Pokémon GO: 5th Week

Oops, I’m late this week with the update 😮
Well, I blame it on the travel lag from sitting in trains and busses half of my weekend 😀

If anyone didn’t notice: We got the Buddy System 2 Updates ago (yes 2 … the 2nd one was for improvement of functionality for Pokémon GO Plus) – so I can finally walk my beloved Ponyta as I don’t seem to have fire types anywhere nearby and it’s a hassle to get them 😦
So I’m walking my buddy Ponyta which finds a candy /3km… for some (many) kilometers per day to evolve it soon (I hope … but it’ll take some while – about 30km I guess). Funny thing: If you open the menu for the buddy as seen below and click the Poké it’ll do a specific action – as for Ponyta it’ll neigh and rear up 🙂 It’s so damn CUTE ❤

(these screens aren’t up-to-date – I’m at 46.6km now – 10 Candys to evolve this cutie, less than 30km, hooray~)

Wednesday afternoon I was in Haarlem City Centre to get my new glasses and chose to ride with the bus for one station (as it was too hot to walk) and activated the PokéStops on the way… which resulted in having a cute little trail of pink behind me 😀

But let’s talk about my holiday. On Thursday I traveled to Dortmund, Germany by train. Friday I traveled to Kassel, Germany by bus and stayed there until Sunday – return tours respectively on Sunday and Monday.
Riding the train to Germany was fun… I let Pokémon GO run after leaving Amsterdam Centraal Station and took any PokéStop on the way out of the city I could (about 11). I repeated that in Utrecht and Arnhem (about 5 each) and my inventory filled up 😀
In Germany I didn’t continue that until my final stop in Dortmund as the stations barely had a PokéStop (or they do and are mostly too far away from my tracks, meh) – I got another few ones on my way to my friends’ place.
The first thing that popped up shortly before my arrival there was a Charmander *____* my first catch (as my place and work don’t have these).
Friday I caught my very first Vulpix (not the real first one as this one was an egg hatch) and some Drowzees and some more Drowzees and guess what… Drowzees…… I think Dortmund is as much a breeding place as Amsterdam is -_-
Funny thing, though: While riding the bus I did get another few (lot) PokéStop (well, inventory was full for a long time lol) and than this happened…. I choose you… erm…. eh…. Oddish!!! (yes there are THREE Drowzees on this screen!)

Well. Nothing really happened in Kassel. I saw a shadow of a Magmar twice (Friday afternoon and Saturday morning) but I didn’t see it spawn nearby so I still don’t have that one 😦
On our way to the convention hall I activated again all PokéStops possible (my inventory never was that filled with balls before :D) and I took the gym at sight to get my reward *rofl* but that was really funny as no gym around the convention stayed the same color for longer then 5 minutes 😀 That was pretty much fun the whole weekend.
Friday I could get a decent Eevee and evolved it into Vaporeon :3
I didn’t play much on Saturday as the game ate my battery AND Travel&Surf pass but
Sunday I was running around with a friend who plays the game as well (Mystic team) and we saw a Charmander *____*
It was actually the last one I needed to evolve it – now I own a Charmeleon ❤

On my way back home I did the same as before: activate as many PokéStops as I can – inventory was never below 300 items the whole weekend, haha (usually it’s about 200).

I am hoarding 10km eggs as well. I had 2 before the weekend. After hatching some 5 and 2 eggs I received 2 more 😀 I will start hatching these when I hit Level 25 (maybe I’ll have 9/9 10km eggs by then? 😀 That would be fun!).

I wanted to get my Level 24 until Monday evening but the system said no – in a mean way: xxx ran away. xxx ran away. xxx ran away. I stopped playing at 11:30PM-ish that evening at 124773/125000 EXP -_- the game hates me … sometimes!

Tuesday I finally leveled up (hooray who would’ve thought) and I saw that shadow of a Growlithe again at work and was like: meh (GRRRRRR).
But my phone suddenly vibrated and guess who paid a visit! And was caught! Really spectacularly with some bonus EXP 😀 Wooooh~

In the evening I also caught an Omanyte (saw that shadow a few times while sitting in the train but seeing AND catching Pokémon in the train is really hard as they usually run away)

Right now I am at 21191/150000 EXP. Goal for today is to reach 30k 😀 I think that’s realistic but I’ll find out tonight if I managed to reach that 🙂


//edit: Reached 30571/150000 – good night 😀


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