Pokémon GO: 12th Week

Back from Japan. Back to a “normal” internet connection. Meaning: Game was only on when I was at the hotel 🙂 (because the free wifi in the city hated me and disconnected me every 5 minutes to tell me to register again – when I did already and I should be spared by that for at least 30 minutes? I gave up after 20 minutes (but could get some monsters and Stops – weird right? Telling me to register to make it work but it actually works anyways? Maybe I broke it…).
Meanwhile I gathered the last candy to evolve my Growlithe to Arcanine and started to walk Magicarp while it was still Halloween Event time (because 250 meter <-> 1 KM). I had the choice between various Pokémon to do so (Bulbasaur, Charmeleon, Wartortle, Nidorino, Mankey, Machoke, Weepinbell, Grimer, Exeggcute, Magicarp, Dratini) but as the event was meant to be over soon I took the one with least of effort. It was actually really funny when I “walked” so many meters that it gave me 2 candies instead of one 😀 (GPS jumped between 2 PokéStops and 3-4 runs forth and back = 100 meters)
Hooray for the slacky regular update to get a surprise of 2 candies (the update which I thought to happen every 5 minutes seems to be dependent on if you catch something, else it is 15 minutes? At least while I was on holidays – I can’t recall if it was always like this).
I managed to get Gyarados before the event ended \o/ if you wonder why it’s name is Garuda… well that’s what I called it all the time when I was talking about it *drop* and got an Exeggcute in Tokyo as these things started to appear suddenly when I had an Incense active…

I am also really glad that the Halloween event is over now. I’m so sick of catching ghost types T___T I got so many…. any Gastly I could evolve was evolved, I don’t remember how many Haunters I had before the event but that count went through the roof due to catch & evolve and Gengars… well… I had 2 before the event… look at these numbers 😦 I evolved 3 (in hope for better CP and stats) but didn’t do that afterwards as it takes 100 candy each time and EXP-wise it was more efficient to evolve Gastlys instead 😀

After traveling to Tokyo and checking in to my hotel, a surprise waited for me: I was too far away from either of PokéStops T___T so basically barely no catching and Stop-hitting 😦
I tried to get some Pokémon with an Incense – well I can just wait around like this for something to pop-up haha…ha… T___T well I got enough Eggs to get Exeggutor done – no Farfetch’D though 😦
(actually since they de-patched the Halloween event there’s lots more Pokémon around… and *hooray* not only Pidgeys and Rattatas)

I flew back on Sunday – started at Haneda, switched flights at Munich to Amsterdam.
Haneda was the same as the big airports (Schiphol) before – no Pokemon but a few stops and gyms, didn’t had any time to check in Munich as I had only 30 minutes to get from one gate through half of the airport to the next one… (and internet there sucks anyways, as the whole airport itself)

As soon as I sat in the bus to get home from Schiphol a Mr. Mime popped up on my way… I was nearly furious about it… why did that shit thing show up immediately while no absolutely NO Farfetch’d popped up in Japan T___T
But I got something positive today (Monday) – I hatched a Ponyta. But not a random one, na-ah. It’s a 100% perfect one – ofcourse I already evolved it so here’s the stats of my Rapidash:

❤ ❤ ❤

I caught lots of Pokémon today and I heard about dailys being implemented with the next patch. Can’t wait to see how that turns out 😀


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