FFXIV: Orchestrion Scrolls Patch 3.5

New Orchestrion Scrolls were added with Patch 3.5


  • Another Brick: 3.5 Main Quest
  • Forever Lost: 3.5 Main Quest
  • Shadow of the Body: Dun Ark Quest
  • Promises: Dun Ark Quest
  • Bathed in Woodsin: Sohm Al Quest


  • Canticle: 5.000 Gil (Housing Merchant)
  • Saltswept: 5.000 Gil (Merchant&Mender, Aleport)
  • Fleeting Rays: 5.000 Gil (Chachanum, East Thanalan, after Bridge Fates)


  • Spiral: 30.000 MGP (Gold Saucer Attendant, Gold Saucer)
  • Tempest: 30.000 MGP (Gold Saucer Attendant, Gold Saucer)

Beast Tribes:

  • Piece of Mind: 3x Black Copper Gil (Vath Stickpeddler, Dravanian Forelands)
  • Flibbertigibbet: 3x Sylphic Goldleaf (Sylphic Vendor, East Shroud)

Stones, Seals, Item Trades:

  • Frontiers Within: 1.000 Allagan Tomestones of Poetic (Auriana, Mor Dhona)
  • Thicker than a Knife’s Blade: 300 Centurio Seals (Ardolain, Foundation)
  • Moebius: 1x Alexandrian Gear (Bertana, Idyllshire)
  • Aetherosphere: 1x Mhachi Farthing (Bertana, Idyllshire)
  • Six Fulms Under: 1x Mhachi Farthing (Bertana, Idyllshire)
  • Teardrops in the Rain: 1x Mhachi Penny (Bertana, Idyllshire)
  • A  Thousand Faces: 1x Mhachi Penny (Bertana, Idyllshire)

Dungeons & Primals:

  • Breaking Boundaries: Aquapolis
  • Hallowed Halls: The Vault
  • The Corpse Hall: Urth’s Fort
  • Limitless Blue: Bismarck X
  • Woe that is Madness: Bismarck X
  • Unbending Steel: Ravana X
  • The Hand that gives the Rose: Ravana X
  • Infinity: Zurvan X

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