Holiday, Day 11

I’m back home – thank god I took additional days so I could rest.

Sunday morning 8:45AM my alarm rang. I was kind of halfasleep thanks to the freaking Japanese assholes that bang other people’s doors to wake them (and half of the hotel while they’re on it) but well~ I got up, packed my last things and checked out.
I took the subway to Haneda airport and gave up my suitcase (bye-bye) and hoped I would retrieve it in Amsterdam, as my stepover time in Munich wasn’t that much time… well… I also asked to get my boarding passes printed (thank god I did that!) as else I would’ve need a stable internet connection to pull these up at Haneda and Munich.
I got through the check and went in 2 shops to buy a few things (Kitkat and yummy sweets) and waited for my plane for 1 hour.

I was seated at the window but not my usual side or range – I had the fraking wing in front of me the whole time y.y that’s because I didn’t check-in earlier and couldn’t get a seat in the area I am usually located. However, this flight was kind of quiet. No annoying people, no screaming kids. Wonderful. Still I couldn’t sleep much. I don’t know why….
I watched Warcraft, Captain America: Civil War and Ice Age: Collission Course.
2 hours before landing I got ancious about my stepover time in Munich, so I asked a staff member if there would be a chance to do something about it – as the plane was fully seated there was nothing to do and she told me if I would miss the flight I could always be rebooked on another plane…hm.

We landed according to schedule and I got all my stuff in a rush so I could leave the plane ASAP – I was out of the plane by 4:47PM and was meant to go from M11 (new terminal at Munich) to G23 (Terminal 2) by 5:15PM (boarding time) but….
I was meant to go through a security check AND a pass cantrol yet again! (I know this already from my last trip but I really hate that as it takes so much time!)
I was through the security check by 5:05PM, I was walking really fast following the signs to “Gate G” and went through the automated pass control as the manual had seriously a lot of people while the automated had none (automated means: it scans the biometrical signature of the passport. Gate opens. You need to step onto a line. It takes a picture. Gate opens. You’re done)
…. I needed to go on a train-thing (just like in Zurich) to be transferred to it -_- thank god I was lucky there was one of these already there, so I jumped in. 2 minutes later I was running out of it and climbed the last escalator stairs, taking a turn to the right and saw my gate.
I arrived the minute the boarding was accessable. 4:47PM -> 5:15PM. Success! But I was totally sweaty, annoyed and tired. I was the first to board. There was a bus waiting so I didn’t even needed to rush… when the bus drove I realized something: It took me back all the way across to the M-Gates and a bit further where the small machine called “Glücksburg” (castle of luck) was parked….. I wanted to scream!

On board of the machine I had a right window seat (again: I hate these) in the 5th row and I tried to relax but I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t anything either so I stored the sandwich I got in my stuff to eat it this morning and just had a sparkling water and orange juice (for whatever reason I’m totally hooked on orange juice when I fly…. in total I had 10 in 4 flights 😀 and one water)

At Schiphol I got off the plane and just HOPED my suitcase would be there to get it.
I followed the long route to the baggage hall (well at least not as annoying as Munich where you need to go left and right and up and down and down and up etc because Schiphol is just pretty much….erm…straight forward and maybe to the left or right) and was amazed my suitcase dropped of there just 5 minutes later.
I went through the last gate and made my way to the bus station. I checked the route I could take on my phone but altered it as soon as I saw I could save 30 minutes with hopping onto another bus on the way *hooray*
It was also in my favor that some of the busses seemed to have issues and were late by some minutes. So I jumped on the 300 from Schiphol, changed to the 340 at Hoofddorp station and then on the 80 at Haarlem, Tempeliersstraat before getting off at my station and walking the last 400 meter (I know that thanks to Pokémon GO) before finally entering my building. Home! Yay!

In general – despite me being dumb and mixing up routes to get somewhere or running around headless 😀 – this was a really nice holiday. But I’m glad I’m back 😀 not that I didn’t miss it … Japan is great and all but I really think: as long it’s a holiday it’s fine. I wouldn’t want to stay there forever 🙂

Actually while unpacking I got a shock! I missed 2 bags of candy and 2 gashapon T____T
After a while of confusion and sadness and anger (about where I could’ve lost them) I found these items in my suitcase. Somehow they managed to get behind the separation bag and I didn’t really think that could’ve happened as there were only shoes behind that and the rest wasn’t stored that way to get behind it but well…. I found all of my things.
img_8551And with this my travel log of this holiday in 2016 is concluded 🙂 Thanks for reading.

Oh a few things – although this says day 11 it would be actually day 12 – I just fused my first 2 days as I lost the first one while flying to Japan anyways 😀
Besides flight (527,27 EUR) and hotel costs (Kyoto 7 nights 425,21 EUR prepaid before stay; Tokyo 3 nights 22500 Yen paid while stay) I spent 82638 Yen (according to today’s currency exchange rate that’s 719,793 EUR) on food+drinks, travel costs (train, subway, bus), souvenirs and admission fees.

P.S.: First thing I’ve seen after returning to the Netherlands:


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