Pokémon GO: 24th Week

Welp! Another week already over!

It seems that my neighboring PokéStop has now Omanytes. Although I thought it would be Eevee as it showed 2 last Friday but it suddenly went to Omanytes on Sunday 😮
So I might go for Omanyte hunt after work for the next week as I did with Kabuto – I don’t expect to catch as much to evolve it but it will lower the kilometers I need to walk it.

Anyhow this week wasn’t worth much, haha.

Walking Dratini, catching monsters and spinning PokéStops to gather EXP.
I got my fourth 10km egg. I am collecting these until I get new Incubators from leveling up (I think at level 35 I will get new ones which will take a few weeks, erm, months to get there 😀 ).
Dratini also needs another 50 candies to be evolved to Dragonyte x_x 50×5 = 250 KM. Yoooooooo~ I hope I’ll see some wild ones sometime again so I can save up walking some meters*lol*

There was also a new patch released last night (Monday, 30th of January).
Apparently they fixed the problem with the app loading for ages (Android) and connectivity with Plus (also Android).
Yes, they did!
I’m so glad I don’t need ages to start up the app or another century to connect Plus to the app – hooray! hooray! hooray!




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