Pokémon GO: 40th & 41st Week

The event is over~
I think it had the worst catch rates ever. -_- Kinda pissed me off.
Didn’t do much either as I had some days off due to holidays and such sooo not really lot to say 😀

I evolved Sunkern to Sunflora, I hatched a Magby, gathering all those evolve stones as I don’t seem to have any use for them right now, I’m walking my Lavitar since the event to push its candy 😀

and I got freaked out by Wobbuffet… I mean that female version has LIPSTICK. And the male looks like it needs to go to pee IMMEDIATELY…

I’m confused 😀

And thats basically it because I will have some days off again due to friends visiting me – and I will see how much I can play GO the next few days due to that haha.


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