Pok√©mon GO: 50th – 52nd Week

Three weeks have passed since my last update – wow. Didn’t notice, haha.

Some things have happened ūüôā
First of all: this.
So last weekend I was in Amstelveen to get some new Pok√©mon…. walked 7.5 km in the shopping mall but only caught several Kangaskhan and Unown. In total I caught about 300 monsters.

I’m not really sure how this event thing actually works but as I can’t spend several hours every weekend in a shopping mall I won’t be able to get any others (especially because the last weekend I am not even close due to holiday) – and on that note it doesn’t look like that other things spawn on normal work days either (I work in Amsterdam and didn’t see anything that I don’t have yet). Or I’m just not lucky ūüėĬ†But I had fun ūüėÄ

I finally got a Hitmontop through hatching the baby version and evolving it ūüėÄ
I also found out that when feeding a Pok√©mon through the Pok√©mon menu when it is in a gym, the mark for favorite will get deleted! Which sucks but well if you know it…

Aaaaaaaaand. Yesterday 13th of August was a special day. As I started exactly a year ago \o/ I went to a local park to see if there’s any Pok√©mon I didn’t catch yet, it started to rain, so I kind of rushed through the park and went home with nothing in my pocket :/

Sad for me in my area aren’t that many people to do raids so i couldn’t get any legendary yet and while I was at the shopping mall only small stuff spawned at the gyms ūüôā
Sooner or later, sooner or later~ but in the end it doesn’t mean I never tried to solo – at least against Moltres ūüėÄ


FFXIV: Primal Song Lyrics

Lyrics taken from the respective FFXIV Soundtracks
(actually I really listened to the songs while typing these instead of simply copying them from the disk’s sheets)

FFXIV A Realm Reborn: Ifrit, Titan, Garuda, Good King Moggle Mog XII, Ultima, Odin
FFXIV Before The Fall: Leviathan, Ramuh, Shiva
FFXIV Heavensward: Ravana, Bismarck, Thordan
FFXIV The Far Edge of Fate: Sephirot, Niddhogg, Sophia, Zurvan
Susano, Lakshmi

A Realm Reborn Primals


  • Primal Judgment: no vocals except several “Ahhhhhhhhhh” ūüėÄ


  • Weight of a Whisper: no vocals
  • Weight of his Will: no vocals
  • Weight of theWorld: no vocals
  • Heartless: except repeated “Ahhhhhhh” no vocals
  • Under the Weight:
    • Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller, Titan! (3 times)
    • Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller,
    • Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller, Titan! (4 times)
      Titaaaaaaaaaaaaan! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    • Bow down overdweller (under the weight) (3 times)
      Bow down overdweller (in hell I wait)
      Bow down overdweller (under the weight) (3 times)
    • Wrought from the rock that stands upon old
      With the heart of black and a stare that’s cold
      Cold are the hands that grasp at your soul
      ‘Fore the graves are dug and the death knells toll.
      Tempered in the flows of the mountain’s core
      where the rage runs red twixt shore and shore
      Short from the world ‘neath the blazing sun
      Bound to the dark, for the light I shun
    • Bow down overdweller (under the weight) (3 times)
      Bow down overdweller (in hell I wait)
      Bow down overdweller (under the weight) (3 times)
    • Into the dark of an endless night
      Where the pulse of the land offers no respite
      In spite of the blood that was spilled before
      You whet your blades, you thirst for more
      Now kneel overdweller, your lord commands
      There’s no salvation for the sons of man
      The skies will tremble and the earth will quake
      From the crumbling walls no one escapes
    • Bow down overdweller (under the weight) (3 times)
      Bow down overdweller (in hell I wait)
    • Bow down overdweller (under the weight) (3 times)
      Bow down overdweller (in hell I wait)
    • Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller, Titan! (3 times)
      Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller,
    • Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller, Titan! (3 times)
      Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller,
      Bow down overdweller (under the weight) (3 times)
      Bow down overdweller (in hell I wait)
      Bow down overdweller (under the weight) (3 times)
    • Repeat from: Wrought from the rock that stands upon old….


  • Fallen Angel:
    • (nevermind the “Ahhh” part at the beginning *lol*)
      NOW FALL…
    • Falling too far from the light
      Deeper into the night
      Lost here inside my own hell
      I am a broken angel

Good King Moggle Mog XII

  • Good King Moggle Mog XII:
    • Good King Moggle Mog
      Good King Mog
      Lord of all the land! (Kupo)
      Good King Moggle Mog
      Good King Mog
      Rules with iron hand!
      Good King Moggle Mog
      Good King Mog
      Leads the brave and true!
      Good King Moggle Mog
      Good King Mog
      Now come along and meet his trusty crew! Kupo!
    • Kupta Kapa will clip your tuft
      Split your hairs and ruffle your fluff
      Kupdi Koop will throw you for a loop
      Brave a wall of whiskers to find his troupe
      Kupli Kipp is sly yet sweet
      He’ll tickle your nose then tickle your feet
      Jolly Kogi’s eye for fun is clear
      He’ll put an arrow straight in your rear!
    • Pukla Puki plays with fire
      Poms a-burning on her pyre
      Puksi Piko likes her buddies big
      To sing a little song and dance a little jig
      Pukna Pako shivers and shakes
      She’ll stick you in the gut and give you bellyaches
      And who’s behind them, standing tall?
      Why, the biggest moogle of them all!
    • Who? Who? Whoever could it be?!
    • Good King Moggle Mog
      Good King Mog
      Kind and noble lord! (hear! hear!)
      Nod your noggle nog and mind your gob
      Or he’ll put you to the sword!
      Good King Moggle Mog
      Good King Mog
      His judgment you will dread!
      Good King Moggle Mog
      Good King Mog
    • What do you decree? (3 times)
      Off with their heads!


  • Ultima: not a “real” primal (although this song is in the section for primals on CD while Odin isn’t) but awesome music, sadly can’t find lyrics and they aren’t on any CD ūüė¶ so I think it sounds somewhat Latin which I never studied except half a year in school so no clue what it says or so


  • The Corpse Hall: not a “real” primal and no song to be sung here sadly ūüėÄ would’ve been epic though


  • Wreck To The Seaman: no vocals
  • Through theMaelstrom:
    • Leviathan Leviathan Endless!
      Leviathan Leviathan Send us!
      Leviathan Leviathan Breathless!
      Leviathan Leviathan Deathless!
      Leviathan Leviathan Restless!
      Leviathan Leviathan Test us!
      Leviathan Leviathan Tend us!
      Leviathan Mend Us
    • Drifting in the realm beyond all knowing
      Forsaken,shedding tears of glass
      Now tumbling from the boundless heavens, taken
      White moondrops, burning indigo
    • Leviathan Leviathan Endless!
      Leviathan Leviathan Send us!
      Leviathan Leviathan Breathless!
      Leviathan Leviathan Deathless!
      Leviathan Leviathan Restless!
      Leviathan Leviathan Test us!
      Leviathan Leviathan Tend us!
      Leviathan Leviathan Rend us!
      Leviathan Leviathan Vengeance!
      Leviathan Leviathan Penance!
      Leviathan Leviathan Send us!
      Leviathan End us
    • Silence from the knife that softly severs
      Mistaken for an unsung prayer
      Now rising from the soundless Deep. Awaken
      White fury, blinding indigo
    • Swell ye seas of old,¬†Leviathan Leviathan
      Surging tides grow bold, Leviathan
      Seething currents whorl, Leviathan Leviathan
      To swallow up the world, Leviathan
      (2 times)


  • Thunder Rolls:
    • Ula menida tula oh
      Tela omnida tula ei
      Ona ramuhda deme os
      Nola tulama tela ei
    • Soul without a name, heed my call
      Sin doth stain the hearts of us all
      The worm hath burrowed deep and hath grown
      Soon he too shallreap what is sown
    • Step in from the storm, praise its mercy
      Let the sting of the rain ne’er stray far from thee
      Lightning bright, thunder bold
      Freeing us forevermore
    • Soul fallen from grace, ware thee well
      Judgment thou must face, thine own hell
      The worm stirreth within, black as night
      Breeding deeper sin, foul its blight
    • Soul, thine end is nigh. Take mine hand
      All life must return to the land
      Lingered hath the worm, overlong
      Purge thy flesh of fear and be strong
    • Step in from the storm, praise its mercy
      Let the sting of the rain ne’er stray far from thee
      Lightning bright, thunder bold
      Freeing us forevermore
    • Now lift thine heavy head and vanquish thy sorrow
      Lightning doth strike
      Thunder doth roll
      Now turn thy gaze ahead and look to the morrow
      Lightning shall strike
      Thunder shall…. roll on


  • Footsteps in the Snow: background vocals but nothing clear
  • Oblivion:
    • Staring at death, I take a breath, there’s nothing left
      Now close my eyes, for one last time, and say goodbye
      Lying naked while the snow falls all around me
      Drifting closer to the edge but She won’t have me
    • Wake up in sweat, full of regret, try to forget
      These memories, lurking beneath, lost in a dream
    • Unchosen paths, a broken past, forespoken wrath
      The pain won’t cease, I’ll find no peace, no sweet release
      Fragile creatures, we are taught to fear the Reaper
      Ever running, we are dead before we meet Her
    • These voices telling me let it go (let it all go)
      I try and try but I can’t say no (try and say no)
      This endless nightmare has just begun (nowhere to run)
      My heart is dragging me down into
    • The endless lies, I’ve cast aside, locked them in ice
      Steeled is my soul, my blood grown cold, I’ve gained control
      Fearless creatures, we all learn to fight the Reaper
      Can’t defeat her, so instead I’ll have to be Her
    • These voices screaming to let it go (never let go)
      This time I’m screaming back no no no (go on say no)
      My mind’s made up, yeah my fear is gone (Where have you gone?)
      open my eyes now here I come
    • For the last time
      I won’t say goodbye (3 times)
      For the last time


Heavensward Primals


  • The Hand That Gives the Rose: background vocals only
  • Unbending Steel:
    • High, on High I stand
      Gazing down to see
      The endless garden
      Awaiting me
    • Red bloometh the rose of conviction
      And red bloometh the rose of hate
      Yes, red bloometh the rose of contest
      Firmly bound to its fate
    • And the war, it wageth on
      The storm, it rageth on
      The bold ever fight on
      Their lives echoed in song (Hah!)
    • Fall, like snow they fall
      Pedals plucked and strewn
      Yet from their seeds grow
      This war anew
    • Blood trickling down from my fullers
      And blood trickling down from mine hands
      Yes, blood trickling down to Hydaelyn
      Until I alone stand
    • And the war, still wageth on
      The storm, still rageth on
      The bold blindly march on
      Their lives, lost in a song


  • Limitless Blue: no vocals
  • Woe That Is Madness: no vocals


  • Heroes Never Die: no vocals
  • Heroes: background vocals, but nothing clear


  • Battle to the Death – Heavensward: no vocals
  • Fiend:
    • What is it like when you pull back the curtain
      And realize every wrong is a right?
      Your world is rusted like a dirty razor
      The edge is calling tonight
    • The edge is calling tonight –¬†The edge is calling tonight (2 times)
      The sun is setting, darkness taking over
      A date with chaos and you’re dressed to the nines
    • Salt of the earth salting your own fields
      Road to destruction that is true and tried
      You walk the path laid before you
      The call of reason, you refuse to abide
      Necessity is an inventive mother
      Promising sanctum that She cannot provide
      She is the hand that rocks the cradle
      The wind that breaks the bough and leaves you to die
    • And there She leaves you to die –¬†And there She leaves you to die (2 times)
      You’ll find slumber when the world comes tumbling down
      Sweet dreams, baby, sleep tight!
    • Retreat where lesser men lead
      Flee from what you do not see
      Heed the dark within your being
      Turn away, disobey
      I’m the end and the beginning
      The faith that feeds the unbelieving
      A tightening knot to staunch the bleeding
      Say my name, Say my name:
    • The seventh hell’s become your seventh heaven
      Rose of redemption but a thorn in your pride
      Waste no more time fighting your demons
      Lay down your arms and let the evil inside
    • And then you let it inside –¬†And then you let it inside (2 times)
      You let it eat you till there’s nothing left at all
      So you can feel that you are truly alive
    • Better to survive in a waking nightmare
      Than rule in their paradise
      What is gold, always glitters
      But it still comes with an unpayable price
      Treading out upon the stagnant waters
      Our savior waiting for a turn in the tide
      You are the night at the end of the tunnel
      The empty void where the serpent lies
    • Where the serpent lies –¬†Where the serpent lies (2 times)
      The angels graze in the meadows of excess
      They must needs go that the devils drive
    • Retreat where lesser men lead
      Flee from what you do not see
      Concede your mind unto the fiend
      Turn away, debts are paid
      I’m the end and the beginning
      The drug that gives the wretched meaning
      The answer every soul is seeking
      Say my name, Say my name:


  • Freefall: no vocals
  • Revenge of the Horde: only background vocals


  • Battle to the Death – Heavensward: no vocals
  • Equilibrium:
    • The sigh of the shifting sea
      The kiss of the salt-sweet breeze
      The white of her silken dress stained in red
      A memory fading fast,
      Her mother sits, eyes downcast
      A torn uniform in hand, farewells unsaid
    • That once a certainty, lost in grief
      A daughter’s desperate cries, unheard pleas
      Forsaken, beaten, tried, on her knees
      A prayer passes from her lips
      Into her soul the Goddess whispers:
    • A heartbeat without harmony
      Is moonlight without dark
      The heart seeketh equilibrium
      With balance will your worry part,
      So still this broken melody
      And therewith shoulder thee
      One last step only leaving
    • An empty hearth down by the sea (2 times)


  • Battle to the Death – Heavensward: no vocals
  • Infinity: no vocals


Stormblood Primals


  • ??? no vocals


  • ???: non-official lyrics takem from here
    • Night
      Embrace her worldly delights
    • In time you shall follow (2 times)
      Behold as our burdens
      Come soft with the sun
    • Tonight
      Step from the dark to the light
    • Rise high
      High above our rivals
      Spread our wings
      Spread them wide
      Let them fly
    • Keep high
      Free to ever slumber
      Open the door
      Close our eyes
      We are the dreamers
    • Fire
      Born of the flames of desire
      This fire
    • Give in to the hunger (2 times)
      Cast off inhibition
      Let passion run wild
    • Desire
      For the unquenchable fire
    • Rise high
      High above your rivals
      Spread yours wings
      Spread them wide
      You needn’t hide
    • Keep high
      Free to ever slumber
      Open the door
      Close your eyes
      You are the dreamer


Pok√©mon GO: 49th Week

Good news: the first year anniversary was extended.
Due to the bugged event in Chicago, Niantic decided to reimburse the attendees (quite generous and unreasonable if you ask me) and as the whole world gave their best to unlock rewards we received originally 48 hours of Double EXP, more candies, less walking for partners, less walking for eggs. They extended that until today (5PM PST, I think)

I leveled up and I finally could stop walking Larvitar -_- the “fun” thing: I hatched 3 Larvitars while event was running. So I got a second Tyranitar…. why did I even bother walking Larvitar for ages? -_- Right now I am ¬†walking Chikorita.


As an event result… Lugia and Articuno were unlocked – Articuno due to most people catching monsters globally (sorry Niantic but maybe finally start blocking GPS hack and other abusers of your software and you’d find out that alot of Mystic accounts are abusing pricks)

As this is nearly to impossible to obtain when there’s noone around I will just mope around ūüôā
Although I claimed some gyms lately – and it was really bitter to be kicked out after 12 minutes *rofl*


Pok√©mon GO: 48th Week

I did not level up yet ūüėÄ I am still walking my Larvitar.
But I got a Yanma from an egg ‚̧

There is a new update with some neat features:
Pokémon will now show how they were obtained Рeither egg or caught. if caught it shows even which ball was used.
Only weird thing they added an icon on eggs too *lol*
They also seemed to have fixed some issues regarding gyms and raids but can’t confirm those yet.

I had some bad luck this morning too -_- I was beating the gym at the train station when some other dude went and took the last one out. I was blocked from adding my monster for over 5 minutes (although being on the same team) as I was error-ed out of a fight due to the dude beating the last one in the gym….
so I couldn’t add my monster and obviously I was pissed as I beat those monsters several times before he came and snatched the kill/gym with leavin me not being able to add mine due to “gym being in fight”… grrrrrr. Thanks error shit. -_-

On 12th of August there will be a Pok√©mon Event in Amstelveen. I really want to go but I am quite confused about the information they put out. Neither Niantic nor Stadshart give information regarding registration… and I’m really confused because:
1. they said it’s free for anyone so ofc ppl from other countries booked flights and hotels (though I don’t get why ppl come from Norway, UK or France when they get events in Paris, Chester, Stockholm and Kopenhagen?!)
2. then they said it’s limited to 2000 -_-
3. now it’s limited to 3500 (since yesterday) -_-‘
4. they don’t say how to register, when and where
5. many websites, news magazines and sorts had interviews with Niantic and put out different information regarding registering to the event while Stadshart claims to put out information “soon” (since days)
The organisation simply sucks balls!
I’m mad to the point I don’t even want to go anymore due to random fucktards with the already known intention to block several tickets for all family and friends and whatnot. (Not even talking about botters and cheaters or people who just get a ticket and never show up, yet)

Besides all that madness… As I didn’t post this in a while: here’s my 2nd Gen Pok√©Dex:


Pok√©mon GO: 47th Week

I am back from my short weekend holiday in Germany ūüėÄ didn’t play much the last few days.
Missed my 7-day-streak of Pok√©Stops now 3 times or so? Don’t know, don’t really care.
Worked from home yesterday due to an appointment for which I was meant to be home, it was raining hard…so not going outside for Stop haha.
10 more candy for my stupid Larvitar which I love so much I want to bury it somewhere….

The whole weekend I was looking for the special Pikachu (or as I call it: Gangster-chu). I lost 2 earlier on Friday – one at home, one at work – as neither wanted to be caught manually or Plus.
I finally got one on my way back home from my weekend at the train station in Duisburg ūüėÄ
Also put my Snorlax into the gym directly next to where I caught Pikachu and saw that nasty bug that blew up my character’s face behind the monsters ūüėÄ

At my own train station I saw this raid boss fight going on. So I tried to beat the 5k Croconaw. Beat it. Caught it in the bonus round. Boohya.

I had some luck this morning. Beat the gym at the train station and put Snorlax in there, on my way to work I saw an Instinct gym with space so I put Gyarados in there – both were kicked out later (Snorlax survived like 20 minutes? Gyarados stayed in gym for 3h 56min)

Pok√©mon GO: 46th Week

today I will go on a short weekend vacation in Germany ūüôā

Pok√©mon Go Plus can not find gym disks although they count as Stops…. that kinda sucks.

Today I finally could put a monster into the gym at the train station (after days of beating other teams *lol*


I finally tried a raid battle. Alone. *lol*
First: use the Raid Pass
Second: Wait until the starting counter is done and choose your monsters – users can join your party if they have the code (shown in upper right corner)
Third: Beat the crap out of the raid boss
It showed “Networ Error” 3 times after starting and I couldn’t beat the Pok√©mon in time – then it got stuck anyways due to the error and I needed to reboot the app -_- I think as none of my used monsters were dead it actually didn’t count at all.

There’s a new event: From 6th of July, 1PM PDT until 24th of July, 1PM PDT there will be special Pikachus and an Anniversary Box that includes Incubators, Max Revives, Ultra Balls and Premium Raid Passes.

Pok√©mon GO: 45th Week


I’m still level 35 (this is going on and on and on *lol*) and I’m still walking Larvitar -_- (also going on and on and on…)

While not catching anything new I beat the gym at the train station twice last week and put my monsters in….
Found out that it is NOT possible to put a Pok√©mon of the same kind in it – eg Gyarados can not be put in when there’s another Gyarados already.
My Snorlax stayed in the gym for ~19 hours in the end ūüėÄ
In general I do think that the new system is easier for low players to join the gym but on the other hand it’s quite annoying to beat the monsters being in there. Why I could solo beat a lvl 10 in about 2 hours before I can’t do that now with only 4 in it due to their CP and random CP increase through berries by player input *sighs*
(on a side note: all berries can be fed to increase CP! Not only Razzberries but the other 2 as well)
I guess that’s the point but as Team Yellow is not really common anyways it sucks balls.

I kind of dislike that Niantic does not care about GPS loggers although reported – in my area I don’t see those a lot but I know of some places where people do that alot.

I didn’t participate in any raid yet…. usually they spawn when I’m working or already home. I don’t want to leave the house again *lol*