Pokémon GO: 15th Week / Pokémon GO Plus Test

I got Level 30~ the last 2000 EXP were tough. I activated 2 incenses to speed it up a bit… well didn’t help much 😀 lot of “ran away” haha. But I made it. I got my level 30 this morning shortly after midnight. So it’s time now to hatch some eggs with

This week was not so exciting – didn’t get new Pokémon (except a bunch of Dittos :D) and just leveled up with the help of the double EXP event 🙂 Easypeasy.

I had some fun putting up my 2nd Ditto into the gym 😀 but they are – even with copying the appearance, stats and skills of the opponent – actually really weak 😀 although I heard from a friend that he had trouble beating a Ditto 😮 I never had that.

I caught a CP 666 Abra. I wanted to name it “Satan” (in remembrance of my late Raticate) but it didn’t had HP 66 so ….no… down the drain 🙂
Hopefully my Grimer will have enough candy this week so I can evolve it 😀 finally wanna get rid of that purple blob.


I received my Pokémon GO Plus yesterday (Tuesday) although it was said to receive it on 25th of November but apparently they didn’t had it so they sent it later -_- but well. It arrived safely and I tried it out haha.
So here’s the report:

The item consists of: the tool, a wristband, the manual and the battery (this one is already in the Plus).
To attach the wristband you need to open the Plus with a screwdriver and exchange the backside with the wristband side, fix it with the screwdriver. Done.

To activate Plus: enable Bluetooth on your phone. It will search devices. Press the Button on the Plus so it can be found.
After that start the Pokémon GO app and go to “Settings”. It will show the Pokémon GO Plus under “Available Devices”.
Click on it and the app will be connected to Plus.
(apparently Plus will not connect to more than one phone – or my Wiko is too dumb to access it 😀 I didn’t figure that out – I try to do the same as with my Moto G4 but Wiko couldn’t connect to Plus… no problem but I think that might be intended to avoid that people log into your Plus? No clue if anyone tried that before or not 🙂 )


Every time the Bluetooth is connected you will see a small symbol below the compass – clicking this will connect or disconnect the Plus.
It will also show messages if a Pokémon is nearby, was caught or ran away (if you have the phone open while using the Plus – which of course I had today to check what it shows while I use Plus 😀 ) – any last action (caught, ran away, PokéStop) will be displayed in the Plus menu that you will see in the top left corner of your menu.

If a Pokémon is close the Plus will start flashing a green (if you know the monster) or yellow light (if you’ve never seen the monster before) and vibrate
(Beware: it will continue flashing and vibrating until you clicked the button! This can be rather annoying as the vibration is strong)
If you click the button on the Plus it will launch the catch process:
Only ONE normal ball will be thrown per Pokémon. The Plus will vibrate and flash lights 3 times in the process of catching or less if the Pokémon already broke out of the ball.
If you caught it the Plus flashes in several colors and vibrates yet again. If you lost it it will vibrate twice in a rapid rhythm.

The caught Pokémon will go directly into the Pokémon Inventory so evolving, getting rid of them, etc need to be done manually.
The EXP will be updated automatically (also showing messages above the character picture on the phone as manual behavior would do).
Each Pokémon and PokéStop will create an entry in the Journal so you can check which ones were caught or ran away.
The “ran away” rate is higher than manually but of course my loosing balls rate is lowered 😀
PokéStops are recognized as well. If one is nearby the Plus will vibrate and flash with a blue light (as long as you don’t push the button it will repeat until you are out of range 😀 )

I will continue testing this on my daily rounds from home to work and vice versa as well as on my lunch route so I may be able to tell soon if this is a good investment or not. I’m also worried on how long the battery will survive 😀


Pokémon GO: 14th Week

We are back on double EXP and stardust since 23rd of November, 0:00 UTC. This will end on 30th of November, 0:00 UTC. I was actually wondering when I first saw the double EXP if it was related to my level up 😀 but it isn’t 😛
There are also rumors about the Generation 2 monsters to be introduced soon as some new code was found in the app’s source code but we wil see when that actually happens 😀 I still need to catch/evolve/hatch a few buggers.

If you didn’t notice: the Combat Power of ALL Pokémon were adjusted. For some of mine that was a ridiculous change 😦 Especially my CP 666 / HP 66 Raticate that I called Satan. It went to CP 715 so I threw it away :/
here a before – after :

Also it seems that the “run away” streak decreased (finally) although I had a rough morning with 5 out of 12 Pokémon running until I sat in the train and drove to work. So either they fucked the rate up again or my home turf is being an ass.

I made level 29 yesterday night at 11:30PM after evolving a Pidgey and Rattata – woop woop – and exchanged my buddy Bulbasaur (which is now an Ivysaur) for Grimer at 11:54 PM to get this evolution done soon too (damn I’m so tired as I didn’t even get 6 proper hours of sleep haha)

I did not get any new entries in my PokéDex this week but I managed to catch a 100% Rattata. Today. While I had a horrible catch rate. In my home turf. On my way to work. I needed only 3 normal balls and 2 Great balls. Isn’t that amazing…. @___@

I ordered the Pokémon Go Plus – it will be delivered on earliest Friday I guess. I read biased reviews about how it works and reacts and thought I might as well try it out myself 😀

\\EDIT: ! I just caught my very first DITTO! it was disguised as a Zubat.


Pokémon GO: 13th Week

Another week is gone~ oh no~
Sadly the events (Halloween and the increase of Pokémon and items from PokéStops) are all over and even if there is still a better rate to catch any Pokémon except Pidgeys and Rattatas it made me pretty angry… I got so many Mr. Mime (and I hate this one. Really deeply. It creeps me out) that I really don’t want to catch any of it anymore. I simply refuse to do so when it pops up! It was meant to be a rare – I caught like 15 this week? Total score is: Seen 56 / Caught 50 *barfs* I am soon to be level 29~ weeeeee~ just about one week or so and some cute 5km eggs to hatch too (while being back to walk Bulbasaur as none available around my corner and the previous evolved one was crap :p it had less CP than this Bulbasaur).

There seems to be also an increase in “ran away” or blocking balls. So even a CP <100 Pokémon gives me some trouble -_- I really spent looooooots of balls (~700 in 4 days) on some random monsters (like Magnemites, Jigglypuffs, Mr. Mimes and Spearows because those pop the most at my building right now) and my rate to catch monsters dropped from 1/9+ below 1/5-ish…. meaning I get at least 1 “ran away” every 5 monsters while I waste like 2+ balls on each (top score was 3 berries, 14 normals, 2 great and 1 ultra on a Vaporeon with a CP 997…which had crappy stats and before the last event wouldn’t have gave me that much trouble considering it was neither big nor had any Defense or HP as it had the following team leader information: decent/attack/strong – meaning: weak), not funny. Really.
But there still seems to be an increase of Pokémon everywhere as if I start the game at home or on my way I barely get only one pop-up but rather 3 or 4 with ongoing pops over a few seconds. I mean that’s cool as you can expect to catch some but as the “run away” rate seems to be higher than ever before it’s like a lottery……
An example – these 2 pictures were taking on my way home with a difference of 5 seconds:

On a good note:
I like the daily streak stuff. You get now bonus EXP for the first catch and Stop visit per day. Each day that’s 500 EXP and additional stardust per catch and lots of items plus additional EXP per visit of a PokéStop (as I caught monsters before visiting I don’t actually know how much EXP it is)
resulting in a higher amount of each by the 7th day:

I managed to get some new monsters for my PokéDex.
I was walking Mankey to get my candies for a Primeape and caught some Squirtles so I could finally evolve my damn Wartortle to a Blastoise. Now my inventory looks really funny as I have a Bulbasaur, Charmeleon and Blastoise so it looks like an evolution that’s somehow really weird 😀

I evolved my Nidorino (finally!) to a Nidoking which happens to have the same CP as my Nidoqueen 😀 funny.
Due to also hatching all my 2km and 5km eggs last weekend I put a 10km egg in the incubator (T___T I hate to do that as I want to gather them up for when I get incubators for free in a few level) and got an Aerodactyl.

I also hatched a 100% Voltorb this week (same as my Ponyta which I made a Rapidash last week: battle with the best/HP-Attack-Defense/best stats) ❤ I just need some more Voltorbs so I can evolve it soon, haha (no hurry there as I already got its evolution and prefer to walk others which I don’t have yet so evolving this one will solely depend on catches or hatches).
I also keep on beating Valor and Mystic at the train gym while waiting for my train or bus 😀 (thank god there’s no bonus per day for beating them up or something)

If you ever wondered what I’m talking about when I mean “I caught a 100%” – it basically means the appraisal notes made by the team leader regarding the stats of a Pokémon.
You get always different texts for each catch which differ by teams as the leaders do talk differently 😀

Team Instict’s Spark (going first as I am with Instinct) has the following options:

  • Text 1:
    Overall, your [Pokémon] looks like it can really battle with the best of them!
    Overall, your [Pokémon] is really strong!
    Overall, your [Pokémon] is pretty decent!
    Overall, your [Pokémon] has room for improvement as far as battling goes.
  • Text 2:
    Its best quality is its HP/Attack/Defense
    with 2 possible additions for each of these: Its HP/Attack/Defense is great, too!
  • Text 3:
    Its stats are the best I’ve ever seen! No doubt about it!
    Its stats are really strong! Impressive.
    It’s definitely got some good stats. Definitely!
    Its stats are all right, but kinda basic, as far as I can see.
  • if applicable: Text 4 relates to its size or weight (or both)

Team Valor’s Candela has the following options:

  • Text 1:
    Overall, your [Pokémon] simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!
    Overall, your [Pokémon] is a strong Pokémon. You should be proud!
    Overall, your [Pokémon] is a decent Pokémon.
    Overall, your [Pokémon] may not be great in battle, but I still like it!
  • Text 2:
    Its HP/Attack/Defense is its strongest feature.
    with 2 possible additions for each of these: I’m just as impressed with its HP/Attack/Defense.
  • Text 3:
    I’m blown away by its stats. WOW!
    It’s got excellent stats! How exciting!
    Its stats indicate that in battle, it’ll get the job done.
    Its stats don’t point to greatness in battle.
  • if applicable: Text 4 relates to its size or weight (or both)

Team Mystic’s Blanche has the following options:

  • Text 1:
    Overall, your [Pokémon] is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokémon!
    Overall, your [Pokémon] has certainly caught my attention.
    Overall, your [Pokémon] is above average.
    Overall, your [Pokémon] is not likely to make much headway in battle.
  • Text 2:
    I see that its best attribute is its HP/Attack/Defense.
    with 2 possible additions for each of these: It is matched equally by its HP/Attack/Defense.
  • Text 3:
    Its stats exceed my calculations. It’s incredible!
    I am certainly impressed by its stats, I must say.
    Its stats are noticeably trending to the positive.
    Its stats are not out of the norm, in my opinion.
    if applicable: Text 4 relates to its size or weight (or both)

Basically a “battle with the best + HP & Attack & Defense + stats are best” totals to a 100% Pokémon while an “improvement + any + basic” might be about 30-40% or even less.

I don’ strive for perfection but I try to keep these things in mind when I release or evolve a caught or hatched one – of course I evolve bad stats too when I know I will barely catch any of the type again – did that already with lots of monsters like fire and fight types or my previous Bulbasaur 😀

Pokémon GO Update Information

Well, I know some people don’t read the patch notes 😀
so I’ll write about the new things which were put into the latest patch of 7th of November, 2016.
Android: version 0.45.0
iOS: version 1.15.0

  • The first catch of the day (regardless of which Pokémon) will earn additional stardust and EXP – adding up by the day (2-day streak, 3-day streak, etc)
  • The first PokéStop you visit of a day will earn a bonus – adding up by the day (2-day streak, 3-day streak, etc)
  • defeating a rival gym leader will enable only YOU to put in a new Pokémon for a short period of time
  • increase of the amount of prestige a rival gym loses upon defeat of a regular gym member
  • decrease of the amount of prestige gained by defeating a friendly gym
  • text fixes
  • 7th of Nov – 11th of Nov: more Pokémon will spawn & PokéStops will drop more items

Pokémon GO: 12th Week

Back from Japan. Back to a “normal” internet connection. Meaning: Game was only on when I was at the hotel 🙂 (because the free wifi in the city hated me and disconnected me every 5 minutes to tell me to register again – when I did already and I should be spared by that for at least 30 minutes? I gave up after 20 minutes (but could get some monsters and Stops – weird right? Telling me to register to make it work but it actually works anyways? Maybe I broke it…).
Meanwhile I gathered the last candy to evolve my Growlithe to Arcanine and started to walk Magicarp while it was still Halloween Event time (because 250 meter <-> 1 KM). I had the choice between various Pokémon to do so (Bulbasaur, Charmeleon, Wartortle, Nidorino, Mankey, Machoke, Weepinbell, Grimer, Exeggcute, Magicarp, Dratini) but as the event was meant to be over soon I took the one with least of effort. It was actually really funny when I “walked” so many meters that it gave me 2 candies instead of one 😀 (GPS jumped between 2 PokéStops and 3-4 runs forth and back = 100 meters)
Hooray for the slacky regular update to get a surprise of 2 candies (the update which I thought to happen every 5 minutes seems to be dependent on if you catch something, else it is 15 minutes? At least while I was on holidays – I can’t recall if it was always like this).
I managed to get Gyarados before the event ended \o/ if you wonder why it’s name is Garuda… well that’s what I called it all the time when I was talking about it *drop* and got an Exeggcute in Tokyo as these things started to appear suddenly when I had an Incense active…

I am also really glad that the Halloween event is over now. I’m so sick of catching ghost types T___T I got so many…. any Gastly I could evolve was evolved, I don’t remember how many Haunters I had before the event but that count went through the roof due to catch & evolve and Gengars… well… I had 2 before the event… look at these numbers 😦 I evolved 3 (in hope for better CP and stats) but didn’t do that afterwards as it takes 100 candy each time and EXP-wise it was more efficient to evolve Gastlys instead 😀

After traveling to Tokyo and checking in to my hotel, a surprise waited for me: I was too far away from either of PokéStops T___T so basically barely no catching and Stop-hitting 😦
I tried to get some Pokémon with an Incense – well I can just wait around like this for something to pop-up haha…ha… T___T well I got enough Eggs to get Exeggutor done – no Farfetch’D though 😦
(actually since they de-patched the Halloween event there’s lots more Pokémon around… and *hooray* not only Pidgeys and Rattatas)

I flew back on Sunday – started at Haneda, switched flights at Munich to Amsterdam.
Haneda was the same as the big airports (Schiphol) before – no Pokemon but a few stops and gyms, didn’t had any time to check in Munich as I had only 30 minutes to get from one gate through half of the airport to the next one… (and internet there sucks anyways, as the whole airport itself)

As soon as I sat in the bus to get home from Schiphol a Mr. Mime popped up on my way… I was nearly furious about it… why did that shit thing show up immediately while no absolutely NO Farfetch’d popped up in Japan T___T
But I got something positive today (Monday) – I hatched a Ponyta. But not a random one, na-ah. It’s a 100% perfect one – ofcourse I already evolved it so here’s the stats of my Rapidash:

❤ ❤ ❤

I caught lots of Pokémon today and I heard about dailys being implemented with the next patch. Can’t wait to see how that turns out 😀

Holiday, Day 11

I’m back home – thank god I took additional days so I could rest.

Sunday morning 8:45AM my alarm rang. I was kind of halfasleep thanks to the freaking Japanese assholes that bang other people’s doors to wake them (and half of the hotel while they’re on it) but well~ I got up, packed my last things and checked out.
I took the subway to Haneda airport and gave up my suitcase (bye-bye) and hoped I would retrieve it in Amsterdam, as my stepover time in Munich wasn’t that much time… well… I also asked to get my boarding passes printed (thank god I did that!) as else I would’ve need a stable internet connection to pull these up at Haneda and Munich.
I got through the check and went in 2 shops to buy a few things (Kitkat and yummy sweets) and waited for my plane for 1 hour.

I was seated at the window but not my usual side or range – I had the fraking wing in front of me the whole time y.y that’s because I didn’t check-in earlier and couldn’t get a seat in the area I am usually located. However, this flight was kind of quiet. No annoying people, no screaming kids. Wonderful. Still I couldn’t sleep much. I don’t know why….
I watched Warcraft, Captain America: Civil War and Ice Age: Collission Course.
2 hours before landing I got ancious about my stepover time in Munich, so I asked a staff member if there would be a chance to do something about it – as the plane was fully seated there was nothing to do and she told me if I would miss the flight I could always be rebooked on another plane…hm.

We landed according to schedule and I got all my stuff in a rush so I could leave the plane ASAP – I was out of the plane by 4:47PM and was meant to go from M11 (new terminal at Munich) to G23 (Terminal 2) by 5:15PM (boarding time) but….
I was meant to go through a security check AND a pass cantrol yet again! (I know this already from my last trip but I really hate that as it takes so much time!)
I was through the security check by 5:05PM, I was walking really fast following the signs to “Gate G” and went through the automated pass control as the manual had seriously a lot of people while the automated had none (automated means: it scans the biometrical signature of the passport. Gate opens. You need to step onto a line. It takes a picture. Gate opens. You’re done)
…. I needed to go on a train-thing (just like in Zurich) to be transferred to it -_- thank god I was lucky there was one of these already there, so I jumped in. 2 minutes later I was running out of it and climbed the last escalator stairs, taking a turn to the right and saw my gate.
I arrived the minute the boarding was accessable. 4:47PM -> 5:15PM. Success! But I was totally sweaty, annoyed and tired. I was the first to board. There was a bus waiting so I didn’t even needed to rush… when the bus drove I realized something: It took me back all the way across to the M-Gates and a bit further where the small machine called “Glücksburg” (castle of luck) was parked….. I wanted to scream!

On board of the machine I had a right window seat (again: I hate these) in the 5th row and I tried to relax but I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t anything either so I stored the sandwich I got in my stuff to eat it this morning and just had a sparkling water and orange juice (for whatever reason I’m totally hooked on orange juice when I fly…. in total I had 10 in 4 flights 😀 and one water)

At Schiphol I got off the plane and just HOPED my suitcase would be there to get it.
I followed the long route to the baggage hall (well at least not as annoying as Munich where you need to go left and right and up and down and down and up etc because Schiphol is just pretty much….erm…straight forward and maybe to the left or right) and was amazed my suitcase dropped of there just 5 minutes later.
I went through the last gate and made my way to the bus station. I checked the route I could take on my phone but altered it as soon as I saw I could save 30 minutes with hopping onto another bus on the way *hooray*
It was also in my favor that some of the busses seemed to have issues and were late by some minutes. So I jumped on the 300 from Schiphol, changed to the 340 at Hoofddorp station and then on the 80 at Haarlem, Tempeliersstraat before getting off at my station and walking the last 400 meter (I know that thanks to Pokémon GO) before finally entering my building. Home! Yay!

In general – despite me being dumb and mixing up routes to get somewhere or running around headless 😀 – this was a really nice holiday. But I’m glad I’m back 😀 not that I didn’t miss it … Japan is great and all but I really think: as long it’s a holiday it’s fine. I wouldn’t want to stay there forever 🙂

Actually while unpacking I got a shock! I missed 2 bags of candy and 2 gashapon T____T
After a while of confusion and sadness and anger (about where I could’ve lost them) I found these items in my suitcase. Somehow they managed to get behind the separation bag and I didn’t really think that could’ve happened as there were only shoes behind that and the rest wasn’t stored that way to get behind it but well…. I found all of my things.
img_8551And with this my travel log of this holiday in 2016 is concluded 🙂 Thanks for reading.

Oh a few things – although this says day 11 it would be actually day 12 – I just fused my first 2 days as I lost the first one while flying to Japan anyways 😀
Besides flight (527,27 EUR) and hotel costs (Kyoto 7 nights 425,21 EUR prepaid before stay; Tokyo 3 nights 22500 Yen paid while stay) I spent 82638 Yen (according to today’s currency exchange rate that’s 719,793 EUR) on food+drinks, travel costs (train, subway, bus), souvenirs and admission fees.

P.S.: First thing I’ve seen after returning to the Netherlands:

Holiday, Day 10

AKA my last day in good old Japan.
I’m kind of torn between being relieved and sad :/ I love the stuff I can get here (the people not so much but of course there are some exceptions as there are everywhere because I don’t like most of Germans or Dutch or….) and the things I experienced but it is really about time I can sleep in my own bed again 😀

What I really found weird: There are messages shown at train stations and such to not play games while walking… guess what happened a LOT today?! Right, people (nearly) bumping into me because they didn’t pay attention to their surroundings but their games -_- or I nearly run into them because they suddenly stop to solve a weird puzzle of sort…. grrrrrrr.
What was also really annoying: old people stopping to talk, laugh and pat each other right in front of an escalator … right. What the?!

My alarm woke me at 9AM – or rather: it would have done this if some people wouldn’t bang doors on the floor to wake their travel partners (and everyone else while being at it) but I was halfasleep so I stayed in bed until my alarm went off at 9AM.
I made my way to the train station and took the train to Tokyo. I arrived shortly before 10AM and was one of the first to enter the Tokyo Station Pokémon Shop 😀 although I was a bit disappointed (and nearly had zero expectations anyways as I knew it just has some articles from other shops and the own version of Pikachu).
So I searched for the Yamanote line that could bring me to Shinjuku but that was a hassle – I asked 3 (three!) people how to get there fastest and was sent into different directions so in the end I gave up after 30 minutes searching for the track and jumped into the subway…
I got off at Shinjuku and for whatever reason I forgot how to get to ARTNIA (Square Enix’ shop/café) and was running around Shinjuku station twice before jumping on the Yamanote line to Harajuku -_- but I saw this nice advertisement wall for the new Fate-game in Shinjuku ❤

I went into the 100-Yen-Store there and bought some stuff, followed by my lunch at Mc Donalds: Cheese-Katsudon-Burger, fries and Melon Soda *___*
The burger was totally awesome, the fries meh (as usual at McDo Iprefer to NOT have fries – too dry or salty, this time it was too salty) and the Melon Soda was suffocated in ice cubes T___T but I was kind of stuffed and left Harajuku for Ikebukuro.

In Ikebukuro I followed the signs to the Sunshine City and found the Pokémon Center.
Sadly they didn’t had any of the signature Pikachu version I got at any Center so far, so I bought 2 other cute versions instead (also because I didn’t buy any at Tokyo Station).
The shop is really spacious and not as cramped as the shop at Tokyo station *_*
I really like the female version of Charizard 😀

As I still couldn’t remember how to get to ARTNIA I jumped into the subway and went back to my hotel, googling for it and made my way to ARTNIA. Sadly they didn’t had the calendar I was looking for – instead I bought a souvenir for a friend and left for Akihabara – my usual nerd station 😀 Bought some stuff at Kotobukiya’s “Tales of Shop” (didn’t see there were some containers on sale when I was there yesterday 😮 I took one – I just hope it survives the trip home. It would make such a lovely cookie box) and some food on my way to the station before leaving for my hotel again.

I soaked myself in the tub and started to pack up my things. I don’t really like to pack shortly before I’m leaving so I usually do that an evening before 🙂 Saves me from the shock I might forget things 😀
I had a really delicious grape juice which was a bit more substantial ….like: jelly in a can but still fluid. I’m glad I poured it into a cup before drinking it because I might have spit it out in surprise if drinking it on the street as I intended to do, haha.

Well, I’ll finish the day with watching TV – although I can’t decide what to watch 😀 (yesterday was easier as I watched “My Neighbor Totoro”) and tomorrow’s blog will be posted most likely on Monday as I am in planes all day starting at 12PM Japanese time and landing is planned for 7:15PM-ish in Schiphol, although it might take some time to get my luggage and get home due to construction works yet again (I really hate that…the never finish that crap but hooray~ what a nice welcome home-present …not).