Holiday, Day 2

Hello world, my alarm went off at 8AM. After ~6 hours of sleep I felt like I hit a train or vice versa. Every inch of my body screamed in pain after that long day … yes, I know it always sounded insane to travel like this but well I wanted to do that and as I’m not getting younger….. …………….. ………………I’d totally do it again!

So here I am. In a hotel in Kyoto. Sleepy. Hurting. Who cares?! I got ready and left the hotel. I didn’t plan much anyways as the forecast said: Clouds and Rain. my phone added additional information “chances < 6 – 30% before 5PM” great! I thought…

I went off to Kyoto station and after running around like a moron on search for the observation deck I finally found it!
After leaving the station to the back side – I thought it would be the front, well, taking pictures there, then running inside again and found the Sky garden AKA observation deck (On that note…. why is there already a christmas tree at the station?!)

and finally was able to connect to the Kyoto Free Wifi which wasn’t working stable so I just dropped it anyways, going out on the right front side and went on search for the Kyoto Tower. Which is kind of hard to find if you aren’t paying attention because unlike Tokyo Tower this one is not a tower building but set up ON the Kyoto Hotel across the bus station of Kyoto station and you need to go inside and take the elevator to the 11th floor to get access to the tower. After buying a ticket I went up another 5 floors (which brought me up to the observation deck at 100meter above ground level) and went on a short course. There is also a small shrine there – it’s cute (and I forgot its name).

After this brief visit I went downstairs again and walked to find Takashimaya Dept Store. It took quite some time due to traffic light waits and I thought I used a long time to walk there but I don’t actually know as I didn’t track my time.
When I finally was there I nearly freaked out because of my running around at Kyoto station I totally forgot to exchange money – as I was already at the 5th floor of the store, I made a round through the Pokémon Center and went downstairs again. I left the building – it started to rain. Wait, shortly after 11 AM it said it would be like 6% chance for rain….wtf?! Gladly, the shopping streets are roofed so no worries. I only got some water on me while crossing the street and heading to the tourist information to ask where the next exchange is possible. If I would have asked at Takashimaya’s information desk I may have found out before leaving the building and returning anyways that they have an exchange…. doh!
Well, who cares, a bit of water doesn’t hurt and I got my money exchanged, got a discount card for the store (which I didn’t use at all as the card isn’t valid for purchases at the Pokémon Center buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I will give it to a friend because she loves Hello Kitty while ….I don’t), went to shop Pokémon stuff and got a tax refund.

After leaving the building (yet again) it was raining. I crossed the street and visited the Disney Store to buy some presents. It still rained when I left and headed down the street to get food and check out Tokyu Hands.
I wanted to buy an umbrella but man these are expensive in some shops >.> I left without buying any and made my way back to Kyoto Station using a different way – which felt much shorter than my original track (never listen to explanations of a map given by tourist information ever again) and I paid a short visit to Higashi Hongan-ji

before heading to a store and bought a new converter as my old one doesn’t accept my laptop’s charger and I needed another one for that purpose.
I bought an umbrella while being there anyways – guess what…. right, the rain stopped!

Halloween is less of a thing than I thought also some shops do sell costumes, decoration and cafes do have a Halloween menu – like this perticular shop 😀 (although I’m not quite sure what to think about the “Frozen” tart in that display….)

I went back to the station and queued to buy a train ticket back to my station, returned to my hotel to put down my stuff and left again to buy some food – without the umbrella….guess: yeah, it started to rain again.
I’m not really eating healthy but it’s yummy!

Time kind of flew by today… and it is 8:57PM now – unbelievable 😮 when I got back it was like 4PM or so – but I didn’t had planned lots of things anyways due to first day and bad weather conditions. Kinda looking forward to tomorrow when the weather clears up (hopefully)


2 thoughts on “Holiday, Day 2

    • Well I did had the currency…. at the hotel (and meant to pay for train and other hotel next week) 😀
      I planned on changing some more to spend throughout the following days but totally forgot about it haha

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