Pok√©mon GO: 40th & 41st Week

The event is over~
I think it had the worst catch rates ever. -_- Kinda pissed me off.
Didn’t do much either as I had some days off due to holidays and such sooo not really lot to say ūüėÄ

I evolved Sunkern to Sunflora, I hatched a Magby, gathering all those evolve stones as I don’t seem to have any use for them right now, I’m walking my Lavitar since the event to push its candy ūüėÄ

and I got freaked out by Wobbuffet… I mean that female version has LIPSTICK. And the male looks like it needs to go to pee IMMEDIATELY…

I’m confused ūüėÄ

And thats basically it because I will have some days off again due to friends visiting me – and I will see how much I can play GO the next few days due to that haha.


Pok√©mon GO: 39th Week

Hello again.
I updated my game to the newest version and am surprised. This is the first update since three patches ago which I don’t need to deinstall, download and install the complete game again. Let’s wait for a bigger update so I can complain again that Niantic doesn’t check their own shit ūüėÄ

Pokémon GO will have a new event~ starting today (which is also my birthday hoorah!).

This event will feature Rock types and increase the buddy’s candy drop rate – 4 times as fast… meaning? Distance¬†/4, so a 2km = 250m, 3km = 0,75m, 5km = 1,25km.
Also: More items will be obtained from PokéStops and PokéBalls are 50% off in the in-game shop. A new avatar item will be added: Explorer Hat.
The event will take place between 18th of May, 1PM PDT and 25th of May, 1PM PDT. In my time zone (Amsterdam, CET) that’s…. 10PM ūüėÄ

I am walking my Sunkern now, since I finished walking Scythor and evolving it to Scizor.
I hatched a decent Eevee a few weeks ago, needed some candies but finally could evolve it to an Umbreon – using the name cheat of course.

Two days ago¬†I caught a Wobbuffet and yesterday I hatched a Mareep. And that’s about it for this week ūüôā

Pok√©mon GO: 38th Week

another week done. I must say that last event didn’t do much for me BUT I finally got a Sunkern! And another and another and another ….all on Monday (last day of event *lol*)

There was a release note about a new update on 9th of May but I don’t seem to have it in the Play Store yet ūüėģ so not here yet ūüėÄ whatever.

I hit Level 35 when popping my first Pok√©Stop on Tuesday ūüėÄ that item flood!
I also received another upgrade item on a random Pok√©Stop…which totals me now to 5 in my inventory… I don’t even know what to do with all of these. Ofcourse one is reserved for Scythor (AKA Ravana) and one for Sunkern. But the rest: I don’t know~~~

I walked Teddiursa to 50 candies and evolved it to Ursaring. That one also was the 70th of 2nd gen Pokémon and gave me the achievement, hoorah!
Right now, I am pushing Scythor to 50, so I can use the evolution item on it. I guess I walk my Sunkern after (not the CP10 one, that was just the first to be caught).

(If you also have a keen eye you will notice that I expanded my item inventory… that happened after the item flood due to Pok√©Stop + leveling up as those burst my inventory and I didn’t want to throw away my hard-earned balls.)

Pok√©mon GO: 36th & 37th Week

long time no post Рat least about Pokémon. Not that I was lazy РI was hella busy.
Work was exhausting and I had an official holiday (King’s Day) on 27th of April plus a day off on 28th… so it was burning through my ressources and when I was off I did anything but not think about posting the blog ._.

But well here I am. And nothing happened really buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I got some new buggers. And upgrade items. And changed the monster I’m walking as it takes a bit less to walk it for evolving.

The fun thing of the last 2 weeks: I received 2 Up-Grades from PokéStops (not on 7th daily swipe), 1 Metal Coat and 1 Sun Stone from my 7th daily swipes.
Right after I received the 2nd Up-Grade a Porygon spawned at my place – caught it, evolved it to Porygon2, trashed it ūüėÄ and evolved Skiploom to Jumpluff.
I also caught a new bugger – a Snubbull ‚̧

Soon I will also have my gold achievements for battling gyms @_@ just a 100 and something more each ūüôā

Last week I walked all my eggs without receiving any new ones for a few minutes (okay hours) ūüėÄ and later the whole inventory was filled again x__x

Here my PokéDex entries for the 2nd generation: