New Glasses – Returned And Received

When you read the previous post, you know why I went to return my new glasses.

First I went to the old optician I received my previous glasses and needed to pay 30 EUR to get written details about my eye strength – and got confused as I couldn’t remember the numbers they gave me:-2.25 / -4.00
After checking the glasses they told me I have a filter on the left side (with -2.25) which was news to me I had that…
well. I went to the optician I got the new glasses and told them that I still see blurry on my left side.

They checked my eyes yet again – this time with different tests. They also told me that I mistake sharpness with black therefore I actually wouldn’t need the -4.00 as it makes no difference in sight and is just darker (black) than with -3.75 while on the left side I don’t need a filter and I confused myself and the dude checking me as I seem to have a red-green-ignorance between -2 and -2.50 before it starts to get either more red or more green. Strange. Really. Confused the shit out of me and the checking dude *lol*
So after we did this he wrote down the number of the frame and gave me back mine, telling me it would take roughly about a week to make this and then I could return the frame and receive the new one with the changed glasses.

Well after checking that I was called a week later that I could pick up my new frame and try it. So I went to pick it up and I felt immediately comfortable with these *_*
Still I need to wear them for a week or two to make sure before I return to tell them I want the second pair changed too. So I bring it there to let the number write down for change and go back again to pick them up – lots of going there for just that but in the end…. I get all these PokéStops in the city while doing so 😀 (and if the glasses are fixed by 14th of October I will go to GameMania to pick up the new Skylanders game anyways)

So this seems to be a happy end for a weird and stressful story.


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