Pokémon GO: 18th Week

Hello again for another summary of the previous days playing Pokémon GO. 😀
Another update was release on 19th of December fixing the stupid vibration issue which freaked me out -_- thank god this is over. (I think they put that bug in when they released the new monsters along with Santa Pikachu)

The loading screen picture changed yet again 😀 For all who didn’t notice – following are the previous (last week) and the current lading screens:

Shortly after the release of the first 2nd generation monsters I hatched an Elekid 😮
a few eggs later I received an Igglybuff. Due to getting these my PokéDex was updated and has soooooooooooooooo many unknown Pokémon now 😦
I actually never played or watched the series any further than the first generation so getting the 2nd+ generations will be totally fun – right now I still recall the PokéRap in German and can recite all 151 first generations by name in German… English names are sometimes confusing for me there but that will probably change soon enough 😀
Of course I put the two into the gym as soon as I had a chance to. Just for the reason that some people didn’t even get them yet and I’m an asshole (actually people weren’t as much returning this to me as the Japanese who put a Farfetch’D into the gym after killing my Mr. Mime T___T)…. Elekid didn’t even survive 20 seconds in there *lol* Igglybuff was one of two monsters being put in and survived a bit longer.

I leveled up on Monday  (^0^) so I am level 31 now – which equals my RL age *lolz*
I still walk Machoke -_- I get the feeling this will never end.

I still beat up Valor and Mystic in the gym at my train station, although I didn’t had any reason to do so today due to my Gyarados (yes, it’s still named Garuda) still being in there since yesterday morning…
I took the gym yesterday after kicking Valor’s ass and leveled the gym to level 4 as my train was late.
I expected my Pokémon to be back dead by latest noon but nothing happened… it was still in there when I returned from work, so I leveled the gym up again and thought it might be gone at night… surprise, it wasn’t.
Today at 6AM was the first day ever that I could get my daily bonus without doing anything – although the gym was down by some level when I arrived at the train station. I leveled it up again 😀
Gonna look forward how long my Garuda will stay Master of the gym 😀

And that’s my Dex (first 5 are old pictures as nothing changed there) with the damn holes due to hatching Elekid *lolz*




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