Pokémon GO: 23rd Week

and another week gone~ I am late this week due to some things going on 😀

I was lazy last weekend therefore I didn’t do as much EXP as I could have done but I was playing FFXIV on my PS4 (new patch, you know everything needs to be done) so I didn’t pay much attention to Pokémon 😀

Nonetheless, I still walked around alot to get some more Dratini candy (and I caught one in front of my house this morning so that boost me up by 4 without walking) and fought the gym to get my bonus for putting a monster in.
I managed to get an even number of fights for attacking and defending around last Friday – meanwhile it’s on attacking 585 / 595 defending.

These pictures were taken 2 days ago, right now I’m at 69 candies and 413015 EXP.

There’s also a certain bug that annoys me very much, so much I contacted support about it.

It’s about the Pokémon GO Plus.
Since Patch of 17th of January, when they meant to improve the Apple watch and certain other things, Plus doesn’t connect as smooth as it did before. It needs about 2-4 tries to connect to the app. (So they fix something for Apple and fuck up their own system)
The problem exists IN the app – it does connect perfectly with the phone and was connected to the app but after I unpaired it it also needed several tries to connect to the app to be used again -_-
So I asked Support for help.
They got back to me asking me for my OS and version while also stating they would receive a shitload of support requests (no kidding, I can guess why) and then told me the following:

Hello Trainer,

Thank you for contacting Pokémon Support.

A new update came out today to solve the connection issue with the last update for the Pokémon GO app. The servers where recently down which would effect catching and seeing Pokémon and Pokéstops.

Please unpair (if possible) your Pokémon Go Plus from your smartphone and turn your phone off and back on again.

Uninstall and reinstall Pokémon Go app to 0.53.2 for Android. Now, reset the Pokémon Go Plus (press and hold button until blue, then release button, press and hold button again until it vibrates). Now pair Pokémon Go Plus with your smartphone again.

Pokémon GO Plus needs to be reset every time when pairing with a new device or when your smartphone operating system or Pokemon Go app has been updated/reset and after changing batteries.

If this does not help, please try the following:

Load Pokemon Go App –> turn off GPS in your phone settings —> connect your Go Plus in the Pokemon Go App—-> Turn on GPS back on , You Pokemon Go Plus should now be successfully paired.

Please reply to this ticket with anymore information if problem persists.

Thank you for being part of the Pokémon community!


The Pokémon Company International Support Team

The new update they referred to was the one of Monday, 23rd of January. It is not mentioned on their official website and the shop says the app supports Korean language now. *shrug*
I did what the mail said. It didn’t do shit for the connectivity of the app with Plus.
So I mailed them again and they got back to me just ONE hour later – ohmygosh that’s some service – informing me of the following:


Thank you for contacting Pokémon Support.

We apologize, but it appears that there is an ongoing issue pairing Pokémon Go Plus with Android phones since last update to Pokémon Go App. We have passed your brand and OS version on to the Pokémon development team to help them solve this issue.

Thank you,

The Pokémon Company International Support Team

So basically I need to live with trying to connect Plus at least 2 times after I started the app for now. It’s okay, just annoying. I hope they can fix it ASAP and that they don’t fuck things up every time they try to improve Apple’s tools.


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