Holiday, Day 11

I’m back home – thank god I took additional days so I could rest.

Sunday morning 8:45AM my alarm rang. I was kind of halfasleep thanks to the freaking Japanese assholes that bang other people’s doors to wake them (and half of the hotel while they’re on it) but well~ I got up, packed my last things and checked out.
I took the subway to Haneda airport and gave up my suitcase (bye-bye) and hoped I would retrieve it in Amsterdam, as my stepover time in Munich wasn’t that much time… well… I also asked to get my boarding passes printed (thank god I did that!) as else I would’ve need a stable internet connection to pull these up at Haneda and Munich.
I got through the check and went in 2 shops to buy a few things (Kitkat and yummy sweets) and waited for my plane for 1 hour.

I was seated at the window but not my usual side or range – I had the fraking wing in front of me the whole time y.y that’s because I didn’t check-in earlier and couldn’t get a seat in the area I am usually located. However, this flight was kind of quiet. No annoying people, no screaming kids. Wonderful. Still I couldn’t sleep much. I don’t know why….
I watched Warcraft, Captain America: Civil War and Ice Age: Collission Course.
2 hours before landing I got ancious about my stepover time in Munich, so I asked a staff member if there would be a chance to do something about it – as the plane was fully seated there was nothing to do and she told me if I would miss the flight I could always be rebooked on another plane…hm.

We landed according to schedule and I got all my stuff in a rush so I could leave the plane ASAP – I was out of the plane by 4:47PM and was meant to go from M11 (new terminal at Munich) to G23 (Terminal 2) by 5:15PM (boarding time) but….
I was meant to go through a security check AND a pass cantrol yet again! (I know this already from my last trip but I really hate that as it takes so much time!)
I was through the security check by 5:05PM, I was walking really fast following the signs to “Gate G” and went through the automated pass control as the manual had seriously a lot of people while the automated had none (automated means: it scans the biometrical signature of the passport. Gate opens. You need to step onto a line. It takes a picture. Gate opens. You’re done)
…. I needed to go on a train-thing (just like in Zurich) to be transferred to it -_- thank god I was lucky there was one of these already there, so I jumped in. 2 minutes later I was running out of it and climbed the last escalator stairs, taking a turn to the right and saw my gate.
I arrived the minute the boarding was accessable. 4:47PM -> 5:15PM. Success! But I was totally sweaty, annoyed and tired. I was the first to board. There was a bus waiting so I didn’t even needed to rush… when the bus drove I realized something: It took me back all the way across to the M-Gates and a bit further where the small machine called “Glücksburg” (castle of luck) was parked….. I wanted to scream!

On board of the machine I had a right window seat (again: I hate these) in the 5th row and I tried to relax but I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t anything either so I stored the sandwich I got in my stuff to eat it this morning and just had a sparkling water and orange juice (for whatever reason I’m totally hooked on orange juice when I fly…. in total I had 10 in 4 flights 😀 and one water)

At Schiphol I got off the plane and just HOPED my suitcase would be there to get it.
I followed the long route to the baggage hall (well at least not as annoying as Munich where you need to go left and right and up and down and down and up etc because Schiphol is just pretty much….erm…straight forward and maybe to the left or right) and was amazed my suitcase dropped of there just 5 minutes later.
I went through the last gate and made my way to the bus station. I checked the route I could take on my phone but altered it as soon as I saw I could save 30 minutes with hopping onto another bus on the way *hooray*
It was also in my favor that some of the busses seemed to have issues and were late by some minutes. So I jumped on the 300 from Schiphol, changed to the 340 at Hoofddorp station and then on the 80 at Haarlem, Tempeliersstraat before getting off at my station and walking the last 400 meter (I know that thanks to Pokémon GO) before finally entering my building. Home! Yay!

In general – despite me being dumb and mixing up routes to get somewhere or running around headless 😀 – this was a really nice holiday. But I’m glad I’m back 😀 not that I didn’t miss it … Japan is great and all but I really think: as long it’s a holiday it’s fine. I wouldn’t want to stay there forever 🙂

Actually while unpacking I got a shock! I missed 2 bags of candy and 2 gashapon T____T
After a while of confusion and sadness and anger (about where I could’ve lost them) I found these items in my suitcase. Somehow they managed to get behind the separation bag and I didn’t really think that could’ve happened as there were only shoes behind that and the rest wasn’t stored that way to get behind it but well…. I found all of my things.
img_8551And with this my travel log of this holiday in 2016 is concluded 🙂 Thanks for reading.

Oh a few things – although this says day 11 it would be actually day 12 – I just fused my first 2 days as I lost the first one while flying to Japan anyways 😀
Besides flight (527,27 EUR) and hotel costs (Kyoto 7 nights 425,21 EUR prepaid before stay; Tokyo 3 nights 22500 Yen paid while stay) I spent 82638 Yen (according to today’s currency exchange rate that’s 719,793 EUR) on food+drinks, travel costs (train, subway, bus), souvenirs and admission fees.

P.S.: First thing I’ve seen after returning to the Netherlands:


Holiday, Day 10

AKA my last day in good old Japan.
I’m kind of torn between being relieved and sad :/ I love the stuff I can get here (the people not so much but of course there are some exceptions as there are everywhere because I don’t like most of Germans or Dutch or….) and the things I experienced but it is really about time I can sleep in my own bed again 😀

What I really found weird: There are messages shown at train stations and such to not play games while walking… guess what happened a LOT today?! Right, people (nearly) bumping into me because they didn’t pay attention to their surroundings but their games -_- or I nearly run into them because they suddenly stop to solve a weird puzzle of sort…. grrrrrrr.
What was also really annoying: old people stopping to talk, laugh and pat each other right in front of an escalator … right. What the?!

My alarm woke me at 9AM – or rather: it would have done this if some people wouldn’t bang doors on the floor to wake their travel partners (and everyone else while being at it) but I was halfasleep so I stayed in bed until my alarm went off at 9AM.
I made my way to the train station and took the train to Tokyo. I arrived shortly before 10AM and was one of the first to enter the Tokyo Station Pokémon Shop 😀 although I was a bit disappointed (and nearly had zero expectations anyways as I knew it just has some articles from other shops and the own version of Pikachu).
So I searched for the Yamanote line that could bring me to Shinjuku but that was a hassle – I asked 3 (three!) people how to get there fastest and was sent into different directions so in the end I gave up after 30 minutes searching for the track and jumped into the subway…
I got off at Shinjuku and for whatever reason I forgot how to get to ARTNIA (Square Enix’ shop/café) and was running around Shinjuku station twice before jumping on the Yamanote line to Harajuku -_- but I saw this nice advertisement wall for the new Fate-game in Shinjuku ❤

I went into the 100-Yen-Store there and bought some stuff, followed by my lunch at Mc Donalds: Cheese-Katsudon-Burger, fries and Melon Soda *___*
The burger was totally awesome, the fries meh (as usual at McDo Iprefer to NOT have fries – too dry or salty, this time it was too salty) and the Melon Soda was suffocated in ice cubes T___T but I was kind of stuffed and left Harajuku for Ikebukuro.

In Ikebukuro I followed the signs to the Sunshine City and found the Pokémon Center.
Sadly they didn’t had any of the signature Pikachu version I got at any Center so far, so I bought 2 other cute versions instead (also because I didn’t buy any at Tokyo Station).
The shop is really spacious and not as cramped as the shop at Tokyo station *_*
I really like the female version of Charizard 😀

As I still couldn’t remember how to get to ARTNIA I jumped into the subway and went back to my hotel, googling for it and made my way to ARTNIA. Sadly they didn’t had the calendar I was looking for – instead I bought a souvenir for a friend and left for Akihabara – my usual nerd station 😀 Bought some stuff at Kotobukiya’s “Tales of Shop” (didn’t see there were some containers on sale when I was there yesterday 😮 I took one – I just hope it survives the trip home. It would make such a lovely cookie box) and some food on my way to the station before leaving for my hotel again.

I soaked myself in the tub and started to pack up my things. I don’t really like to pack shortly before I’m leaving so I usually do that an evening before 🙂 Saves me from the shock I might forget things 😀
I had a really delicious grape juice which was a bit more substantial ….like: jelly in a can but still fluid. I’m glad I poured it into a cup before drinking it because I might have spit it out in surprise if drinking it on the street as I intended to do, haha.

Well, I’ll finish the day with watching TV – although I can’t decide what to watch 😀 (yesterday was easier as I watched “My Neighbor Totoro”) and tomorrow’s blog will be posted most likely on Monday as I am in planes all day starting at 12PM Japanese time and landing is planned for 7:15PM-ish in Schiphol, although it might take some time to get my luggage and get home due to construction works yet again (I really hate that…the never finish that crap but hooray~ what a nice welcome home-present …not).


Holiday, Day 9

…AKA the day I got damn confused and took a real large detour but still made it in time *lol*.

I woke up at 4AM due to a truck honking in front of the hotel (it’s located on a huge street but I can’t hear it except some motorcycles are going too fast or if someone is honking like a maniac)… I was wide awake but turned around anyways. At ~7:30AM it started to get loud on the floor as some people returned to their rooms or left the hotel – I really couldn’t figure out which it was but tried to ignore them. My alarm went off at 9AM.

I got ready to leave and left the hotel at 9:20AM in direction to Akihabara.
I made a mistake: I thought the Chuo Sobu went directly to Akihabara, instead it goes from my station to Tokyo or the airport and I would need to switch line x.x ofcourse that’s not comfortable, especially not in rush hour… so I tried to get out, ofcourse the gates refused me due to logging in on the same station. I asked the staff to cancel, they sent me one floor upstairs to do so. At the gate upstairs the guys did cancel the card after they were confused why I didn’t take the long tour with JR train through Tokyo but they were really nice (and I might have looked like a lost puppy too – which helped).
But following this I didn’t jump on the Shinjuku line but took the Asakusa line instead -_- which led to another mistake as the one I jumped on was a limited express not on every station of the line – meaning: we jumped the station I would’ve switched lines… and I got off at the following station, taking the Ginza line to Ginza and switching to the Hibiya line (which I would’ve taken from Ningyochou if the train would’ve stopped there) until Akihabara.
I’m glad I left so early because I finally ended up in Akihabara at 10:05AM – still one hour and 20 minutes early but I could’ve made it even earlier with just taking the Shinjuku line for 1 station and walking *lol* anyway: interesting trip in rush hour!

I went to check where the café is located and found it immediately but was sent away as waiting there for an hour is not an option.
Instead I went to check if Kotobukiya would be open already – lucky me: it was!
So I bought some things (well, I went there for one item I owe to a friend as her wedding present but because I’m a huge fan of Tales of as well I bought some additional stuff too 😀  and think to return tomorrow after I went through my whole shopping tour) and checked for the availability of Wifi and played Pokémon GO until the Wifi strength depleted while I walked around 😀
I returned to the café’s place and checked out the souvenir corner, sat around a bit while playing Pokémon GO and got upstairs to the café, showed my ticket and was asked to wait 5 minutes until the official opening would begin.
I was first in line! Woooh!
I was given a tablet for ordering drinks and food, a ticket that showed my seat number and a collectable card which I could choose (ofcourse I chose the class I play ingame as well: Dragoon) – then I was asked to wait in front of the café door until they would let people in.
When they opened the door I was led to my seat which was directly at the bar *___* I could watch the guy mix all of the delicious drinks ❤
Next to me were sitting only two other people. I spoke to the Japanese woman next to me and figured she is playing the game as well as the dude next to her 😀 Fun!
The café staff held a short lottery (Gold Saucer style) and called out 3 seat numbers – the lady next to me got lucky to win first price 😀 (yes I was a bit sad it wasn’t me T_T but well~ it’s an experience in itself to be there as the only non-Japanese, haha)
There was also this poster at the table in front of me – I put it inot my bag after I saw that the other people did that aswell 😀 It’s a cool Halloween-themed one (actually I think it is the picture they used for the ingame Halloween event).

I couldn’t figure how to order food as the dude who gave me the tablet only explained how to order drinks – so I asked the woman next to me and she showed me how to get into the food menu 😀 (swipe to the left from the picture that says “Drinks” >.<
Ordering itself is quite easy, although the English explanation is really small and can’t be zoomed in. It helps to check up online about the possible menu although the FFXIV wiki does show an old menu – most of the mentioned things weren’t on the menu I saw today (might be also as these pictures and descriptions were made pre-Heavensward – e.g. I had an Ishgard-themed ice cream as the 3 alliance one wasn’t available) – plus that was the only shop I saw since Halloween that still sells Halloween-themed food 😀 (well the whole store was still decorated with Pumpkins etc too)

I had 2 drinks (Dragoon-themed and Leviathan-themed), one soup (coconut milk, potato, onion, carrot, broccoli) and one ice cream (vanilla ice, frozen berries, chocolate thing with Ishgard emblem). That gave me 4 collectable cards (one per ordered drink or food): Summoner, Blacksmith, Black Mage and Bahamut.
Shortly before I was about to leave the dude who sat next to the woman next to me came to me and gave me his double cards: Black Mage and Botanist.

In total I received 7 cards today *___* hooray! Lucky!
I went outside to pay (2830 Yen) and felt soooo stuffed~ super yummy food and drinks!

After that awesome experience and addictive vibe I checked out the Akiba Show Room

and went to Yodobashi Akiba’s 6th floor to draw some Gashapons 😀 (this time I didn’t spent as much as 2 years ago 😛 ) It was really quiet there – I only know this from late afternoons or weekends when it’s really crowded there so it might be better to go there in the morning or shortly before noon when you want to scout through the gashapon containers.
I spent my last few 100-Yen-coins (2200 Yen) and left for the hotel with my last 513 Yen I could’ve spent today 😛 (not in total, still got some Yen left for tomorrow’s shopping tour)

I’m so happy~ this day started to be really crap but turned out wonderful~

Holiday, Day 8

Wooooooh. I’m in Tokyo now. How did that happen? 😀
Let’s begin this morning. My alarm woke me up as usual at 8AM but of course I ignored it for another hour :p
So I got off at 9AM, packed my last things and went to check out from the hotel.
When I reached the train station I got lucky as the train to Kyoto was going to arrive just 2 minutes later – yay~.

At Kyoto station I waited 1,5 hours for my shinkansen to arrive. I got a window seat again and no person next to me but some small children a few rows in front and back of me 😦 the baby always started to cry when we went through a tunnel and its older sibling always raised its voice after the baby was finally quiet (attention whore!) ~_~ really annoying. The one in the front was quiet until it got bored and started crying in sync with the baby behind me. x_____x I was asleep until those kiddos started their cry-war. -_-
But I was glad they woke me because shortly after I caught a glimpse of Mt. Fuji which I would’ve certainly missed while being asleep ❤
(and to be honest the seats aren’t really comfortable if you’re not average Japanese size…)

I got off at Shinagawa, loaded 1,000 Yen on my Pasmo card (which I bought 2 years ago while I was in Tokyo) and went to the subway station to get on the subway to my hotel.
I reached my hotel after a long walk through the underground station (it’s like 600 meters from the Asakusa subway to my hotel which seems really long when you got some luggage 😀 ) and checked in. I asked if there was a letter forme but the guy didn’t seem to understand what I wanted – even when I asked in Japanese x.x – so I went to the room, unpacked some of my stuff, got the reservation confirmation that confirmed sending a letter and went down again. The lady immediately knew what I was talking about, handed me over the letter, I signed I received it and got back to my room where I was in immediate HYPE!
Because that letter had my ticket for the Final Fantasy 14 cafe which I couldn’t go to 2 years ago (as it was opened roughly 2 months after my departure) !
I calmed down 15 – 20 minutes later 😀 and went outside and headed for the Skytree … because… there’s a Pokemon Center!
(Really, I’m not going to do all that sightseeing stuff I did 2 years ago again – I’m just in Tokyo for that café and shopping)
So back to the subway station, into the subway, out of the station and up to the 5th floor *tadaaaaaaaaa* man was it busy!
Lots of Japanese teens and kids with their parents 😀
I took some pictures of the statues there – there are 2 statues as Skytree has 2 initial Pokémon assigned – and bought one of the Pkachu-dress-up-versions asI did before in Kyoto… the shop also had the christmas versions and goodies (this actually explained all these people as these were really top-selling as far as I could see by the people in front of me in the queue for paying) but I don’t quite like these… although I might think about buying the other Pikachu-dress-up-version when I got some money left after Saturday’s shopping streak  😀

I left the Center, went down5 floors and got into the subway, got off at a station before mine and went to Burger King to have dinner – I actually wanted to go to McDonalds but as I couldn’t see any close-by I just went with Burger King’s Teriyaki Lettuce  Burger, Fries and Melon Soda (Fanta) – I’m hooked on that soda now and already sad as we don’t have that in neither Germany nor the Netherlands T___T I need to find this so I can drink it at least on Saturday!

I was totally done for after dinner. Not because I walked as much as the last few days but because travelling in mostly crowded subways is really exhausting >.<
and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s café experience~
Luckily I feel much better now, my cold is nearly gone again *lol* – there is just an annoying cough that doesn’t seem to want to leave me yet, but i got 6 packages of cough drops *gg*

Holiday, Day 7

Today I felt much better (my nose isn’t stiff anymore, instead I got a throat-cleansing cough) – and the weather was damn nice to go outside, too. Banzai for my last day in Kyoto, well officially 2nd to last but tomorrow is yet another travel day with sitting in the train for at least 2 hours as I’m going back to Tokyo for my last 3 days.

Well. Today I ignored my alarm (yet again 😀 I did this really often these past days as this bed is soooo huge and cuddly and warm – and I am on holidays and still sick … so I’m allowed to do that!) and got off shortly before 10AM.
I went to the train station, bought my train ticket to the city center, went to the tourist information to buy a bus/subway ticket for 1 day (more expensive than buying 2 days but I don’t need 2 days so it would’ve been an overcharge 😛 ), searched where my bus stops and got in line to wait for its departure.
While I was waiting someone poked my shoulder: the dude in line behind me asked me where I’m from and how long I’m staying – I was totally perplexed that a Japanese dude actually asks me that 😀 weird thing to happen 😀 damn my alien-presence was seen through, haha.
Well, in the end we sat in the same bus but apart from each other so no further talk and he got off at the university while I was still waiting for my station – it takes a while to get to Arashiyama from Kyoto, especially with busy streets due to rush hours.
I got off in front of Tenryu-ji (a world heritage temple) and wanted to go inside – when I saw the price I was like: rather not…. 1,000 Yen for a visit is quite… expensive. Additionally 300 Yen for visiting the gardens – gardens only = 500 Yen. Eurf.
So I traveled further and a teenager girl spoke to me asking for directions to the Path of Bamboo – as I was looking for it too I said “I think there’s a sign” (like 100 meters away from us), I rushed to it and showed her that we need to go straight 🙂

How comes people talk to me when I’m coughing like crazy and look like shit and not when I do look like a normal sane (maybe) person?! 😮


So I followed that direction as I wanted to go there…. with lots of people suddenly surrounding me, so I rushed to get out of that as soon as possible >.<, crossed a railway when the lights started to sound and the barriers got down and suddenly I was completely alone on the street…. hm. I might have gone too far? Luckily there was a “where are you” sign close-by and I found out: I should’ve taken a turn to the left when I was mashed by these people…. okay, so time to go back 😀 and take a right into the path of Bamboo.
That was a real pleasant walk! The bamboo gave lots of shadow (while the street before was bright with barely any shadows… a bit too much for my sad sick eyes) and although there were lots of people it didn’t bother me as much as on the street – well, the shops being one reason as people just stop and shop instead of going further 😀 Hooray, humanity! One person stops somewhere, suddenly a lot of others join that person – and then we complain about the pidgeons and crows which do the exact same 😛

For the first time in Japan I heard a language I didn’t hear before since being on holiday (besides all that Japanese, Korean, French, German, English, more French, Chinese and more French) – guess what *drum roll*: DUTCH! 😀 

After walking down the (bright) street after my awesome trip through the bamboo garden I just wanted to get out of the annoying light T___T my eyes hurt a lot 😦 and I started coughing badly. Hooray for the awesome cough drops I bought (Peach taste) which really helped a lot with soothing the cough and my throat.
I took the bus back in direction of Kyoto Station but got off at Nishi Hongan-ji – that’s the temple that is located on the north-west side of Kyoto Station (Higashi Hongan-ji is the one being north-east of Kyoto Station) – it’s a real must to see in Kyoto :3 not far away from the station either.

I took the bus to Kyoto Station, went to shop some (lots!) cough drops with different flavors – I took 6 different kinds  (Peach, Plum, Grapefruit, Grape, Sweet Potato, Blueberry) with best regards to my future colds – a package of Calpis candy and some souvenirs for my colleagues at work 😛
Funny thing: As soon as Halloween is over, the shops suddenly sell Christmas stuff 😀

I returned to the station, exchanged money with an awesome rate and took the train back to the hotel. I just finished packing up my stuff, so I am ready to leave after my morning routine \o/
My train to Tokyo goes at 12:05AM. That gives me plenty of time to ignore my alarm at 8AM and get up before 10AM and still make it in time 😀

Sooooooooo. Here’s a picture of all the stuff I bought (or in case of those papers in the bag: got for free) in Kyoto – most of these being presents 😮

Bye-bye Kyoto~

Holiday, Day 6

As I said – I stayed at the hotel the whole day due to feeling sick and not sleeping well for 2 nights in a row.
So I just hugged my pillow, watched TV, played Facebook games and Pokémon GO and ate sandwiches I bought yesterday 😀

Nothing fancy happened today but I hope I will have a nice day tomrrow again.
I really hope that my body doesn’t get worse – I need to travel by train the day after tomorrow yet again and I’m hoping for some nice time in Tokyo too.

Holiday, Day 5

I got siiiiiiiiiiiiiick!
After starting to sniffle yesterday evening it worsened over night – nose is running, throat hurts and I cough sometimes (glad I bought cough drops yesterday, although that wasn’t the purpose but because it said “Peach” and I was curious about the taste) -_- and i actually thought if I might have been infected with JE as I have 3 insect bites but well this would have been a bit too fast regarding incubation time (and as I specifically asked my doctor if it would be better to get injections before my travel and he denied….well hoping for the best that the Inari bugs didn’t carry the virus – although I don’t know if the other 2 were at Inari or in the city when I walked around)…
but the stings hurt >.< not the one close to my eye but I got one at my collar bone and one at my left hand’s middle finger – so as soon as hair or shirt touches the one at collar bone it itches >.< same for the finger as it itches as soon as something touches it grrrrrrr.

Weather worsened again too. Forecast and internet said it would be nice and sunny … yeah. Clouds. Grey. Some wind. Hooray!
Nevertheless I went on my chosen tour for today which led me from Kyoto station to Kinkaku-ji followed by Ginkaku-ji, the Path of Philosophy and Nanzen-ji.

My travel to Kinkaku-ji was a looooooooong one and I fell asleep in the bus but woke up 2 stations before I needed to get off.
After leaving the bus I walked the few meters uphill to the temple, paid the admission fee and was a bit surprised that I just paid to be led to the temple, a bit of a walk and led out again…. erm….? I wasn’t sure what happened but there went 600 Yen~
It’s a really nice place, even (or especially) with that weather condition today. I think I would’ve been blind when the sun would have been out 😀
The park area is nice but those gift stores at the end of the route were a bit too much for my taste – no, I didn’t take any pictures but there were a few (lot).

I jumped into the bus and drove to Ginkaku-ji, went uphill to the temple, paid admission fee of 400 Yen and was led by the route signs… well this was a worse let-down 😀
I liked the scenery but THIS would have been actually much nicer with good weather 😛 (call me demanding or something but it’s true)

After following the route to the souvenir shop area (-_-) I exited the area and walked down the hill to get on the Path of Philosphy to visit Nanzen-ji.
It took a while to get there (dunno, it felt like 2-3KM?) and there were some small shops and cafés on the side of the road. I actually bought a silk scarf for my grandma at one of these shops and talked to one of the ladies there who was surprised that I spoke Japanese (dejavu of yesterday’s reactions) 😀 so we spoke a bit before I left and went further on the path… for that part I was glad it wasn’t warmer or sunnier – it was a nice walk!

On the way I saw some nice leaves on the ground and red leaves on trees, some buds in full bloom, some cute birds, cats and a monkey! Yes, a monkey! 😮
Took me by surprise. It scared away a cat 😮
Shortly after I saw an old waggon which seems to be a sleeping place for some cats – 3 were already cuddling together there while a 4th jumped onto the roof of the waggon.
Another one wasn’t so far away from there either but was more of a poser as it followed a couple, sat on a bench and stayed there until we took our pictures. After the couple left and it got sick of following them, it turned around and followed some bikes… that black cat actually reminded me of Baghira (The Jungle Book) – especially because of the eyes ❤ I think if I wouldn’t be allergic (or actually liked cats) I would go for such a beauty~ :3

I passed a lot of shrines and temples on the way without entering them as I was getting tired of walking – breathing was also hard due to my cold and my head started to hurt so I just wanted to finish that walk. So I visited Nanzen-ji and walked around on its grounds before continueing to the subway station.

After getting off at my hotel’s station I went to get some food and entered my hotel, took a hot shower, ate something and rolled into my bed 😀 where I am ever since haha.
Forecast says it will rain tomorrow – I guess I’ll see how I feel tomorrow but my forecast says that I might stay in the hotel to cure :/

On the bright side: I finally found out how the aircon in this room REALLY works… so far I thought it would run automatically and correct temperature when I press up/down. It didn’t. Because there is a special button to activate the aircon to blast heat or cold air into the room … and now it does do weird and creepy sounds, haha….ha. Fitting for Halloween?