Pokémon GO: 32nd Week

I’m so so soooo glad that special water event is over soon. I’m sick of catching Staryus and Remoraids -_- meanwhile it was confirmed officially that it’s possible to catch the shiny Magicarp – although I didn’t see any but I saw a red Gyarados in a gym *jealous*
I got a few hours left but I don’t think I will see the shiny Carp. I don’t mind 🙂 I just hope the spawn rates regulate themselves soon after the event.

In case you wondered why my character looks different – I changed the looks haha 😀 and I just need 1 more damn kilometer to evolve Slugma ~.~

If I’d know before that there is a special event and that I’d see so many Omanytes I wouldn’t have had the need of walking that bugger *lol* Caught a dozen of them -_- Rare spawned before and now I catch like 3 in 2 hours -_- annoying~

Due to the new patch being released last weekend (which implemented the 100% chance on an evolve item with your 7th day spin at PokéStop and had “minor text fixes”) I was able tog et another King’s Rock and evolved a fresh caught Slowpoke to Slowking.
I caught a Qwilfish and a Totodile. Due to another Phanpy and Pineco hatching I could evolve them to Donphan and Forretress.

I am really looking forward what they are planning for Easter and if it’s worth my time or not – because from what I can tell by catching things from the event: waste of time… except those new ones I didn’t had in my Dex before.
But I usually ignore Staryus and Marills – my inventory got flooded with them and Remoraids *lol*.

Although I must say I don’t look forward to Murkrow mass-spawning after the event ended -_-



Pokémon GO: 31st Week

For once I’m glad I didn’t post earlier this week as I would’ve missed to put down the news: there is a new event!
And what’s more fun about it – appearantly there’s a chance to catch the special Magicarp although the chances are damn low *lol* but that golden Carp evolves to a red Gyarados *_*!
There’s also a Magicarp hat in the fashion shop.

Due to a pop-up in the game I think they changed the rates for dropping evolve stones at PokéStops. That pop-up said it’s a 100% chance for the 7th day spin now. Well, I will find out on Sunday.

The last few days I was tormented by Plus – chances of catching were pretty damn low 😦 especially 2 days before I had my level up. But thanks to manual catches that day and the following day I managed to get to level 34. Since then Plus catch rate seems to be back to normal *lol* I think that’s the same as “xx runs away” rates being damn high before a level up too. My own opinion on that.
Although Plus caught me my very first Turtle AKA Shuckle – usually it fails these new monster catches.

Ater evolving Charmeleon to Charizard I wanted to walk Chansey…. but Chansey evolved quite fast thanks to 2 hatches *lol* I am walking carrying Togepi right now 😀

As the event started yesterday evening, I caught an Octillery and missed a CP 66 Totodile -_- yeah, for real. It broke out of my first ball and fled. Noob-shit.

So that’s the actual PokéDex – excluding the first 150 slots as I got these except the legendaries and continent-exclusives. Dunno how I’ll ever get these as they only hatch from eggs that were obtained on different continents and I’m not going to give my account data to someone to get them for me (or pay a service to catch them or something – that’s bannable by the way)

Oh yeah.
In case you didn’t notice I changed my style 😀
old -> new:


Pokémon GO: 30th Week

Whooooo~ another week is over.

I’m still at level 33 but due to catching an Omanyte I could speed up the candy-gathering and evolved mine to an Omastar *_*

I walked my Wartortle for 2 candies to get another Blastoise (and get rid of my old ones) and right now walking my Charmeleon to evolve it to a better Charizard (and getting rid of the other 2 I have due to space issues and I’m not using them anyways lol)

I had lots of 10Km eggs last weekend and bought 2 incubators to walk them…. arf…. got 2 Skarmory, 2 Dratini, 1 Chansey (finally?!), 1 Larvitar and 2 Gligars from them.
Originally I wanted to keep all of those 10KM eggs until I get incubators from leveling up to level 35 but… really….8 slots 10KM eggs were a bit too much in the end.
Now I’m down to 4x 2KM eggs and 4x 5KM eggs plus a new 10KM egg.
I also hatched a 100% Bulbasaur from a 2KM egg so I need to get some candies to evolve it -_-

The train had issues last week for 2 days so I took a roundabout with Metro and Bus to get home and was able to get a Sudowoodo and evolved my noobish Chinchou to Lanturn.

This week is also really exhausting potion-wise and reviver-wise. I usually beat the gym at the train station while waiting for my train. But I lack lots of potions and revives right now. I got none of each today 😀 and still 4 monsters that need heals 😀
But it will work out somehow 😀 I guess the main problem with that was that I leveled up the gym to level 4 on Monday, haha (train was late so lots of time).

Pokémon GO: 29th Week

Another week is over~
And the Pikachu event is over as well.
I caught some of these buggers with the festive party hat – I think they never wrote it on the official page but changed the spawn rates of Pikachu so people like me who never see Pikachu can catch it too.
There was another patch but as it said “minor text fixes” it’s not really worth mentioning, is it?

Some new buggers joined my team: I caught a Remoraid and hatched another one just a day later 😀
Yesterday after work I caught a Pineco.
Right after posting my last blog I got a Politoed from a hatched Poliwag and obtained King’s Rock.

I’m walking my Omanyte – that will take a long while to get it evolved 😀

I really think I got too many 10km eggs right now 😦 I was in need to walk one last weekend as I got rid of all my 2KM and 5KM eggs – I hatched a Dratini 😮 which I really could’ve needed when I was walking Dratini but well~ why not~ I just really don’t want to walk 10km eggs really often right now as I’m sparing them until level 35 when I get new Incubators for free – on the other hand I might need to walk them before that to get some space… right now I am back on 6x 10KM eggs. That’s alot 😀
Left picture = weekend’s eggs, right picture = today’s eggs.

The fight over the train station gym is really hard these days *lol* usually my monster (Gyarados) is getting kicked out right after I put it in – latest 10 minutes later *lol* fun! As long as I get my daily reward I don’t mind.

Pokémon GO: 28th Week

Hello again!
Another week is over and we get some new Pikachu to catch 😮 It wears a festive party hat to celebrate the Pokémon Day.
The event is already running since 26th of February, 1PM PST and will end on 6th of March, 1PM PST.
Originally I thought I will never catch this bugger due to my area not being a normal spawn for Pikachus (talking about a coverage of 20KM from home to work) but I actually got one today at Haarlem Station 😮
There was also a new patch on Monday, 27th of February which just was made to improve stability of the game. Don’t know where exactly because I didn’t had issues but well you never know 😀

I’m walking my Omanyte now as Kabuto got his final candy and was evolved 😀

I also thought there wouldn’t be a possibility to get Satan-material in the wild (as I got them from evolutions so far) but apparently it is possible *lolz*

Some new monsters joined my collection but I was most surprised to get a 100% Stantler  from an egg, hooray:
Stantler (hatched), Skarmory, Chikorita, Chinchou, Slugma (hatched), Ledian, Matine and my evolved Kabutops!

I try to get 25k EXP per day – usually I get more. Some days I don’t, depending on if it’s a work day or weekend and if I fight in a gym or not (well on weekends that doesn’t matter as I don’t have a gym close to my home and am not going out every weekend to beat stuff in gyms)

PokéStops do grant upgrade items but on a really low rate, so I didn’t get any new yet 😦 But I hope for better monsters anyway before I upgrade them 😀 (e.g. I don’t have either a Gloom or Slowpoke ready to do that anyways)

But anyhow: I enjoy the new patch and hope for some nice additions and events this year 🙂 especially as they announced there will be at least 3 big patches coming up in 2017.

\\edit: Right after posting this I found a new upgrade item at a PokéStop. And hatched a Poliwag a few hours later. I evolved it to Poliwhirl and upgraded it to Politoed 🙂