Pokémon GO: 16th Week

Phew~ it’s been 4 months since I started playing. Time for a recap 😀

My starter was a Charmander. My first complete evolution of the 4 starters (I do count Pikachu there too) was a Raichu – although I had 2 Pikachus in total, up to now. Wow *lol*
The second one was a Blastoise – I can’t find many Bulbasaurs and Charmanders are kind of out of the questions when you live close to the sea 😀 (and I heard Charmanders are really rare except you live close to a nest)

I made level 30 last week while the double-EXP event was still running – and I finally got my Muk – as I walked this stinky little bugger for nearly 100 km so I could evolve it *omg*
I still don’t have a Dragonair or Dragonite *lol* neither do I seem to find Kabuto although it was seen and caught in my city – I just live on the wrong end it seems. I also am not lucky with hatching as I get triple, quadruple, whatever things but no Tauros, Kangaroo (forgot its name) or Farfetch’D – although I saw the shade of a Farfetch’D while being in Japan 😦 I just wasn’t close enough and wouldn’t have had internet outside of the hotel (I wasn’t willing to pay 30 EUR for 50MB either *lol*)

I am using Pokémon GO Plus since a week ago. I love it.
Personally I think it is a good tool to just catch (maybe) while walking – the “ran away” rate is actually higher than if you would catch stuff but to be honest: I rather throw 1 ball and it runs instead of 10 balls and it runs.
Cath / Ran away rates do vary by day and time… sheer luck I guess, here a short overview of the last few times I used it (KM as per Pokémon GO showed the distance I walked):
Sunday 12PM – 1PM: 2,6 KM: Caught 11 / 19 Ran away (walk to shopping centre and back: Incense + Egg active)
Monday 6AM – 7AM: 1,5 KM: Caught 7 / 15 Ran away (walk from home to train station + train station to work)
Monday 10 AM – 10:30 AM: 1 KM: Caught 11 / 6 Ran away (Lunch Route – busy spawn midway)
Monday 3:30PM – 4:30 PM: 1,5 KM: Caught 12 / 7 Ran away (walk from work to train station + train station to home)
Tuesday 6AM – 7AM: 1,5KM: Caught 13 / 11 Ran away (walk from home to train station + train station to work)
A part of today’s catches:
Of course that tool only is useful if you play / walk alot. If not – don’t bother, it wouldn’t be worth it.
It also seems to only connect to one phone as it doesn’t allow connection to my WIKO (it can be found in bluetooth connections but fails to connect) – I think that’s a good thing to prevent others to “hack” themselves into it.
The only thing that bothers me: Sometimes when starting Plus the game shows “Pokémon GO has stopped working – Report, OK” – happen being close to busy spawns, PokéStops or while being in a train that still runs on high speed. Nothing serious though – you can avoid it mostly by knowing where the spawns are.
I personally like it as I don’t need to stare on my phone every few seconds or swipe on the screen – perfect for the bad weather conditions in the Netherlands 😀

Last but not least – my PokéDex 🙂


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