Pokémon GO: 21st Week

Another week is gone and the Christmas / New Year events are over :/

We are back to: no higher chance to encounter special Pikachu or first starter monsters or holiday packs in the shop buuuuuuuuuuut it would be boring to have these forever right 🙂

I got to level 32 and walk my Dratini (while catching a few ones and getting my Bronze achieve for catching 10 dragons – never understood why Charizard is a lizard anyway)

I nearly went mental this week *lol*
I caught a Charizard right in front of my door – with ONE normal ball *lol*
and a few days later was a Venusaur in the park behind my home but…. it took 40 balls and 10 berries to catch it (this actually killed my whole storage on normal, great, ultra balls and berries) while it had 259 CP…. rotten thing. I released it immediately after catching it with a new try after getting new balls. Raaaaaage!
In general I think the Bulbasaur + evolution are the worst ones of the first starters to catch. I always had trouble with them while Pikachu, Squirtles and Charmanders & Co ate less balls/berries… stupid green things.
I caught a Blastoise (already before the event) – evolved another one (which went to LEET after powering it up haha), caught a Charizard and evolved my Charmeleon, caught a Venusaur (Rage release) and evolved a Bulbasaur to one – I will probably keep these haha:

I got a Togepi from an egg – so I only need that Magthing of the 2nd gen while still missing out on a few of the first 150 Pokémon 😦 Chansey, Farfetch’d, Hitmonchan, Tauros, Kangashkan, Omastar, Kabutpos, the 3 legendaries, Mew and Mewtwo … kinda hate the hatch rates for the ones that can be caught on other continents -_-

I will be in Germany starting from tomorrow to Sunday – I am excited to see what I will be able to catch there 😀


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