Pokémon GO: 22nd Week


I am back from Germany – it was fun, although I didn’t catch any new monsters but that wasn’t my priority this weekend anyways 🙂
So I didn’t had much progress but well~ Real Life fun is important~ more important!

I had a real bad Monday. I was feeling anxious for no reason and didn’t quite play alot due to that.
Tuesday I tried to get to work but due to an electricity outage in Amsterdam it wasn’t possible to go to work, so I went home to work from home and THANK GOD THIS HAPPENED because I caught a HITMONCHAN! ❤

Garuda is in the gym since Monday morning and I battle the gym to keep it up every morning and afternoon (if I got time for that while waiting for the bus)

Yesterday’s patch made some changes which i can not make out – except it takes a bit longer to open the app 😦

Photos were made yesterday: actually I am above 282K and Dratini got 55 Candy)



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