Pokémon GO: 15th Week / Pokémon GO Plus Test

I got Level 30~ the last 2000 EXP were tough. I activated 2 incenses to speed it up a bit… well didn’t help much 😀 lot of “ran away” haha. But I made it. I got my level 30 this morning shortly after midnight. So it’s time now to hatch some eggs with

This week was not so exciting – didn’t get new Pokémon (except a bunch of Dittos :D) and just leveled up with the help of the double EXP event 🙂 Easypeasy.

I had some fun putting up my 2nd Ditto into the gym 😀 but they are – even with copying the appearance, stats and skills of the opponent – actually really weak 😀 although I heard from a friend that he had trouble beating a Ditto 😮 I never had that.

I caught a CP 666 Abra. I wanted to name it “Satan” (in remembrance of my late Raticate) but it didn’t had HP 66 so ….no… down the drain 🙂
Hopefully my Grimer will have enough candy this week so I can evolve it 😀 finally wanna get rid of that purple blob.


I received my Pokémon GO Plus yesterday (Tuesday) although it was said to receive it on 25th of November but apparently they didn’t had it so they sent it later -_- but well. It arrived safely and I tried it out haha.
So here’s the report:

The item consists of: the tool, a wristband, the manual and the battery (this one is already in the Plus).
To attach the wristband you need to open the Plus with a screwdriver and exchange the backside with the wristband side, fix it with the screwdriver. Done.

To activate Plus: enable Bluetooth on your phone. It will search devices. Press the Button on the Plus so it can be found.
After that start the Pokémon GO app and go to “Settings”. It will show the Pokémon GO Plus under “Available Devices”.
Click on it and the app will be connected to Plus.
(apparently Plus will not connect to more than one phone – or my Wiko is too dumb to access it 😀 I didn’t figure that out – I try to do the same as with my Moto G4 but Wiko couldn’t connect to Plus… no problem but I think that might be intended to avoid that people log into your Plus? No clue if anyone tried that before or not 🙂 )


Every time the Bluetooth is connected you will see a small symbol below the compass – clicking this will connect or disconnect the Plus.
It will also show messages if a Pokémon is nearby, was caught or ran away (if you have the phone open while using the Plus – which of course I had today to check what it shows while I use Plus 😀 ) – any last action (caught, ran away, PokéStop) will be displayed in the Plus menu that you will see in the top left corner of your menu.

If a Pokémon is close the Plus will start flashing a green (if you know the monster) or yellow light (if you’ve never seen the monster before) and vibrate
(Beware: it will continue flashing and vibrating until you clicked the button! This can be rather annoying as the vibration is strong)
If you click the button on the Plus it will launch the catch process:
Only ONE normal ball will be thrown per Pokémon. The Plus will vibrate and flash lights 3 times in the process of catching or less if the Pokémon already broke out of the ball.
If you caught it the Plus flashes in several colors and vibrates yet again. If you lost it it will vibrate twice in a rapid rhythm.

The caught Pokémon will go directly into the Pokémon Inventory so evolving, getting rid of them, etc need to be done manually.
The EXP will be updated automatically (also showing messages above the character picture on the phone as manual behavior would do).
Each Pokémon and PokéStop will create an entry in the Journal so you can check which ones were caught or ran away.
The “ran away” rate is higher than manually but of course my loosing balls rate is lowered 😀
PokéStops are recognized as well. If one is nearby the Plus will vibrate and flash with a blue light (as long as you don’t push the button it will repeat until you are out of range 😀 )

I will continue testing this on my daily rounds from home to work and vice versa as well as on my lunch route so I may be able to tell soon if this is a good investment or not. I’m also worried on how long the battery will survive 😀


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