Pokèmon GO: 19th Week

Week 19 and the last post in this year about my gaming progress 😮 time flies by.

I’m close to 50% of my current level \o/ and am still walking Machoke -_- but it should be done by next week. Finally. Hopefully. Brrrrr.
“Garuda” is still at the train station’s gym earning me bonus 😀 Meanwhile the gym was pumped to level 10 (^0^) and stays there since about 2 days. I guess that’s because we got holidays here and the school kids don’t come to the station to battle 😀

Due to the event I caught 4 Pikachus today \o/ If I can I do that manually as Plus doesn’t seem to be good with catching them 😀 I had 3 run aways while trying to manually catch them and 6 with Plus. That’s not a bad score – especially not as Plus was able to catch a few – but I prefer to try Pikachus manually if I see them before Plus does.
I started with 2 Pikachus before that event… currently being at 40 (^0^) I hope I’ll get at least the silver achievement before the event ends 😀

If you didn’t notice: There is a chain of events currently available or soon to be available.
Although I found it a bit strange that “morning of December, 25th (PST)” actually meant 6:30PM my time (which is about 10 hours difference – so it started about 9AM PST? Can’t really tell due to not checking regularly due to frustration what they meant with “morning”) and I didn’t get the egg incubator on that day as it is only available with the first spin of the day -_- they should have made this clear in the notes… I lost a day’s worth of extra thanks to that. Besides that I like the event… I guess… if I wouldn’t get all those crap monsters I didn’t get for ages from eggs (Drowzee -_- why?!, Staryu -_- why?!, Oddish, Bellsprout, Seel)


The events in a short overview: 


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