Pokémon GO: 27th Week

The game was updated with new Pokémon 🙂 Since Friday I am catching new monsters. Regrettably I never played any game after Red and Yellow so the new 2nd generation monsters are totally new to me, haha 😀

I finally finished walking Dratini and evolved it… but can you believe I actually walked that bugger for a total of 376,3KM?! No? Here’s proof:

As I caught lots of new ones I will just drop them below the post *lol*
Currently I’m still Level 33 with a bit just over 300.000/1.000.000 and walking Kabuto to evolve it someday:

There were also other things besides the ~80 Johto Pokémon they added with the new patch:

  • All Pokémon have a Gender now (except Steel/Electric like Magnetite and Voltorb)
  • Pokémon will not only jump but move around the display, eg: Geodude will move from middle to left or right and back and to the other side; Pidgeotto will float in the upper part of the display
  • The selection for Berries and Balls was changed in the encounter screen – it makes it easier to find balls and berries or take screens of monsters
  • Two new berries were added: Nanab makes monsters less erratic; Pinab grants more candies (both effects will drop when the monster escapes from the ball)
  • Evolved Pokémon will grant more Berries when being caught
  • When catching a monster with the first ball, you will receive additional 50 EXP
  • 2nd Gen Pokémon can be hatched from eggs (got a Wooper and a Phanpy from 5km eggs)
  • New Eeveelutions Espeon and Umbreon can be obtained by renaming Eevees to the original trainers: Sakura and  Tamao
  • A new night-mode Map and encounter music were added
  • New Avatar outfit and accessory options were added (most of them cost PokéCoins)
  • Specific Upgrade items can be obtained from PokéStops – I got one with my 7-day-streak on Sunday

Several Pokémon got new evolves – some of them without an Up-grade item (this might not be complete due to me missing some monsters in the first generation). Apparently there are at least 4 types of Up-grade items:

  • Crobat: Golbat + 100 Zubat candies
  • Steelix: Onyx + 50 Onyx candies + Up-grade item
  • Blissey: Chansey + 50 Chansey candies
  • Scizor: Scyther + 50 Scyther candies + Up-grade item
  • Porygon2: Porygon + 50 Porygon candies + Up-grade item
  • Kingdra: Seadra + 100 Horsea candies + Up-grade item
  • Slowking: Slowpoke + 50 Slowpoke candies + Up-grade item

So after all this blabbering…. the picture spam:


Pokémon GO: 26th Week

It’s been already 6 months I’m playing this game \o/ and I still enjoy it.
Yesterday marked the 6 months anniversary, so I’m late by 1 day but nevermind 😀

Happy Valentine’s! For whoever really celebrates this 😀

This week was fun – thanks to the event I guess.
Dratini gets candies for every 2.5 km I walked it and I finally had a chance to catch a Chansey.
I actually got out of the train on my way back home from work – at Haarlem station. Because I saw Chansey’s shadow close-by at a PokéStop.
So I got out of the train and walked up to the Stop.
Plus started to vibrate in a weird pattern and lit up yellow before I saw that thing spawn in the game *lol*
I caught it manually 🙂

Plus actually surprised me: it caught a Dratini on Monday 😮 less walking for those 125 candies yay~


I also got a new “Satan”… which is a Wigglytuff (evolved from a 220 Jiggly)… that’s really creepy.


There is still this bug thing with opening the character menu which only appears to be present on some phones. My Moto G4 for example can’t open the menu while my Wiko Lenny 3 can :/ I hope they find out soon why that actually happens because it’s really annoying that I can’t open this menu while I’m on my way to/from work (as I switch phones when I’m home).

Pokémon GO: 25th Week

Another week of catching, hatching and battling is gone~ :3

Yesterday they started the Valentine’s event! (I personally hate Valentine but I love free stuff) – 8th of February, 11 AM PST, until 15th of February, 11 AM PST:

  • Candies are obtained more often as acquisition distance was lowered by 50%
    5 km -> 2,5 km
    3 km -> 1,5 km
    1 km -> 0,5 km
  • Caught Pokémon drop more candies, released Pokémon drop more candies
    Catch: 3 -> 6
    Release: 1 -> 2
  • Chansey, Clefairy and other pink Pokémon are encountered more often
  • Cleffa, Igglybuff and Smoochum will hatch more often
  • Lure Modules will last for six hours

After the start of the event I encountered 5 Porygon – I’m not sure if that one counts as “pink” but I never found them that often at my house *lol* might be coincidence. Or not. Because one just popped at work too.
I look forward to meet Chansey – didn’t find or hatch any yet.

I actually do have a problem with the game since the last patch – again 😦
After fixing the Plus issue I can not enter the character menu most of the time through my Moto G4. The game freezes. I usually report the issue via the built-in feedback function after the game froze/crashed buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut after doing that over 20 times I sent a report via the website today. We will see if they can fix that.
Luckily that isn’t happening on my Wiko Lenny 3 – the only things I didn’t do there in order to fix that thing with Plus: pairing with Plus AND reinstall the app.
I think the issue is related to the complete reinstall instead of only updating. Sent them this information as well. Don’t know if they can fix it or not but it’s annoying to restart the app so often just because I can’t access my character menu for EXP and Buddy.

It worked actually earlier to take these pictures though 🙂 Directly after with a new attempt the game crashed again *lol*

If you wonder, why my monsters are called by numbers… those aren’t the catching order numbers but IV numbers. I got 3 on 100%: Rapidash, Raticate and Electrode.
Usually I don’t keep anything below 80% but if I can’t get any better ones I keep the original first caught/hatched ones – for the lulz.

And I finally got another Pokémon that I can call “Satan” yet again. I caught a 242 Rattata and evolved it – I tried that for weeeeeeeeeeeks and actually gave up on it already. It turned out to be a CP 666 / HP 66 Raticate. Renamed. Badam!