Pokémon GO: 9th Week

Well this week went by really fast as I am insanely busy at work and private due to my upcoming 2-weeks-holiday.

I didn’t play Pokémon actively but I managed to hatch some eggs and evolve some more critters – although I don’t like my Ivysaur (which is still named Bulbasaur because of I don’t know) as it is really weak. Right now I am walking my Gloom to evolve it (it just needs one more candy!)

The only problem I have right now: Half of my Pokémon are dead due to battling the train station’s gym as it is taken by Mystic since Monday and up to today I fought them down from level 7 to 5 each day – today I got them down from 6 to 4.  I really hope they will be beaten this afternoon >.<


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