Holiday, Day 8

Wooooooh. I’m in Tokyo now. How did that happen? 😀
Let’s begin this morning. My alarm woke me up as usual at 8AM but of course I ignored it for another hour :p
So I got off at 9AM, packed my last things and went to check out from the hotel.
When I reached the train station I got lucky as the train to Kyoto was going to arrive just 2 minutes later – yay~.

At Kyoto station I waited 1,5 hours for my shinkansen to arrive. I got a window seat again and no person next to me but some small children a few rows in front and back of me 😦 the baby always started to cry when we went through a tunnel and its older sibling always raised its voice after the baby was finally quiet (attention whore!) ~_~ really annoying. The one in the front was quiet until it got bored and started crying in sync with the baby behind me. x_____x I was asleep until those kiddos started their cry-war. -_-
But I was glad they woke me because shortly after I caught a glimpse of Mt. Fuji which I would’ve certainly missed while being asleep ❤
(and to be honest the seats aren’t really comfortable if you’re not average Japanese size…)

I got off at Shinagawa, loaded 1,000 Yen on my Pasmo card (which I bought 2 years ago while I was in Tokyo) and went to the subway station to get on the subway to my hotel.
I reached my hotel after a long walk through the underground station (it’s like 600 meters from the Asakusa subway to my hotel which seems really long when you got some luggage 😀 ) and checked in. I asked if there was a letter forme but the guy didn’t seem to understand what I wanted – even when I asked in Japanese x.x – so I went to the room, unpacked some of my stuff, got the reservation confirmation that confirmed sending a letter and went down again. The lady immediately knew what I was talking about, handed me over the letter, I signed I received it and got back to my room where I was in immediate HYPE!
Because that letter had my ticket for the Final Fantasy 14 cafe which I couldn’t go to 2 years ago (as it was opened roughly 2 months after my departure) !
I calmed down 15 – 20 minutes later 😀 and went outside and headed for the Skytree … because… there’s a Pokemon Center!
(Really, I’m not going to do all that sightseeing stuff I did 2 years ago again – I’m just in Tokyo for that café and shopping)
So back to the subway station, into the subway, out of the station and up to the 5th floor *tadaaaaaaaaa* man was it busy!
Lots of Japanese teens and kids with their parents 😀
I took some pictures of the statues there – there are 2 statues as Skytree has 2 initial Pokémon assigned – and bought one of the Pkachu-dress-up-versions asI did before in Kyoto… the shop also had the christmas versions and goodies (this actually explained all these people as these were really top-selling as far as I could see by the people in front of me in the queue for paying) but I don’t quite like these… although I might think about buying the other Pikachu-dress-up-version when I got some money left after Saturday’s shopping streak  😀

I left the Center, went down5 floors and got into the subway, got off at a station before mine and went to Burger King to have dinner – I actually wanted to go to McDonalds but as I couldn’t see any close-by I just went with Burger King’s Teriyaki Lettuce  Burger, Fries and Melon Soda (Fanta) – I’m hooked on that soda now and already sad as we don’t have that in neither Germany nor the Netherlands T___T I need to find this so I can drink it at least on Saturday!

I was totally done for after dinner. Not because I walked as much as the last few days but because travelling in mostly crowded subways is really exhausting >.<
and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s café experience~
Luckily I feel much better now, my cold is nearly gone again *lol* – there is just an annoying cough that doesn’t seem to want to leave me yet, but i got 6 packages of cough drops *gg*


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