Pokémon GO: 8th Week

It has been already eight weeks since I started. Wow.
I get the feeling I play this game since…forever, haha.

Not many things happened this week so this post might be a bit shorter than usual (also due to my lack of time to indulge in how stupid it is that people block my beloved gym with 7 Pokémon so I can’t beat the gym in 15 minutes and put my own monster inside to get the daily bonus but well~~~)

I managed to get to level 26.
My progress slowed down a bit due to my at the moment busy life but I think making 10k EXP per day (instead of previously 15-20k) is still pretty decent.
After daaaaays of only 5km eggs I received my first 10km egg since I hit level 25 😮

I used the Buddy System to get some new evolutions ready: Golem, Slowbro, Nidoqueen, Wigglytuff and currently walking with my Clefairy (hard to get these in my area so let’s take a loooooooooooong walk of 33km, yay)

It seems the last update of the game finally put in an upgrade to the PokéDex.
Pokémon that will be located in a gym and you encounter are put in as “Seen” into the Dex. Right now I got 4 monsters I didn’t caught myself yet due to that upgrade. I like that 🙂  although I’d like it even more when I’d own these monsters already 😀

So that’s for this week 🙂


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