New Glasses – Received And About To Return

I picked up my new glasses last week. I was happy but then…. I had a blurred view on my left sight.
After a bit of confusion about it, I did another eye test and we found out: I don’t have a difference between -2.00 and -2.50, apparently.

The dude told me to try the glasses for a week and see how my eye adjusts to the sight difference (my former 3-year-old glasses were on -2.50/-4.00, I was tested last week at my previous optician for -2.50/-4.00 and the shop I got the new glasses told me my sight is the same so I assumed they’d get me -2.50/-4.00 but I received -2.00/-4.00 – although I understand why they put in the -2.00 as I don’t have a difference on distance as the test is…).

Well I tried…. I hate it.
My eye doesn’t adjust. Instead it tries to adjust to the glass and the new frame plus light differences as I am light sensitive due to allergy reasons.
Also: the right side (which is perfectly fine with the glass on its side) is trying to compensate for the “weak” left eye while the left side tries to adjust … in the end I get headaches close to my left eye’s nerve for hours/day.
It’s not even affecting me up to 5 meters – it is above that which can’t be noticed by an eye test in the dark when watching numbers and letters in 5 meter distance. I start to fail seeing shapes clearly, not even talking about letters (because those I can’t make out lol)… I couldn’t even recognize a colleague’s face (who came up to me and waved at me) until he was closer than 10 meters. That’s how bad it is. I don’t feel comfortable as this is also dangerous while walking around outside – especially with a light sensitivity.

Also my 2nd pair (as I got 2 pairs) has a smaller left arm which cuts into my ear when wearing the glasses. I wonder why they didn’t see this when completing the glasses – well neither did I until the arm cut into my ear and I checked why it would do so… it’s (visibly) smaller:

I really love the glasses but I can’t wear them as they are. So I’ll return them today as I still got guarantee on these. But I think before I’ll go there today, I’ll get the proof from the other shop that they tested me on -2.50/-4.00 (while the other tested me on -2.00 or -2.50/-4.00) before dropping by at the shop again.
I’m not really satisfied – in contrary: I’m furious. And sad as I spent a lot of money on these and they’re not wearable.


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