2nd Kyu Exams


After failing last time in October I obtained my 2nd kyu in Kyudo today! Hooray~

It was really surprising that my sensei got into the dojo after the senseis were discussing who passes/fails and swung his arm and hit me on the left upper arm and swung the other arm and hit me on the right upper arm.

I was totally like “O____O did I pass?”, he grinned and I said “Judging by that smile I did…”
Another sensei said then (as he was watching the scene) “You really improved a lot”

After the results were officially my (training) senpai went to me…. and didn’t congratulate but asked “What happened to you?!” and I was like ….what the hell should I answer… and couldn’t say anything.

I know I am kind of rushing things each training buuuuuuut today was a nice day, I was always told to relax and slow down so TODAY I WAS SLOW.

On the way back home I was told by my senpai who usually picks me up that he also got asked if he did something to me today 😀 so big surprise for everyone that I passed today? (And hit the mato 1st time since last Thursday… and Thursday’s hit was the first in a year?)

So next exams will be 1st kyu…. maybe in October?


Failed My Exams

Well, this was a nice experience on Sunday, 6th of October, 2013.

Everything went well.. except that I was in need to pee and therefore seemed to be too hasty. And theory was not so good either (but that was a general thing). Well. Nevermind. Nothing happens when failing an exams 🙂 Except that I need to retry in March (and already got my holiday for it without knowing which date it will be as I am just guessing it will be at the same time as usual)

But… I met a lot of nice people from the other dojos again and had some nice talks 🙂

Broken Tsuru

Training on Thursday. As usual.

My tsuru (bow string) was a bit too long and cut into the bow, which it shouldn’t do, so I redid it…
after that it was too small to fit on my bow… I redid it…
then it was too short (not healthy for the bow)… I redid it again…

I was back where I started, but did Sharei with it. After that my female teacher took over… wasn’t good, so she let one of my senpais do it (3 times).

Finally it looked good, I went to shoot and the tsuru broke. >_>

Broken Tsuru

Thank goodness I’m prepared since my last exams and have a spare, so it didn’t sound good and my male teacher redid it. Once! Fitting! Awesome!

But still… whole training time was fixing tsuru time 😀

Today’s Special Kyudo Training

It was my first Sunday training – hooray. And it was special! Nearly as special as this frog \(^0^)/

Today's Special Kyudo Training(frog prince statue in sensei’s garden)

I got picked up at 9:15am at Heemstede-Aerdenhout station and we drove to Kyudo training, which starts at 10am. We were only five people and got introduced to the Japanese visitors by our sensei. I didn’t knew all senseis from the Netherlands were present today, but it was really nice to see them all again (usually I only meet them for exams or new year’s shooting). We were left alone – as the senseis went to Haarlem for the flower parade – and started our training. After we finished our free training at 12pm, we had lunch at the terrace of our sensei and bathed in the warm spring sun.

Our sensei returned with the visitors around 2pm and we watched a demonstration of Iaido.

We introduced ourselves to my sensei’s sensei and participated in mato-sharei from highest to lowest ranks (means I was omai (lead) of the last group as I was lowest in rank present today… and also the only one with a kyu grade – all others were Dan level).

After that we got explanations of the sensei what we should correct and why we should correct it, which was really interesting. He then corrected us in training before he did Makiwara-sharei.

At 6pm we stopped the training and had some food and sake before leaving the dojo at 7pm. It was a really long day in the dojo, but it was interesting, I learned a lot of things (while I got some bruises on my left hand) and I look forward to Thursday’s training to see what my sensei says about the advice I received to change bow weight from 12 to 10 kg… (I don’t really want to go lower again and probably I was bad with my 12kg after shooting 30 arrows on that day *lol*)

Today's Special Kyudo Training


This one was a fun shot… this duck visited the dojo last Thursday already, but today he was walking all the way from the middle towards the target area… funny duck~

Today's Special Kyudo Training

Kyudo Training #2

How many posts do I have like this already? Oh yeah, WordPress told me: that’s number 2…rofl
I’m not really productive with titles about my training… obviously.

Anyhow… yesterday’s training was… intense. Really. I guess that’s due to the visit of my sensei’s senseis on Sunday and they want us to shine, not talking about sparkle. Anyhow… my muscles hurt already from doing Wii Fit Plus, but training boost my aches up by at least 30%. I still think that’s fine – I had fun and that’s what training should be about, right? (Why do I sound like a masochist…)

On a side note I had some nice talks with my senpais – one about my working future… so now I got some courage for an application I was unable to decide to apply or not apply before that talk. I really am grateful for these people as they help my mental state quite a lot.

So besides my hand postures I also need to pay attentio on my shoulders and body… weeeh~

And for the first time ever I was fixing my string on my own without any help of senpais or sensei *happy dance* However it came off – I don’t have a clue. I was shooting just fine last week and this week when unwrapping the bow… it somehow was off…tss. Sensei was looking at me like “It was little men getting it off?” … 😦 no of course it was my shooting, but it wasn’t looking like this last week >_< (who am I making excuses to?)

It was also quite fun that one of my senpais and I discovered our Tabi to be dirty last week and said we would wash them… and still didn’t do it. *roflmao* (well, mine are drying at the moment)

Next training session: Sunday, 10am. Special training at 2pm. Hooray~ hopefully I’ll get some nice pictures  (but not to put them online) as I’m allowed to bring my camera with me… maybe this time some new pictures of myself.

Kyudo Training

It was exhausting 😀 We had a training session with a lot of focus on how we shoot yesterday.
It was fun, but exhausting~

And we will have soon a nice shooting session on 21st of April as my sensei’s sensei will come over for a visit 🙂 I’m looking forward to it.

Kyudo Exams 3rd Kyu

Today on the 3rd of March, 2013, I had my exams for the 3rd kyu (a lot of 3…).

Well, from the start:
I got picked up at 9 am from 2 of my senpais, we went to the dojo where I got dressed. After warming up we had the greeting ceremony, after that my sensei and another shot ceremonical and the exams started.

We were 14 people taking exams.
I was 3rd in line for 3rd kyu (#8) and omai for the 2nd sharei.
My first arrow went well, I didn’t hit, but the 2nd shot was already feeling wrong when I positioned my right hand on the string. When I tried to pull the arrow and bow I felt my right shoulder blocking and therefore the 2nd shot was totally awkward. As result the arrow was like a fish in the water, wabbling around and hit the sand (thank goodness not the grass) below the mato.

I went to retrieve the arrows of me and my partner and saw, that if the second arrow would’ve been a bit higher, it would’ve hit *dang* but maybe it was good that it didn’t hit as the technique totally sucked.

After everyone was through we went for the written exams. The questions were.. unexpected and not what I studied. Argh~
I knew the answers for 2-3 questions, guessed for most of the others and didn’t answer 2 questions. Ugh.
I felt that I failed. I came outside to see another additionally 2 senpais with my other 2 senpais and felt really bad.
I said: “Either I fail or I pass and fail my prediction”
I ate something and went inside of the dojo to put away my arrows and bow.
After a while of waiting and small talks our senseis came back and announced the results.

I passed! 1 of the 3 out of 5 for 3rd kyu that passed. Omg.
I talked to my sensei after the official closing and he asked me “What was wrong with you in the written exams?” and I answered “I know what I studied, but appearantly the questions were different.”

Passed is passed, it’s time for sake on Thursday~
And I’ll never forget the 3-3-13 when I received my 3rd kyu. *lol*