Holiday, Day 4

Today it was FINALLY sunny! YaY!
Although I didn’t feel well and reset my alarm twice (8AM ->9AM -> 10AM) before getting up and beginning the day with chatting on Facebook and playing Pokémon GO and getting ready to leave 😀
(I seem to have been stung by some insect at my yesterday’s trip as I got somebite mark close to my right eye directly below my glasses rim. Strange)

I took the train to Kyoto Station and bought a Bus & Subway Ticket for 2 days which allows me to travel freely on all lines for bus and subway (excluding JR services which doesn’t save me from spending 640 Yen/day for the trip hotel <-> city) throughout Kyoto.

I took the Karasuma-subway to the Imperial Palace and took a walk while the sun burned down on me – yay for cold wind! I saw some cats (I woke them and my shutter scared the tri-colored one so the red one woke up too and was distressed because of the cuddle partner being scaredy cat and jumping away  T_T), Pidgeys….pardon…Pidgeons, a (poser) turtle, some ducks, more pidgeons and a blue-red-colored bird that fished in the pond for fish 😮 he was really cool although kinda fast for my normal camera lense so I tried with my other lense to catch him faster in his dive but that barely worked out either 😀 was worth a try and was fun to wait for it to dive into the water and catch a fish, anyways 😀

On my way through the park area I found a huge… well, dunno what it is actually – a thing between apple and peer? HUGE! Man…

I also spoke some Japanese with some older women – I think they are more approachable or actually they like to find out if you understand them as all of them were talking to me first 😛 Funny thing was actually their reaction when I replied as they didn’t actually expect me to reply in Japanese :3
A lot of helicopters were flying across the park area – don’t know if they were filming 😮

After leaving the palace park through the south exist I walked (!) to Nijo-jo. It would have been easier to take the subway or bus buuuuuut I wanted to see a bit of the street life and you can’t get that with sitting in a bus or subway – I did that the last few days aswell (although I had wished for an umbrella a few times but no shop close to buy one) but after a while you get sick of walking around – especially the day after hiking Mt. Inari.
I tried to walk in the shadows as much as possible but the ~2km felt like ages…. but I made it, paid the fee (600 Yen) and went to Nijo-jo.
It’s simply awesome!
I loved the palace – although you can’t take pictures there – it’s a completely different world 😮 I loved how the wood floor squeaked when you walked over it. it must have been really awesome living there and hear any person passing by 😀 I really loved the golden pictures on the walls – especially the tigers and eagles.
Walking there was great 🙂 and exhausting – barely any shadows except in the building but still cool. There’s also an exhibition of some expensive cars inside Nijo-jo but as that costs extra (600 Yen) I didn’t go there 😮 but I took a picture of the advertisement poster 😀 I would’ve liked to see the cars but not for an additional fee. Seriously not.

After leaving the castle I went to the bus station to drive back to Kyoto and go shop some food (including some Halloween sweets which are indeed really really really sweet >.< could only eat one so far as I’m afraid I’d feel losing my teeth by eating the second one – I ate the cat 😀 I’ll have the pumkin tomorrow. picture below)
and presents for my dearies at home.
In the shopping mall below Kyoto station they had a huge picture for Halloween and costumes for kids so they could get dressed up and take pictures – looked fun 🙂 and there were looooots of kids around there.
I drove back to the hotel and soaking myself in the tiny bathtub 😀
can’t stretch my legs in there (hey, it’s Japan, there’s not enough space for anything – just squeeze and it fits *coough*)
but it’s nice to have some cuddly minutes in hot water – until it cools down >.<

I hope for another nice day tomorrow~ although it’ll be Halloween and I personally hate it. But it’s just one day and won’t make any difference regarding my plans so it’s fine…. and the sweets are awesome 😀



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