Pokémon GO: 36th & 37th Week

long time no post – at least about Pokémon. Not that I was lazy – I was hella busy.
Work was exhausting and I had an official holiday (King’s Day) on 27th of April plus a day off on 28th… so it was burning through my ressources and when I was off I did anything but not think about posting the blog ._.

But well here I am. And nothing happened really buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I got some new buggers. And upgrade items. And changed the monster I’m walking as it takes a bit less to walk it for evolving.

The fun thing of the last 2 weeks: I received 2 Up-Grades from PokéStops (not on 7th daily swipe), 1 Metal Coat and 1 Sun Stone from my 7th daily swipes.
Right after I received the 2nd Up-Grade a Porygon spawned at my place – caught it, evolved it to Porygon2, trashed it 😀 and evolved Skiploom to Jumpluff.
I also caught a new bugger – a Snubbull ❤

Soon I will also have my gold achievements for battling gyms @_@ just a 100 and something more each 🙂

Last week I walked all my eggs without receiving any new ones for a few minutes (okay hours) 😀 and later the whole inventory was filled again x__x

Here my PokéDex entries for the 2nd generation:


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