d been paying attention to him more. But that won’t happen anymore as all things around being a reason for him to chew on are removed immediately. He needs to learn, I do too. Symbiosis is everything ๐Ÿ™‚

He started to change fur since then. He got more white-grey hairs starting at his throat, ears and shoulders, while the hair growing back on his belly after the ultrasound appeared to be brown.
While being on Youtube I found a relatively new cat race that somehow fits his description – both in appearance and behavior: the Nebelung.
He might be that or not, I still love him. But I will keep an eye on this change ๐Ÿ˜€

As I was on holidays now twice, he was left alone at home for a few days (first time: 3 nights, second time: 7 nights). A cat sitter took care of him and sent me pictures via whatsapp. He was well-behaving (although when I returned toys were ripped, so I’m not sure if he did that after she left on the last day or if she didn’t see it as they were hidden in his favorite place *lol*) and quite attached for a few days after I returned, not leaving my side at all times (which is annoying if you get up when he’s deeply asleep and suddenly jumps up as being stung). But he gets back to his own self soon enough.

Since New Year’s he’s allowed in my bedroom (before erasing all tempting things as he eats up anything big enough to be chewed on) and stays with me at night – mostly, not the whole time.
He’s usually starting to annoy me at about 10:30PM every day: sitting in the hallway directly in front of the living room looking at me (and randomly falling asleep while doing so), then jumping around like crazy or lieing in a corner of the sofa in resignation. That’s his way of telling me: “Go to bed”.
He then guards me to the bathroom and waits in the kitchen while I move from bathroom to bedroom. He lies down somewhere until 1-1:30AM and then lies next to me.
He took a liking to lay next to my face on the pillow, so I got a second pillow in my bed now (I use the one that’s not occupied ofcourse…I mean seriously moving the cat got me some meowing)
Since it got a lot warmer outside and in the apartment he doesn’t like to be too close for too long right now, but he’s taking up the cutest behaviors now. I woke up one morning a few days ago with my arm feeling heavy, I opened my eyes and saw my kitten’s head on my hand, his paws on my forearm. When he recognized I was looking at him, he started purring and rubbing his head against my hand. โค

I made a Facebook page and an Instagram account for his pictures as the amount is bursting my private account *lol*

All pictures below were taken since January up to now:


Cat Adoption #1

Caution: This post will end really sad and if you can’t deal with high emotions please refrain from reading this at all. I wrote this to deal with my pain and read it in the future when I am able to cope with it. Thanks for understanding.

I felt for a while I need something to take care of. Not human beings, though. I seem to scare them away sooner or later *lulz* (ironically, yes)
I am not a cat person but I decided to take in 2 cats for just the simple reason of them being more independent than dogs… and as I am away most of the day for work it didn’t make sense to let a dog suffer.

But I didn’t make that choice on a whim, actually seeing picture of my soon-to-be cat made me make the decision. I looked at them for weeks before finally deciding I want to meet Berlioz.
He was found at a cliff in Greece where his mom put her 3 kitten – all nearly eaten by a wave. Animal welfare activists found them and caught them before the waves hit – but they couldn’t get the mom as she took off ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
The kitten were then named after Disney’s Aristocats (Marie, Berlioz, Toulouse) as the colors were similar to those three kitten and taken in for a vet check. They found out that all three were infected with feline herpes and needed operation on their eyes. Toulouse died. Marie and Berlioz lost eyesight on one eye each.

With that kind of background and the pictures I checked out for 3-4 weeks of that black kitten, I really thought I wanna meet him. So I got an appointment. Originally I wanted to take in Marie aswell, but she wasn’t in Germany at that time yet and as they were strangers to each other it wouldn’t have made sense to wait for her.

I decided to take in another male: Misha.
Born in Romania, he was found at a tourist spot where officials were laying bait to get the cats and kill him. Animal welfare activists were there a few days earlier to get the cats, sterilize and put them elsewhere. Misha was different then the others and walked up straight to them, purring and wagging tail. He wanted to be taken away from there. So they did. He ended up in Germany at the same shelter as Berlioz.

When I got there the responsible woman showed me into the living room, we talked a bit about my reasons why I want cats and such. She then let the cats come in and left me alone with the nine kitten. Berlioz was curious but on distance (and wasn’t a black kitten at all, his fur seems to look darker on pictures – he is grey-silver and turned out to be a fluffy one), Misha directly adopted me – rubbing his face at my chest, shoulder, chin and hands. It was clear which two I would take in…
when she got back we talked about some formalities and she asked me to tell her in 1-2 days after sleeping on my decision if I really wanted them.

I messaged her the next day I want them both. 3 days later she checked out my home for possible dangerous spots (and looking for potential hoarding), I transferred the welfare fee, 4 days after I got both of them. She handed them and their passports to me on the parking lot across my apartment as it was more convenient for her (as she had her child in the car and was on her way to the city and looking for a parking spot is a nightmare anyway).
Misha and Berlioz moved in on 28th of September, 2018.

I wasn’t quite ready for them yet. I didn’t know back then how unprepared I was aswell.
I always had cats but not cats being indoors, just cats going out when we left the house, returning when we were… it’s totally different then having fulltime indoor cats.

First thing missing was the tree, which was delivered the following day. I just let them crawl everywhere while I was around and closed the living room door when I went to bed, so both cats would have bathroom, kitchen and hallway but not any access to living room and bedroom.
Another problem was a health issue: Berlioz had the runs for ~2 weeks already without any clear source (or as I found out later: they didn’t check with a vet at all). And he seems to have an intolerance on Beef.
I was told to feed both kitten raw chicken and mix Vitamine D globule and stomach powder with it. Which I did… damn, if I went to a vet back then already *sighs*
I got raw chicken, for the first night at my shopping center across the street (the most expensive cat food ever as I bought human food chain chicken breast). For the following weeks I received a package the next day. Raw food for pets is not really hard to come by (at least in Germany) but comparing prices and quality is a must! And I don’t buy it at a usual store – I buy online, via Whatsapp now usually. Delivery is usually made the following day.
I was also told to not cut their claws as they would use them for climbing and whatever and get rid of the sharpness anyways… well not in a closed household, no. They do sharpen them but the claws aren’t really used for anything but that. My hands looked like going through a scratcher everyday so I decided to cut their claws. For my own safety and also theirs as being tangled in clothes can be really bad for kitten too.

Both had really weird quirks: Misha always followed me to the toilet in the morning, put his paws on my upper leg, looking at me like “May I?” before he jumped on my legs, purring and staying there until I told him to get off so I could get off the toilet ๐Ÿ˜€
Berlioz copied that to a degree. Because of jealousy :p
Berlioz on the other hand was always really vocal (he has a really annoying high-pitched voice) when I was about to feed them and jumped up on the table. I put double-sided tape on the handles and edges, still he would find a way to get up *grrr*

Berlioz’s runs got better after a few days of raw meat and vitamines but Misha started to scratch his ears like crazy about a week after I got them.
I brought them to the vet, as heartbreaking Berlioz’ meowing was but if one of the cats seems sick, but seemingly both need to go to the vet so they do smell the same and he possibly could have the same problem ๐Ÿ˜ก
The vet discovered mites in Misha’s ears, Berlioz had them too but less. Then they also saw that Berlioz wasn’t vaccinated correctly.
So 3 things the animal welfare should’ve taken care of before giving me the cats: the runs, the mites, the vaccinations.
Plus Berlioz was’t castrated yet. I got another appointment for the vet to get another mite treatment and the castration 2 weeks later.

Berlioz’ castration date came up. I hoped he might get calmer after it. The vet told me that might not happen as cats do have specifics set already and most don’t change. Bleh.
I took both cats to the vet. Misha got a short check and treatment for mites. Berlioz stayed there for his operation. I and Misha had a great time together at home. Misha was purring and knocking his head against me while asking for pats all the time before I took off to get Berlioz back. He was not supposed to eat or jump that day.
What a drama that was. Berlioz was asleep when I took him and was waking up on the way and finally at home. I put him in the living room to see when he tries to get up. Oh my. This boy is a jumper, even when half asleep. He had 2 cuts which should heal soon but it still bled. Plus he urinated onto the towel. I exchanged it for the towel I used with Misha and put the stenched one into the washing machine. Meanwhile he tried to get up and walk and jump onto the sofa x_x Misha checked out what was going on and ran off to the kitchen as saying “this is fucked up, I want no part of it”. Somehow Berlioz managed to get up really shaky and spurted through the hallway to the cat toilet in the bathroom, I ran after him as I feared he would fall down the gap in the bathroom, but he directly walked into the toilet and puked into it. I’ve never seen any cat do that. I only know them puking wherever they please and see fit. Not running straight to the toilet ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
I put him back into the crate in the living room and alter on the sofa next to me. He wasn’t happy but also didn’t have any strength to disagree. Misha followed and slept on the sofa at a safe distance as he didn’t trust Berlioz to not puke again, while Berlioz cuddled up to me.
Before I went to sleep I put out everything of my bathroom and put Berlioz in the crate in there. He started to meow like crazy and scratched the door when I was readying some water and towel before opening the crate to let him out but he already puked at the towel – looking at me like “I cried to let me out why didn’t you let me? Now my bed is ruined”. He was really cute in that state. Who could blame me for filming him?
I got him another towel, put a bowl of water into the bathroom, cleaned the toilet again and locked the door, so he couldn’t get out and Misha wouldn’t get in. Misha didn’t care much anyway, he used the other toilet being put in the hallway. Berlioz was back to his usual self the next day. I checked the wounds alot in the following days, but it healed quite well and there was no issue.

Roughly 2 weeks after that event, Berlioz went into my bedroom one afternoon while I didn’t pay attention due to a phone call and forgot to close the door.
He ate part of my silicone earplug. I found him and tried to get it out of his mouth, he bit me in return. Four times in the right forefinger, twice in the left. I gave up after I was bleeding heavily and the kitten madly disturbed and went to the vet clinic. Misha stayed home as I couldn’t deal with both of them.
Berlioz went through normal checkups (fever testing, weigth control, tooth control) and was then given food (oh he loved that) and medicine to puke it up.
He successfully gave the earplug back. Yay. We went back home and I went to bed.
The next day my right forefinger was double in size so I went to emergency myself. They x-rayed my right hand as it was more damaged, took a blood sample and told me I got inflammation markers, they would need to slize the fingers open at the bite marks and I wouldn’t be able to work for at least a week (actually they wanted me to stay for 6 days but I refused as noone could take care of the kitten at such short notice). I stayed home and took 3 different medicines for 2 weeks before I was able to work again.

In those weeks it was already clear to me I had a problem with both kitten. Berlioz was way too hyperactive while Misha was a calm drops. Berlioz wanted attention at all costs at any time and would get between me and Misha whenever he could, like throwing things off the sink or poke his nose against Misha until he left my lap or side… or do something stupid, like jumping into the trash bin while not being able to get out again as the lid only opens to the inner side.
I was always on edge, even when I thought I might have some quiet time right after feeding them – and as I am aware now: I was overwhelmed by 2 cats jumping into my life so suddenly.
It got also pretty clear in that time: those 2 boys didn’t get along very well. Although most pictures I got do look different.

Misha’s belly grew suddenly. I went to the vet with him, they checked him out and said he had a high fever. He got antibiotics there and pills for a few days. Feeding him those were a nightmare, as he wasn’t such a cheery eater than the other cat in my household. Still I got them into him. His belly grew further. As I knew my vet doesn’t have x-ray equip and other things, I took him to the vet clinic Berlioz was treated before. They x-rayed him, took blood samples, made an ultrasound. I was on the phone with the animal welfare woman when they broke to me he might have FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). I cried. The woman blamed me for him getting this disease and told me to leave the clinic immediately as they weren’t that great. I should’ve chosen a clinic taking care of pets based on alternative healing…. I felt betrayed and left alone. She gave me the kitten in bad conditions and now blamed me for trying to do the best for them… I told the vet and asked for their opinion what I should do to improve Misha’s life.
She told me as long as the blood and fluids results aren’t in there’s nothing much I can do, except doing the same as usual and feed himt he antibiotics for the fever. I did that.
I got home with Misha and broke down crying. Misha jumped on my lap and just kept on purring, pushing his little body onto my chest and arms telling me “Hey, it’s okay. Stop crying, I’m okay”

My mom and grandma visited me 2 weeks later and saw his state. He also jumped to them, purred and cuddled as he did with me, just his belly was really big now although he didn’t show any sign of pain (but well cats are best at hiding things).
The monday after this weekend the results were in: effusive (wet) FIP.
I went to the clinic to get cortison and tried feeding it to Misha as I did with the antibiotics before. He puked it up every day the next three days after I left for work and refused food on the 4th day while being more lethargic and mostly not being able to jump on his beloved sleeping place.
After I put up pictures into the closed facebook group of the animal welfare adopters I was told to let him go as he looks really not like a cat that wants to go on further. I started crying at work when I read this, as they were right! I let my pet suffer for my own cause. I called my vet and told her what happened since the fever diagnosis and that I would need her to come over that very night to euthanize Misha.
She agreed and arrived shortly after 7PM with her assistant. She checked Misha and agreed to euthanize him (as a confirmation to my decision).
I sat on the sofa, with a basket in front of me and put Misha on a towel in that basket. He wanted to crawl on my legs, but the assistant turned him back into the basket so they could observe him better. Berlioz checked out what was going on, poking Misha’s nose and my hand, then leaving for the kitchen in search of food.
Misha got the first injection to make him go sleep, Berlioz returned and poked his nose again, Misha poked back.
Berlioz left again and Misha started choking up water and taking his last breath before they even could get him the second injection.
The vet checked the heartbeat and told me by law she is required to put the killing dose into him although he seems dead already as he might wake up later. I agreed. They stayed for another 10 minutes before leaving me with my now dead kitten. I stayed at his side, crying and patting him for an hour.

Misha died on 14th of December, 2018, at the age of approximately 1 year and 2 months.

Last 2 pictures were taken on day of death – in the morning and after he was put down.

Scotland – Concluding Post

Our last day in Scotland was on Monday, 10th of June, 2019 (I didn’t post yesterday as I was too tired :D)
Well, last day as in: travel day.
Breakfast > Check-out > Bus > Airport 1 > Transfer at airport 2 > Airport 3 > Train > Home.

For whatever reason the weather decided to be nice on our leaving day. It was so warm – well for us at least as we were carrying luggage *lol* down the hill. Still was hard walking in the sun like a mine worker (that’s how it felt).
Spending ~3 hours at the airport didn’t make it any better (I don’t like the airport to be honest) and our flight was delayed by ~20minutes. Which only gave us about 25-30 minutes transfer time in Amsterdam (arrival gate D53, departure gate B24) ….. if you know how big that airport is you know: we RAN for it! Literally. Until passport control. Man those minutes waiting felt like hours…. and sprint again until gate, which just opened so yay we did that thing in less than 15 minutes *PROUD*
I asked the stewardess for some water as our clothes clinged to us and we sweat like ….some weird random zombies… she got us some – thanks, KLM love you for your service!

We were delayed by another few minutes as some passengers couldn’t make it to the gate in time (might’ve been on our flight) and they needed to get their luggage out of the plane.
The flight was a bit bumpy as we crossed some bad-weather-clouds but we were on time, picked up the luggage and took the train home. Where my cat greeted us like a maniac ๐Ÿ˜€ he’s so cute โค We spent a calm evening and my friend went home today.

While I’m writing this, my cat lies next to me, his arse on mine, all four paws into the air. Guess he really missed me *thinks* although his sitter took good care of him while I was away :3

Looking back at the holiday besides weather (because that’s the only thing that partly messed up our plans): It was GREAT spending about a week in Edinburgh (and taking a trip to Loch Ness/Highlands)!

Bad things first (not gonna talk about weather here): Our disappointment of the Greyfriars Kirkyard and stupid tourists. First thing because it’s being used as a dump for trash in any possible or impossible corner. Scots are well aware of environment and take great care to keep it clean but this place is a dump ๐Ÿ˜ฆ (you might only see it if you’re not being guided by a, well, guide but we didn’t search for it but saw it)
For tourists: sometimes I felt like I’m on a table with food and everyone sees it while I don’t – they rush towards me, push, hit or stomp on feet like crazy (this happened especially at NON-crowded places like open sidewalks or even on Royal Mile when no one walked besides me and my friend: they had like 2 meters space and came close enough to just push us away or suddenly stop right in front of us being surprised where we came from…. dafaq. To be honest: this might happen anywhere but it was really wild and I didn’t expect it to be this bad.

BUT…. Good things: lots to sightsee (although we didn’t do anything you can do due to lack of interest or time), lots of nice landscape (if you decide to leave town it’s even better), lots of nice gift shops and restaurants, lot of nice people. And we also had some really awesome encounters like the squirrels at the Royal Garden and the entertainer JP Koala at the Royal Mile.
What I personally liked most: the Disney store across the street of our hotel *lol* I’m a fan, I can’t deny it. No kidding ๐Ÿ˜›

Besides that:
The air mail is damn fast. We put postcards into the letter box on Thursday, most cards arrived already on Saturday.
And as I still play Pokemon Go I caught a pink Shellos (can only get the blue ones at my place) at Loch Ness and named it Nessie. Rofl. Just for the lulz.

In the end we did spend some money on souvenirs, food and such but not much on entry tickets for museums or something. Our entries to Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh Castle and Yacht Britannia were prebooked online (and worth it. 48 hours of hop on/hop off bus travels included), as well as our Highlands/Loch Ness tour. Anything else we did on the go and except Edinburgh Zoo and related bus travels to Zoo and Beach anything else was totalling to zero. Not really: I spent some money to support the museum but that’s left for the common sense of people to do (I love that kind of thing: check something out for free and leave some money if you liked it) and I also donated some money to Edinburgh Zoo and JP Koala. Because it felt right.

As promised “loot” pictures will be put in this post ๐Ÿ˜€ At the end as usual.
A Robin Ruth messenger bag “Edinburgh City”
3 Disney figurines (clear on 2nd picture: Pinocchio’s Figaro, Hercules’ Pegasus, Alice in Wonderland’s Chesshire Cat)
A cat-featured umbrella (last picture features my cat Berlioz (former stray from Greece) who couldn’t just leave it be :D)
A Royal Yacht Britannia corgie plush
A highland cow plush
A corgie keychain (from Holyrood Palace)
A cat keychain
A highland cow keychain
A fluffy highland cow keychain
A scottish/celtic (can’t remember which) symbol keychain
A Holyrood/Windsor tea tin (including tea bags)
An afternoon tea tin
A package of Cranberry/Rasperry tea
3 shortbread tins each featuring a cat playing a bagpipe
3ย  magnets (cow, tiger, wild cat)
3 buttons “I found Clarence the corgie” (free of charge from Yacht Britannia shop, 2 are hidden behind the tea bin oops)
2 trump cards “Koala” (free of charge from Zoo shop)

I will keep most of the stuff except 2 buttons, 2 tin boxes and the afternoon tea as these will go to family members. And I am waiting for my own postcard I sent off on Monday as I had a stamp left and thought it would be too sad if I just left that money not being used (stamps are more expensive in Scotland than they are in Germany), so I’m kinda looking forward to its arrival ๐Ÿ˜€

Scotland Day 6

First of today: let’s rewind to yesterday. Last night after I wrote the blog we went downstairs to the hotel’s restaurant and had a late dinner.

Due to the hotel’s eco program we received a 5 Pound voucher every day the cleaning staff didn’t need to clean the room. We had 4 – adding up to 20 Pounds and we could use them all in one go.
So as we are two we shared the vouchers on our food: my friend ate fish&chips and a dark beer, while I went for a cheeseburger and 3 cups of icecream (vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel).
The guy down there seemed to like us (and we gave plenty of a tip) so he gave us a voucher for 2 free drinks. Well~ guess where we went tonight ๐Ÿ˜€

So now forwarding to today.
After an early-as-usual breakfast we took the bus to the Edinburgh Zoo. We were there shortly before opening hours and it seems that was too early for most of the animals aswell as we barely saw any :/
I was stalked by a pelikan though. The moment I got into their part of the zoo he ran up towards the glass between them and the visitors, running up and down the glass to show off. When I went to another place he raced up to me and stopped just right before the glass. I freaked, my friend was laughing her ass off ๐Ÿ˜›
We walked uphill and downhill and up and down and left the zoo after ~3 hours and took the bus to the opposite direction of the city to Portobello Beach.

We strolled around the beach and took some nice pictures. A wee dog mistook me for his owner and followed me for a few steps (so cute).
We found a crab at the beach although we don’t know if it was alive or dead ๐Ÿ˜ก
And we had a quite good laugh about the trash advertisement (love how Scots take care about the environment in general): “Keep Porty tidy”.

After we had enough of the wind, we left by bus in direction of our hotel. We stayed a few minutes in our room before going for dinner at the restaurant downstairs. The same dude as yesterday was there and started laughing as we came in (we laughed hard too). We took our free drinks, a cheeseburger (my friend) and a grilled salmon (mine mine mine). It was really good.

So now I am sitting here with a full belly, watching TV, writing this blog and avoiding packing stuff for tomorrow’s travel back home ๐Ÿ™‚

Scotland Day 5

Our holiday continued today with an early breakfast as usual. Well, 8AM due to hotel’s breakfast times closing at 9AM *lol*

We then waited a bit before leaving the hotel to see if the rain would lift. We went outside and bought umbrellas to avoid running around in wet clothes (as we did at Loch Ness) – I got a cute blue with colorful cats (picture will follow in my concluding post about the holiday).
After we climbed some streets and walked around in the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh. We didn’t buy tickets to check out the greenhouses and honestly it still was worth our time spent there. So many different plants in one park. It’s awesome. And it doesn’t take much time to see all corners either.
You can see alot of bees and other insects gathering pollen at flowers if the season is right. Most flowers were already declining but the insects were still busy :3
We saw a squirrel dashing directly towards us, then coming up right in front of my feet before running further to greet another squrreil charging up behind us. Both leaped into the grass after that. So cuuuuuuuuuuuute โค

We took the bus back to the city, bought food and returned to the hotel – just in time before another heavy rain came down. At 3PM we left the hotel and got caught by a new cloud thinking about dropping all its contents on us x__x We went to Greyfriars Bobby and patted its nose for luck, before checking out the Greyfriars kirkyard where JR Rowling appearently got some of the ideas for her Harry Potter books.
To be honest I’m not the greatest fan BUT I expected a wee more. Especially tidyness, but some graves are being used as trash bins (by tourists and locals) and that is more than disgusting! Plus the most important graves to check out were in maintenance (?) so linen were put over them to avoid people looking at them. Bummer!

Another disappointment was the shop at Victoria’s Street. Seriously… it’s damn crowded ofcourse but it was a let down merchandice-wise too. I don’t know what I expected but reading all travel guides before seemed to have hyped me too much I guess. To be honest: I liked the Harry Potter shop (it’s called “The Boy Wizard” anywhere) at Royal Mile more than this one ๐Ÿ˜ก

After all these mild disappointments we actually had some fun (in the rain) at Royal Mile: We saw an entertainer from Australia, named JP Koala, watched his show, had a lot of laughs and had a nice talk with him afterwards :3 He’s damn cool. If you ever have the chance to see his performance, please do so! (Right now he’s in Edinburgh *lol*)

Scotland Day 4

Today we went to breakfast as usual: getting down at 8AM-ish. It was really crowded there today ๐Ÿ˜ฎ But we got food and were stuffed.

My friend seemed to have a stomach issue of yesterday (or before) and was feeling a wee sick. We still went on our planned travel to Calton Hill, Arthur’s Seat and the National Museum of Scotland.

Today morning’s weather was absolutely perfect for some walking/climbing.

First we went to the Bank of Scotland to get some cash ๐Ÿ˜€
After we walked to Calton Hill and took a walk there, sat down for a bit (until it got too cold in the wind) and passed the Burns Memorial, checked out the New Calton Burial Ground and followed the road to the Hollyrood Palace shop (where I got a little corgie keychain) and further to Arthur’s Seat.
Originally we planned to go to the top but thanks to my sick friend and my own wobbly legs (possibly too much walking/climbing the last few days) we only made it to St. Anthony’s Chapel ruins.
We still took some fine pictures and got worried about the thick grey clouds coming up – especially as the wind blew them into our direction.
We went to the hotel for a break and lucky us, we didn’t get wet in the brief shower that came down while we were in the hotel – yay.

After it cleared up we went outside around the corner to visit the National Museum of Scotland. It’s free. It’s awesome.
On our way back we went to the Ever ever after shop (which is just across our hotel) and I got 3 cute little Disney character statues (and as the shop sells them as a 3-for-2 promotion I only paid 2 โค yay). Pictures of all of my shopping sprees will follow in my concluding post of this travel :3

We bought some food and returned to the hotel, just in time before the next shower… man, we really are lucky today ๐Ÿ˜€