Pokémon GO: 27th Week

The game was updated with new Pokémon 🙂 Since Friday I am catching new monsters. Regrettably I never played any game after Red and Yellow so the new 2nd generation monsters are totally new to me, haha 😀

I finally finished walking Dratini and evolved it… but can you believe I actually walked that bugger for a total of 376,3KM?! No? Here’s proof:

As I caught lots of new ones I will just drop them below the post *lol*
Currently I’m still Level 33 with a bit just over 300.000/1.000.000 and walking Kabuto to evolve it someday:

There were also other things besides the ~80 Johto Pokémon they added with the new patch:

  • All Pokémon have a Gender now (except Steel/Electric like Magnetite and Voltorb)
  • Pokémon will not only jump but move around the display, eg: Geodude will move from middle to left or right and back and to the other side; Pidgeotto will float in the upper part of the display
  • The selection for Berries and Balls was changed in the encounter screen – it makes it easier to find balls and berries or take screens of monsters
  • Two new berries were added: Nanab makes monsters less erratic; Pinab grants more candies (both effects will drop when the monster escapes from the ball)
  • Evolved Pokémon will grant more Berries when being caught
  • When catching a monster with the first ball, you will receive additional 50 EXP
  • 2nd Gen Pokémon can be hatched from eggs (got a Wooper and a Phanpy from 5km eggs)
  • New Eeveelutions Espeon and Umbreon can be obtained by renaming Eevees to the original trainers: Sakura and  Tamao
  • A new night-mode Map and encounter music were added
  • New Avatar outfit and accessory options were added (most of them cost PokéCoins)
  • Specific Upgrade items can be obtained from PokéStops – I got one with my 7-day-streak on Sunday

Several Pokémon got new evolves – some of them without an Up-grade item (this might not be complete due to me missing some monsters in the first generation). Apparently there are at least 4 types of Up-grade items:

  • Crobat: Golbat + 100 Zubat candies
  • Steelix: Onyx + 50 Onyx candies + Up-grade item
  • Blissey: Chansey + 50 Chansey candies
  • Scizor: Scyther + 50 Scyther candies + Up-grade item
  • Porygon2: Porygon + 50 Porygon candies + Up-grade item
  • Kingdra: Seadra + 100 Horsea candies + Up-grade item
  • Slowking: Slowpoke + 50 Slowpoke candies + Up-grade item

So after all this blabbering…. the picture spam:


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