Trolls On WordPress

They are real 😀

I received a mail yesterday morning at 7:55AM – bad me for not checking my mails so regularly ain’t I evil? But due to me being really busy at work as I only got a 4-day-week and a 3-day-week next week I don’t much care if people wait for responses or if mails simply get deleted later – buuuuut this is actually funny.

I received a mail that I need to approve a comment on a post. So far so good. It actually tells me who sent the comment and what was commented, so here starts the fun:
“I want to know if my parcel has arrived”
Ehm… I read this right after waking up so I was like: What?
Dismissed that until I arrived at work and read that again… as it also states WHICH post this was sent on I opened the original blog post from 12TH OF AUGUST, 2016 where I raged about an express delivery gone wrong.

I can see the poster’s name they put in and the mail address. First doesn’t tell me anything nor has it ever had any connection to the persons I was in contact with at the shop. Second the email address used is obvious fake (which I can understand as I don’t post my email address anywhere also especially not if I want to troll someone). Third why would a shop I ordered with and was in contact personally via chat option would ever care to post on a blog post? Right~

I am not sure what the intend of this person was. I disregarded this message as spam. I am just glad that I do use the Approval system WordPress offers as else my posts would be comment spammed by such idiots who think it’s fun to impersonate shops and intimidate customers 🙂

Besides. Yes. The parcel arrived. But not by any doing of the commentator which I spam blocked – not that it matters anyway because they will just create another fake account for comments.


Pokémon GO: 34th & 35th Week

I didn’t forget last week’s post but did have some things to take care of so the post didn’t have any priority 🙂

Currently walking Larvitar:

It’s better now anyways due to the start of the Easter event last Thursday ending this Thursday – got a load of newbies in my roster. The event includes:

  • Lucky egg sale
  • 2km eggs can hatch a variety of other Pokémon (other than Squirtle I got Staryu, Tyrogue and Eevee)
  • double EXP on anything

Due to the 2-week-rotation in my area I caught a ***load of Totodiles and evolved one to its final form. Also Cyndaquill gathered enough candies by walking to be evolved too.

I got another upgrade item from a PokéStop (which I can’t use as it is the one for Porygon I think).
My last 7 day spins gave me 2 different upgrade items so *damdam* evolution time~

My new Tyrogue evolved to Hitmonlee – there seems to be a trick to evolve this bugger too:
Main stat ATK -> Hitmonlee
Main stat DEF -> Hitmonchan
Main stat HP -> Hitmontop

My caught Eevee was pushed to evolve to Espeon due to the fun thing called renaming Eevee to the trainer’s name 😀 So Sakura it was.

Pokémon GO: 33rd Week

I wonder if we will get an Easter event 😮
Yeah, seriously, that’s the first thing I put down in this week’s summary, haha.

I forgot to post a picture of my Togetic O___O whyever. Dunno.
I also caught a new one: Dunsparce.
I hatched a Girafaric – after dozens of Staryus and Psyducks. That stupid water event influenced my eggs as crazy and wouldn’t stop -_- still got some eggs from that time so yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more trash things to hatch.
My Girafaric hatched actually at a total dumb time and was immediately put into the gym *lol* as I was too lazy to scroll down for others.
I finished walking Slugma and evolved it to Magcargo.
Last Sunday was my 2nd time I received an upgrade item from the 7-day-spin. I ended up with a Dragon Scale which made me evolve my Seadra to Kingdra 😀
Gonna look forward to this Sunday.

I walk Cyndaquil right now and found out my mushy GPS at my 2nd phone seems to be fixed, at least sometimes, as it doesn’t walk around as much as it did before 😀 which is good (just bad for hatching and gathering candies).