Holiday, Day 10

AKA my last day in good old Japan.
I’m kind of torn between being relieved and sad :/ I love the stuff I can get here (the people not so much but of course there are some exceptions as there are everywhere because I don’t like most of Germans or Dutch or….) and the things I experienced but it is really about time I can sleep in my own bed again 😀

What I really found weird: There are messages shown at train stations and such to not play games while walking… guess what happened a LOT today?! Right, people (nearly) bumping into me because they didn’t pay attention to their surroundings but their games -_- or I nearly run into them because they suddenly stop to solve a weird puzzle of sort…. grrrrrrr.
What was also really annoying: old people stopping to talk, laugh and pat each other right in front of an escalator … right. What the?!

My alarm woke me at 9AM – or rather: it would have done this if some people wouldn’t bang doors on the floor to wake their travel partners (and everyone else while being at it) but I was halfasleep so I stayed in bed until my alarm went off at 9AM.
I made my way to the train station and took the train to Tokyo. I arrived shortly before 10AM and was one of the first to enter the Tokyo Station Pokémon Shop 😀 although I was a bit disappointed (and nearly had zero expectations anyways as I knew it just has some articles from other shops and the own version of Pikachu).
So I searched for the Yamanote line that could bring me to Shinjuku but that was a hassle – I asked 3 (three!) people how to get there fastest and was sent into different directions so in the end I gave up after 30 minutes searching for the track and jumped into the subway…
I got off at Shinjuku and for whatever reason I forgot how to get to ARTNIA (Square Enix’ shop/café) and was running around Shinjuku station twice before jumping on the Yamanote line to Harajuku -_- but I saw this nice advertisement wall for the new Fate-game in Shinjuku ❤

I went into the 100-Yen-Store there and bought some stuff, followed by my lunch at Mc Donalds: Cheese-Katsudon-Burger, fries and Melon Soda *___*
The burger was totally awesome, the fries meh (as usual at McDo Iprefer to NOT have fries – too dry or salty, this time it was too salty) and the Melon Soda was suffocated in ice cubes T___T but I was kind of stuffed and left Harajuku for Ikebukuro.

In Ikebukuro I followed the signs to the Sunshine City and found the Pokémon Center.
Sadly they didn’t had any of the signature Pikachu version I got at any Center so far, so I bought 2 other cute versions instead (also because I didn’t buy any at Tokyo Station).
The shop is really spacious and not as cramped as the shop at Tokyo station *_*
I really like the female version of Charizard 😀

As I still couldn’t remember how to get to ARTNIA I jumped into the subway and went back to my hotel, googling for it and made my way to ARTNIA. Sadly they didn’t had the calendar I was looking for – instead I bought a souvenir for a friend and left for Akihabara – my usual nerd station 😀 Bought some stuff at Kotobukiya’s “Tales of Shop” (didn’t see there were some containers on sale when I was there yesterday 😮 I took one – I just hope it survives the trip home. It would make such a lovely cookie box) and some food on my way to the station before leaving for my hotel again.

I soaked myself in the tub and started to pack up my things. I don’t really like to pack shortly before I’m leaving so I usually do that an evening before 🙂 Saves me from the shock I might forget things 😀
I had a really delicious grape juice which was a bit more substantial ….like: jelly in a can but still fluid. I’m glad I poured it into a cup before drinking it because I might have spit it out in surprise if drinking it on the street as I intended to do, haha.

Well, I’ll finish the day with watching TV – although I can’t decide what to watch 😀 (yesterday was easier as I watched “My Neighbor Totoro”) and tomorrow’s blog will be posted most likely on Monday as I am in planes all day starting at 12PM Japanese time and landing is planned for 7:15PM-ish in Schiphol, although it might take some time to get my luggage and get home due to construction works yet again (I really hate that…the never finish that crap but hooray~ what a nice welcome home-present …not).



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