Pokémon GO: 11th Week

This week was a rather quiet one.
I walked my last meters before the Halloween event and before going on holiday to get my Alakazam 🙂
I can barely connect to the internet and due to the Halloween event I catch only ghosts -_-  I really can’t wait until that one’s over.
I hated those pidgeys and Rattatas but at least I can think about how to cook, bake or grill them (Pidgeys! Not the rats!) – what to do with ghosts except vaccuum them? Seriously…
I like that the buddy system was altered though 🙂 It helped to get my Ninetails \o/ and due to the event and lots of Cubones close to my hotel on my first day I evolved mine to Marowak. YaaaaaY.
I also grabbed a bad joke from 9Gag or wherever I saw this and named a CP 666 / HP 66 Raticate “Satan”.

But ever since I am on holiday I only caught Gastlys, Haunters, Gengars, Cubones and Meowth…. what the hell is up with the Meowth wave?
I also see Scyther but appearantly it is either too far away or gets blocked by the shitty ghosts -_- which don’t even have good stats so keeping them is a waste too. And besides IF I catch Gengar it has crappy stats and/or CP 😀 like that CP 26… really what the…
So whenever I get the chance I catch, (evolve) and destroy.
my count since last night – 11/28/2016 11:19PM up to today 11/29/2016 3:39PM (including some hours of sleep and being out to explore without taking my phone with me):
PokéStops 29 (got 2 at hotel and if GPS jumps I can reach the 2nd one sometimes)
Gastly 1 ran away, 13 caught (7 evolved)
Haunter 1 caught
Pidgey 1 ran away, 1 caught
Cubone 1 caught

*sigh* I can’t wait for the end of this event. I actually think about hoarding the Gastlys until then and throw in a Lucky Egg to get Double-EXP when mass-evolving them ~.~ I still would have enough time to do so.

Oh, on that note. I had quite the fun at the airports.
First of all: Schiphol, Netherlands, does have lots of PokéStops but no Pokémon to catch – which is good as I already had trouble to keep playing (even if that was with my 4G connection) – lots of signals there disturbing the GPS.
Second: Zurich, Switzerland, does show Pokémon and a few PokéStops – I caught 2 Gastlys while waiting for my flight using the airport’s wifi (one of these in the picture below).
Third: Narita International Airport, Japan, (picture below) has looooooots of PokéStops, no Pokémon – same as Schiphol.
I connected to the hotel’s wifi as soon as I entered my room (picture below) and hooray~ 2 Stops 1 Gym directly there – GPS jumps a bit so I can reach both stops sometimes…

Since 27th of October my bag is full or close to be full. Of course I beat Mystic and Valor when it’s about time for my daily cooldown to reset 😀
I was actually mean once as I placed a Mr. Mime which can’t be caught in Japan as it is EU exclusive – someone didn’t take it so well and placed a Farfetch’d (Japan exclusive) right after claiming the gym T___T returning the favor it seems 😀
I really hope I can catch one (as hatching it has a rotten rate – same for Australian and US exclusives Kangaskhan and Tauros) but right now with that wave of ghosts and cats I can’t even get the Scyther I see randomly ~.~ or Pidgeys.

I also found out how bad of some players take jokes via Facebook comments 😛
The main post was about Gengar being the best Pokè-Friend ever… I disagreed (as it is damn annoying and useless) and said I hate Gengar (“it” for reference) and hope for the day when the event ended so I’ll get my pidgeys back….  some dudes went bonkers 😀 Read for yourself:

Yes, I was serious about the event being stupid to mass-spawn ghosts (I DO understand it’s a literal reference to Halloween which is – thank god – not common in neither my country nor in my country-of-choice-to-live-in and ignored by most people – except Americans and those with kids because kids want sweets! But really, that’s why I can’t stand Halloween because the original purpose is far from throwing sweets at dumb kids that fear the dentist…..okay back to topic…) and I understand that in some areas you never see the ghost types – as I never find any fire types in my area… but that’s supposed to be the point of the game, right? To travel and explore 😮 at least I understood that and thus I don’t cry about it. Thus I get my fire Pokémon step-by-step through hatching, catch by chance (eg in Germany) and Buddy System (cheerio for this)!
I enjoy part of the event (related to Buddy System and more Candy Drops by caught/hatched/released monsters) – still I hate the ghosts…. can’t grill/bake/cook them 😦
Though I do wonder: what do the series characters actually eat? Only vegetables and mushrooms? I kind of doubt that 😀 I guess Miltank has a different purpose besides giving milk too 😀 why not grill a Pidgey? Or make a Rattata-touille?
I’ll stop now before some readers might get headaches or nightmares :p


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