Facebook App Reset Settings

I wouldn’t have though I would actually mention this but I figured out that some apps (like Facebook) reset your pre-set Settings.

It took me a while to set my Facebook-App on settings I was completely fine with and then I saw an update being available. Didn’t thought much about it and installed it. And the next one and next one.
But it seems that Facebook actually does something (might even have happened before the last update):
It changes settings. Without even asking.

It took me a week after the last update to figure out why I do receive pop-ups for any random crap that happens while I’m not logged in on a computer or being logged in and not reacting on pokes, likes, comments….
I am pretty sure I deactivated everything except wall posts.
So suddenly my notifications are enabled for “Wall posts”, “Comments”, “friend requests”, friend confirmation”, “Photo Tags”, “Event invites”, “Application Requests” and “Groups” … wtf?
So I deactivated them all, shut the app and went back to computer. I got a message popping and suddenly my phone popped another Facebook update….
it reactivated “Comments”, “Friend confirmations” and “Event invites”

I deactivated Notifications now alltogether. Because if it doesn’t work any other way and reactivates crap while I manaully put it off… well… that’s some nice baiting. And battery eater. And annoying shit I swipe away any time I really do get something I need to check.


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