Pokémon GO: 30th Week

Whooooo~ another week is over.

I’m still at level 33 but due to catching an Omanyte I could speed up the candy-gathering and evolved mine to an Omastar *_*

I walked my Wartortle for 2 candies to get another Blastoise (and get rid of my old ones) and right now walking my Charmeleon to evolve it to a better Charizard (and getting rid of the other 2 I have due to space issues and I’m not using them anyways lol)

I had lots of 10Km eggs last weekend and bought 2 incubators to walk them…. arf…. got 2 Skarmory, 2 Dratini, 1 Chansey (finally?!), 1 Larvitar and 2 Gligars from them.
Originally I wanted to keep all of those 10KM eggs until I get incubators from leveling up to level 35 but… really….8 slots 10KM eggs were a bit too much in the end.
Now I’m down to 4x 2KM eggs and 4x 5KM eggs plus a new 10KM egg.
I also hatched a 100% Bulbasaur from a 2KM egg so I need to get some candies to evolve it -_-

The train had issues last week for 2 days so I took a roundabout with Metro and Bus to get home and was able to get a Sudowoodo and evolved my noobish Chinchou to Lanturn.

This week is also really exhausting potion-wise and reviver-wise. I usually beat the gym at the train station while waiting for my train. But I lack lots of potions and revives right now. I got none of each today 😀 and still 4 monsters that need heals 😀
But it will work out somehow 😀 I guess the main problem with that was that I leveled up the gym to level 4 on Monday, haha (train was late so lots of time).


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