Holiday Begins, Day 1

My last work day ended on 25th of October at 3:30PM and finally my brain went into holiday mode~ well. It would. Not immediately but after packing up the last things and raiding in FFXIV that very evening.
I was really anxious to forget something so I had a list and started to pack already that weekend before I had holiday – plenty of time but I get older…. I forget things even if it’s on a list haha 😀

Well~ on 26th of October I woke up at the same time as usual – 6AM! I got ready and threw the last few things into my luggage before leaving the house to get on my bus to the train station. It was actually on time so I made it to my train as expected. After switching trains at Amsterdam Sloterdijk I got off at Schiphol safe and sound.
I dropped off my heavy luggage and went through the check for my hand luggage and myself – of course the system reacted again so I was checked manually (I think my new Jeans were activating the alarm as they are new and may have had traces of the metal thing to activate the alarm when being stolen although that was removed and the Jeans washed – who knows).

I had about 2 hours to wait (better early then late) for my flight and sat in front of the gate reading through a guide and Facebook 😀 Boarding went pretty fast and there was still a lot of place for luggage although the steward asked us to keep jackets and small items with us as the flight was completely booked and they had space issues due to that… in the end we started with a delay of 10 minutes due to loading of luggage – which sounded like they threw the stuff into the machine without any care. Really loud 😮
I overslept the food phase so I didn’t get a croissant – instead I got a piece of chocolate which was placed on my jacket before I woke up haha.

While we started late we were early by 5 minutes when landing in Zurich, Switzerland. I got off the plane and went to search for my gate which happened to be in wing E. This isactually funny. The airport looks really old and is actually really dark – at least when you land in the wing I landed (which number I don’t recall) – I followed the signs to “E” and passed a visa check without any problems (as I’m an EU citizen harhar) and went down the stairs following the signs to “E”. I was suprised: There is a small train line between A/B/C/D and E. You need to drive with it for 2-3 minutes and get out to find your gate 😀 That was at first really confusing but fun!
On the way to my gate I found my first souvenir: a St. Bernard plush ❤ He’s so cute~ and fluffy~
I seemed to have confused the staff though. The dog was meant to cost something about 29,40 CHF  or so and as I didn’t exchange money (of course not *lol*) I only had YEN and EUR with me, so i asked to pay in EUR. They said it would be 29 EUR. I handed over 50 EUR and after a bit of confusion at the counter (new girl being trained) I received 31 EUR and 0,60 CHF ….. maths?!
I figured something was off when I was already at my gate – until then I was also confused about that weird exchange discussion the two ladies (trainee and trainer) had about exchange rates at their shop. Well….it was a cheap dog or more like expensive-cheap-cute-little-awesome-doggy! Resist these eyes!!!!!!!

Impossible !!!

My flight started delayed yet again due to luggage loading problems. Weeeeeh~ again it sounded like they threw the luggage around x_x
We got crackers and a drink including the menu for the flight. I had the rice dish with shitake and chicken which came with a carrot cake and a ham salad – that was meant to be lunch…. at like 3PM European time 😀
They gave out another round of drinks later that evening and I had Vanilla Icecream at 1AM location time (somewhere over Russia) *__*
I couldn’t really sleep, neither watch movies as the system’s seemed to be broken down for one side so I had sound only for either left or right – really awkward.
I watched 2 movies until I was afraid to get a headache when watching further movies: Insurgent and Alice through the Looking Glass. I tried to watch Warcraft but for some reason the sound was 3 seconds late so I quit watching after 5 minutes >.>
I filled out my required data for the visa – as I didn’t had a pen I got one from the staff – hooray, for free.
I had a beautiful view of the sunrise (picture in this link)
Breakfast was served 2 hours before landing – I didn’t eat the Wiener or Strawberry yoghurt <.< I only had the fruits salad, egg omelette and tomato sauce plus bread roll with marmelade. I took the orange juice that was meant to be for breakfast to drink later 😀
Shortly before the landing process I got another chocolate ❤

After landing I took my first toilet break in 12 hours (not that I do like the plane toilets but I didn’t feel like going). I was the first one in there, when I got out it was super crowded. Some other flights landed close to our time so there was also a huge crowd at immigration. I waited about 50 minutes to complete immigration (also because some people can’t read and don’t fill out the back sides of immigration papers -_- which takes time at the counter as they aren’t send away but delay everyone else) and feared my luggage would be gone x_x
The luggage track was already stopped when I arrived T__T but after asking 2 different staff members the 3rd one said it is there – a (4th) staff member was watching it the whole time.
While waiting in line for customs they let a dog sniff my stuff – I still love that Japan uses Labradors and Retrievers for that job – they’re so cute ❤
This time my luggage wasn’t checked (I think there were also so many people in line they only did random checks anyways – they did check the luggage of a guy a few people in front of me) so I could pass the check after handing in the necessary paper.
Now I was on search where and how to buy train tickets to Kyoto… so I went to the Tourist Information desk and was sent to the train ticket counter at the train tracks. I asked at the counter before going down there and was told i only could get one way as they can’t sell anything that’s later than 2 days from purchase date. So I took one-way Narita to Kyoto – which totalled to 16690 Yen as I bought additional Seat reservation for 2 trains as this costs extra and is measured by distance (Narita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-Kyoto).
I had 15 minutes until my train would arrive so I went downstairs to my track and passed the counter where I originally was sent to buy the ticket and was glad i didn’t go there – so many people would have meant waiting for at least another hour! Lucky!
While waiting for the train I drank my orange juice I snuck at breakfast 😀 I also found out where to check for train numbers (I never drove by train in Tokyo 2 years ago so I didn’tknow) – you can find this at the board which says where the train goes 😀

My train drives weren’t spectacular. The first drive was about 1,5 hours (with Narita Express), the second about 2 hours. The seats aren’t really comfortable but still I managed to fall asleep on the 2nd train drive although I had muscle contractions that woke me up all the time -_- just means by body was really tired of sitting without any real rest.

At Kyoto station I was asking for directions to theTourist Information and asked there how and where to buy a ticket to get to my hotel’s station. I was sent to the JR booth and bought my fare – luckily that train was running 5 minutes later so I didn’t need to wait additional 20 minutes for the next one.
6 stations and ~30 minutes later I arrived at the station and got off. My hotel is really close to the station (not even 300 meters) and I have a Family Mart 2 doors away.
I checked in and got a water bottle for free. I went to my room, took out the gifts I brought with me, brought them downstairs to the reception and went to buy some food and drinks as I wouldn’t leave anymore anyways. I ate something and soaked myself in the bathtub before heading to lie down at the bed while watching TV (well, more like sleep than watching TV) – after falling asleep randomly between 3PM and 7PM I was wide awake until 1AM 😀 (I blame the Milk Tea! But I love it!!!!
And the temperature – I can regulate that one through a devise… it was set to 26 degrees when I got into the room >.> temperature of death after a long travel… I put it down to 20 where it stayed ever since.)

It was a long long day…. a bit more than 24 hours x.x


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