Holiday, Day 3

Eurf. I didn’t plan much today and that was a good thing because I had a 2 hour walk to the top of Mt. Inari 😀 I was actually glad I wore my slippers instead of my sports shoes today – these would have been hell with that up and down with walking over different materials (stone – partly slippery, uneven stones, gravel, soil and sand, lose vines and leaves) – especially when leaving the main path to check out the shrines.
*** WARNING: This post contains a lot of red-colored gates! …… and foxes. ***

After waking up I went outside – totally happy it wouldn’t rain today……. I set a step outside. It was windy, cold and raining… okay…. back to hotel, grabbing a jacket and my umbrella and went out again. Rain stopped. SERIOUSLY?!

I took the train to Kyoto Station and switched line for Inari Station right n front of the first gates to the temple area of Fushimi Inari-Taisha.
The train was packed with people and there were lots more in front of the station already 😀 love how it’s so popular!

I heard lots of foreign languages which was fun as I enjoyed myself with a guessing game (although the closer I got to the top the more I heard only French people *lol*).

I checked out the first temples and all of the small ones on the way to the top.
I bought some souvenirs at my first stops before ascending through the torii (gates).

When I was about half-way I was sweating like crazy although it was really cloudy and partly windy it didn’t help with the exhaustion haha.
I took a break and waited until my body calmed down before ascending again. I had quite the nice view shortly before the top.
When i took pictures of some stone statues I saw a cute little cat and approached it – sadly it was shy and avoided me but I could take a picture – it was so cute (but really thin so I think it’s a stray or barely fed)
I ascended to the top (233meter above sea level) and yay~ descended again. I bought a soy bean ice-cream as reward when going down, took a break to eat it (because it’s seen as impolite to eat or drink while walking) and made my way down to the station… which was faster than the other way around 😀
Shortly before the station it began to rain again – hooray for first time using my umbrella since I bought it yesterday, haha.

My trip took about 2,5 hours in total (excluding train drive from hotel and back) but I’m glad I didn’t plan anything else for today 🙂
I took 207 pictures today, including a lot of fox statues *_* I really love these foxes~ what I didn’t know yet: their faces differ from each other 😮 I didn’t even recognize that when I was there (I blame my excitement!), but saw that now as I scrolled through the pictures:


The weather doesn’t seem to like me – I really hope I will have some sunny days until I leave Kyoto x.x
(I could’ve stayed in the Netherlands *lol* although the rain phases here differ from the Netherlands – at least I wasn’t soaked to the bone yet 😀 )


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