Pokémon GO: 14th Week

We are back on double EXP and stardust since 23rd of November, 0:00 UTC. This will end on 30th of November, 0:00 UTC. I was actually wondering when I first saw the double EXP if it was related to my level up 😀 but it isn’t 😛
There are also rumors about the Generation 2 monsters to be introduced soon as some new code was found in the app’s source code but we wil see when that actually happens 😀 I still need to catch/evolve/hatch a few buggers.

If you didn’t notice: the Combat Power of ALL Pokémon were adjusted. For some of mine that was a ridiculous change 😦 Especially my CP 666 / HP 66 Raticate that I called Satan. It went to CP 715 so I threw it away :/
here a before – after :

Also it seems that the “run away” streak decreased (finally) although I had a rough morning with 5 out of 12 Pokémon running until I sat in the train and drove to work. So either they fucked the rate up again or my home turf is being an ass.

I made level 29 yesterday night at 11:30PM after evolving a Pidgey and Rattata – woop woop – and exchanged my buddy Bulbasaur (which is now an Ivysaur) for Grimer at 11:54 PM to get this evolution done soon too (damn I’m so tired as I didn’t even get 6 proper hours of sleep haha)

I did not get any new entries in my PokéDex this week but I managed to catch a 100% Rattata. Today. While I had a horrible catch rate. In my home turf. On my way to work. I needed only 3 normal balls and 2 Great balls. Isn’t that amazing…. @___@

I ordered the Pokémon Go Plus – it will be delivered on earliest Friday I guess. I read biased reviews about how it works and reacts and thought I might as well try it out myself 😀

\\EDIT: ! I just caught my very first DITTO! it was disguised as a Zubat.



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