Trolls On WordPress

They are real 😀

I received a mail yesterday morning at 7:55AM – bad me for not checking my mails so regularly ain’t I evil? But due to me being really busy at work as I only got a 4-day-week and a 3-day-week next week I don’t much care if people wait for responses or if mails simply get deleted later – buuuuut this is actually funny.

I received a mail that I need to approve a comment on a post. So far so good. It actually tells me who sent the comment and what was commented, so here starts the fun:
“I want to know if my parcel has arrived”
Ehm… I read this right after waking up so I was like: What?
Dismissed that until I arrived at work and read that again… as it also states WHICH post this was sent on I opened the original blog post from 12TH OF AUGUST, 2016 where I raged about an express delivery gone wrong.

I can see the poster’s name they put in and the mail address. First doesn’t tell me anything nor has it ever had any connection to the persons I was in contact with at the shop. Second the email address used is obvious fake (which I can understand as I don’t post my email address anywhere also especially not if I want to troll someone). Third why would a shop I ordered with and was in contact personally via chat option would ever care to post on a blog post? Right~

I am not sure what the intend of this person was. I disregarded this message as spam. I am just glad that I do use the Approval system WordPress offers as else my posts would be comment spammed by such idiots who think it’s fun to impersonate shops and intimidate customers 🙂

Besides. Yes. The parcel arrived. But not by any doing of the commentator which I spam blocked – not that it matters anyway because they will just create another fake account for comments.

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