Review 2016 & Preview 2017

The last day of the year… time for a review of my previous year 😀

The first few days of January were flood with news about sexual harrassments, abuse, thefts and other things that happened in German cities on New year’s eve. While I watched with shock what happened I couldn’t understand the senseless discussions regarding safety issues in Germany and what should be done to prevent such things in the future. While actually nothing happened … amazing how people forget what they could learn from the past.

Besides following up with the discussions January and the following months went by pretty fast.
I went to Germany to meet 3 people of my previous Raid Group and was asked to become maid-of-honor in August for a wedding.
I broke up with my boyfriend in April which led to a lot of pain – although because he suddenly made a fuzz about things he never cared about – talk about finding out something regarding people’s character *brr*
I had good reason to break up but obviously I hadn’t in his opinion *lol*
So to avoid myself being drowned by my own feelings and resulting madness I followed the advice of my mom and booked a new holiday for the very same dates I wanted to go on holiday with my Ex.
Understandable I didn’t want to go on holiday with him, neither to a country that isn’t really safe for a lone woman to travel through *lol* so i booked my flight to Japan in October, staying for 2 weeks.

I visited my family in May and celebrated my birthday with them – just to come back and discover there was a water damage in my hall…
It was found out it was caused by my neighbors above hitting a pipe while drilling (weeee dumbness ahead). I let it dry and checkout the electricity that may have been effected by the water -everything was fine. Gave me a good shock though.

I visited AnimeCon with a friend of mine in June and went to Germany in August to be maid-of-honor as I promised in February (^0^)
The next thing I was looking forward to was seeing some dear friends of mine at Connichi in Kassel but this happyness was overthrown yet again by my Ex who had my ticket and shared a room with me. I asked him to give me the booking details but he was silent, so I asked his best friend to assist. My Ex got back to me and was furious about asking his friend for assistance (like I would care as I paid for the stuff and knew he has his own company and replies to mails within 5minutes so waiting for 2 days was like…. yeah, right….) while he never replied to further questions I had for over a month (see my point?).
It was awkward anyway and I’m glad I never need to share a room with him ever again.

In October I flew to Japan for holiday for 2 weeks (you can check the travel log in the “Travel Journey” category) and had lots of fun, although I got sick for 3 days 😀 but was fine direcctly after. I came back in November to a cold country – haha. Netherlands can be cruel sometimes.

My mom visited me early December and I found this really disgusting remote control for my receiver which I couldn’t get cleaned up – except with nail polish (you know, cleaning that cheap plastic rubber cover on some remotes is disgusting and you can’t clean it except getting rid of the plastic rubber cover) – so I got rid of the cover and *tada* clean remote *lol*
Right after my mom left, I discovered that the neighbors above managed to re-activate the water damage…. the plumber told me as long as their landlord doesn’t give the OK to rip the wall apart they can’t fix it… so right now, any time the person above is at home the water floods down the wall again -_- I stopped counting on #6 because it’s ridiculous to count it anyway. My landlady doesn’t really seem to give a shit either as she told me I could send the bills for renovation to them…. yeah, as if renovating makes sense as long as the source of the problem isn’t  been taken care of.

I also signed my permanent contract at work (^0^), got a haircut yesterday and will have a finance talk on  5th of January to see if I can leave this place soon for another option: my own apartment. But that depends on some things I need to know before I can plan ahead. Sooooo I am looking forward to this so I can think about certain things in detail.
My company got sold shortly before Christmas and my boss will stop working at my company at the end of January, so I’ll get a new boss ….eh…somewhen.

My figurine collection grew by a few additions and will keep growing next year 🙂 so I don’t think I’ll buy a 3rd vitrine to fit them in.

I played a few games this year:
I am still addicted to Final Fantasy XIV and finished Skylanders Superchargers, bought and played Skylanders Imaginators (which by rumor is the last game of the series but that’s not officially confirmed yet), I got Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X and got Final Fantasy XV as a present.
And I’m playing Pokémon Go on my (new) phone 😀 End of January I will get Tales of Berseria and later this year Ni no Kuni 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3.

Today I sorted out half of my clothes I never wear, which are old or I don’t like anymore and I will stay on my couch, eat nice stuff and play games – outside it’s really misty and people already started using fireworks which is really loud but it will be over soon 😀 in just about 3 days or so 😀

Happy New Year Of The Chicken…erm … Rooster!


Pokèmon GO: 19th Week

Week 19 and the last post in this year about my gaming progress 😮 time flies by.

I’m close to 50% of my current level \o/ and am still walking Machoke -_- but it should be done by next week. Finally. Hopefully. Brrrrr.
“Garuda” is still at the train station’s gym earning me bonus 😀 Meanwhile the gym was pumped to level 10 (^0^) and stays there since about 2 days. I guess that’s because we got holidays here and the school kids don’t come to the station to battle 😀

Due to the event I caught 4 Pikachus today \o/ If I can I do that manually as Plus doesn’t seem to be good with catching them 😀 I had 3 run aways while trying to manually catch them and 6 with Plus. That’s not a bad score – especially not as Plus was able to catch a few – but I prefer to try Pikachus manually if I see them before Plus does.
I started with 2 Pikachus before that event… currently being at 40 (^0^) I hope I’ll get at least the silver achievement before the event ends 😀

If you didn’t notice: There is a chain of events currently available or soon to be available.
Although I found it a bit strange that “morning of December, 25th (PST)” actually meant 6:30PM my time (which is about 10 hours difference – so it started about 9AM PST? Can’t really tell due to not checking regularly due to frustration what they meant with “morning”) and I didn’t get the egg incubator on that day as it is only available with the first spin of the day -_- they should have made this clear in the notes… I lost a day’s worth of extra thanks to that. Besides that I like the event… I guess… if I wouldn’t get all those crap monsters I didn’t get for ages from eggs (Drowzee -_- why?!, Staryu -_- why?!, Oddish, Bellsprout, Seel)


The events in a short overview: 

Pokémon GO: 18th Week

Hello again for another summary of the previous days playing Pokémon GO. 😀
Another update was release on 19th of December fixing the stupid vibration issue which freaked me out -_- thank god this is over. (I think they put that bug in when they released the new monsters along with Santa Pikachu)

The loading screen picture changed yet again 😀 For all who didn’t notice – following are the previous (last week) and the current lading screens:

Shortly after the release of the first 2nd generation monsters I hatched an Elekid 😮
a few eggs later I received an Igglybuff. Due to getting these my PokéDex was updated and has soooooooooooooooo many unknown Pokémon now 😦
I actually never played or watched the series any further than the first generation so getting the 2nd+ generations will be totally fun – right now I still recall the PokéRap in German and can recite all 151 first generations by name in German… English names are sometimes confusing for me there but that will probably change soon enough 😀
Of course I put the two into the gym as soon as I had a chance to. Just for the reason that some people didn’t even get them yet and I’m an asshole (actually people weren’t as much returning this to me as the Japanese who put a Farfetch’D into the gym after killing my Mr. Mime T___T)…. Elekid didn’t even survive 20 seconds in there *lol* Igglybuff was one of two monsters being put in and survived a bit longer.

I leveled up on Monday  (^0^) so I am level 31 now – which equals my RL age *lolz*
I still walk Machoke -_- I get the feeling this will never end.

I still beat up Valor and Mystic in the gym at my train station, although I didn’t had any reason to do so today due to my Gyarados (yes, it’s still named Garuda) still being in there since yesterday morning…
I took the gym yesterday after kicking Valor’s ass and leveled the gym to level 4 as my train was late.
I expected my Pokémon to be back dead by latest noon but nothing happened… it was still in there when I returned from work, so I leveled the gym up again and thought it might be gone at night… surprise, it wasn’t.
Today at 6AM was the first day ever that I could get my daily bonus without doing anything – although the gym was down by some level when I arrived at the train station. I leveled it up again 😀
Gonna look forward how long my Garuda will stay Master of the gym 😀

And that’s my Dex (first 5 are old pictures as nothing changed there) with the damn holes due to hatching Elekid *lolz*



Pokémon GO: 17th Week

Pika Pika Pichuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Monday’s update (no patch) gave us a new loading screen and the ability to catch “Pikachu with santa hat” and hatch 7 of the 2nd Gen monsters:
#172 Pichu (5KM egg)
#173 Cleffa (2KM egg)
#174 Igglybuff (2KM egg)
#175 Togepi (5KM egg)
#238 Smoochum (10KM egg)
#239 Elekid (10KM egg)
#240 Magby (10KM egg)
*** I am not sure if that was photoshopped but I saw a Raichu with santa hat – don’t know if the hat stays with the monster after evolve ***


They also released the information that further monsters of the 2nd generation will be added over the next months 🙂 and Pokémon GO is now available in India and other southasian countries.

So my own progress was limited due to my mom visiting me for 4 days – I played using Plus while traveling to sightseeing points (not while we were there *lol*) but in the end that wasn’t much EXP (better than nothing to be honest – Plus is really nice and doesn’t disturbs me from watching landscapes passing by and talking to others) – although I manually caught a Pikachu, my 3rd (well the other 2 were eggs) yay~

I’m still walking my Machoke for candy to evolve it – will still take a while haha.
I’m still level 30 but above 300k/500k EXP so another 1-2 weeks and I’m leveling again.
I still get dozens of 5 KM eggs *sigh* today I finally got a 2 KM egg hooray~ (as I had lots of these before Monday’s update I doubt any of them will hold Pichu or Togepi 😦 but I’m looking forward to hatching eggs 😀 although i doubt the chances might be better than the rare ones like Farfetch’D, Kangashkan or Tauros which I didn’t get so far but I might be wrong)

Facebook App Reset Settings

I wouldn’t have though I would actually mention this but I figured out that some apps (like Facebook) reset your pre-set Settings.

It took me a while to set my Facebook-App on settings I was completely fine with and then I saw an update being available. Didn’t thought much about it and installed it. And the next one and next one.
But it seems that Facebook actually does something (might even have happened before the last update):
It changes settings. Without even asking.

It took me a week after the last update to figure out why I do receive pop-ups for any random crap that happens while I’m not logged in on a computer or being logged in and not reacting on pokes, likes, comments….
I am pretty sure I deactivated everything except wall posts.
So suddenly my notifications are enabled for “Wall posts”, “Comments”, “friend requests”, friend confirmation”, “Photo Tags”, “Event invites”, “Application Requests” and “Groups” … wtf?
So I deactivated them all, shut the app and went back to computer. I got a message popping and suddenly my phone popped another Facebook update….
it reactivated “Comments”, “Friend confirmations” and “Event invites”

I deactivated Notifications now alltogether. Because if it doesn’t work any other way and reactivates crap while I manaully put it off… well… that’s some nice baiting. And battery eater. And annoying shit I swipe away any time I really do get something I need to check.

Pokémon GO: 16th Week

Phew~ it’s been 4 months since I started playing. Time for a recap 😀

My starter was a Charmander. My first complete evolution of the 4 starters (I do count Pikachu there too) was a Raichu – although I had 2 Pikachus in total, up to now. Wow *lol*
The second one was a Blastoise – I can’t find many Bulbasaurs and Charmanders are kind of out of the questions when you live close to the sea 😀 (and I heard Charmanders are really rare except you live close to a nest)

I made level 30 last week while the double-EXP event was still running – and I finally got my Muk – as I walked this stinky little bugger for nearly 100 km so I could evolve it *omg*
I still don’t have a Dragonair or Dragonite *lol* neither do I seem to find Kabuto although it was seen and caught in my city – I just live on the wrong end it seems. I also am not lucky with hatching as I get triple, quadruple, whatever things but no Tauros, Kangaroo (forgot its name) or Farfetch’D – although I saw the shade of a Farfetch’D while being in Japan 😦 I just wasn’t close enough and wouldn’t have had internet outside of the hotel (I wasn’t willing to pay 30 EUR for 50MB either *lol*)

I am using Pokémon GO Plus since a week ago. I love it.
Personally I think it is a good tool to just catch (maybe) while walking – the “ran away” rate is actually higher than if you would catch stuff but to be honest: I rather throw 1 ball and it runs instead of 10 balls and it runs.
Cath / Ran away rates do vary by day and time… sheer luck I guess, here a short overview of the last few times I used it (KM as per Pokémon GO showed the distance I walked):
Sunday 12PM – 1PM: 2,6 KM: Caught 11 / 19 Ran away (walk to shopping centre and back: Incense + Egg active)
Monday 6AM – 7AM: 1,5 KM: Caught 7 / 15 Ran away (walk from home to train station + train station to work)
Monday 10 AM – 10:30 AM: 1 KM: Caught 11 / 6 Ran away (Lunch Route – busy spawn midway)
Monday 3:30PM – 4:30 PM: 1,5 KM: Caught 12 / 7 Ran away (walk from work to train station + train station to home)
Tuesday 6AM – 7AM: 1,5KM: Caught 13 / 11 Ran away (walk from home to train station + train station to work)
A part of today’s catches:
Of course that tool only is useful if you play / walk alot. If not – don’t bother, it wouldn’t be worth it.
It also seems to only connect to one phone as it doesn’t allow connection to my WIKO (it can be found in bluetooth connections but fails to connect) – I think that’s a good thing to prevent others to “hack” themselves into it.
The only thing that bothers me: Sometimes when starting Plus the game shows “Pokémon GO has stopped working – Report, OK” – happen being close to busy spawns, PokéStops or while being in a train that still runs on high speed. Nothing serious though – you can avoid it mostly by knowing where the spawns are.
I personally like it as I don’t need to stare on my phone every few seconds or swipe on the screen – perfect for the bad weather conditions in the Netherlands 😀

Last but not least – my PokéDex 🙂