Pokémon GO: 26th Week

It’s been already 6 months I’m playing this game \o/ and I still enjoy it.
Yesterday marked the 6 months anniversary, so I’m late by 1 day but nevermind 😀

Happy Valentine’s! For whoever really celebrates this 😀

This week was fun – thanks to the event I guess.
Dratini gets candies for every 2.5 km I walked it and I finally had a chance to catch a Chansey.
I actually got out of the train on my way back home from work – at Haarlem station. Because I saw Chansey’s shadow close-by at a PokéStop.
So I got out of the train and walked up to the Stop.
Plus started to vibrate in a weird pattern and lit up yellow before I saw that thing spawn in the game *lol*
I caught it manually 🙂

Plus actually surprised me: it caught a Dratini on Monday 😮 less walking for those 125 candies yay~


I also got a new “Satan”… which is a Wigglytuff (evolved from a 220 Jiggly)… that’s really creepy.


There is still this bug thing with opening the character menu which only appears to be present on some phones. My Moto G4 for example can’t open the menu while my Wiko Lenny 3 can :/ I hope they find out soon why that actually happens because it’s really annoying that I can’t open this menu while I’m on my way to/from work (as I switch phones when I’m home).


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