Pokémon GO: 10th Week

I finally hit level 27 today 😀 (after quitting the game with 188222/200000 EXP yesterday night) and hatched my very first Scyther yay~

And as there was a new update yesterday, some changes occured:

Eggs are differently colored and Pokémon got additional pictures (type) – as seen below.


Sorry, I don’t have much to say this week (I’m really stressed at work and private due to my upcoming holiday the day after tomorrow, so sorry)
except I should never battle when I don’t have enough Revives…. I had 19 monsters stocked up for reviving T_T and PokéStops hated me T_T
I finally recovered all of them by today when I went to the city centre of Haarlem (Netherlands) for 20 minutes and just nuked the crap out of the Stops for Revives or my level up (as it gave me 10 revives x.x but hooray for reviving all monsters before that actually happened)

There seems to be an event starting on 26th of October and ends on 1st of November that will allow you to catch more Ghost type Pokémon (due to Halloween). Patch Notes.

So sorry for closing this week’s status so fast but I really don’t have time to keep on writing much these days. Maybe that will calm down in my holidays, although I don’t know if I’ll be able to play the game much because….well….holidays~ ❤


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