Pokémon GO: 4th Week

After catching the Porygon on Tuesday, nothing really happened until Thursday when I caught the final Caterpie to evolve my Metapod to Butterfree – and rename it in the process as I wanted to please a friend of mine 😀
It looks so weird when my Team Leader says it’s the whatever he has ever seen. it’s like “Anneliese” is a whole new species 😛 Bu now I understand all those weird jokes going around in the internet …. I’m not going to repeat them though.

I also hatched a  Geodude and could evolve it to Graveler~ woooh.
In the evening I found another Porygon – at my place this time. It was by 200 CP weaker than the first one but well…. EXP!~

On Friday I caught the final Seel to evolve it to a Dewgong~ hooray~ and on Sunday I finally saw a Squirtle again (the first in roughly 2 weeks) and could evolve it to Wartortle). I happen to see lots of Eevees around my area lately. i wonder what’s this about 😀 Some secret meeting place?

Today (Tuesday) I saw a Shadow which I’ve seen for days (since last week on Monday or so) every morning I go to work. I think it’s a Growlithe but I can’t really find out where it’s hiding though. I started an Incense today but all I caught was the normal stuff: Krabby, Rattata, Pidgey, Paras but also a really high Hypno *lol* I evolved some of the first stage Pokémon to get some more EXP.

Due to no additional incubators anymore my egg hatching was slowed down – well that’s a good thing as I hated getting spammed by all those 2KM eggs.
At least now I got a 10KM in the list but I won’t start hatching this one yet 🙂
I just want to hatch a few more of the others and hope for new incubators through leveling up soon (I know it’ll take a few level for new incubes and maybe I’ll lose patience until then and start hatching it or buy new incubes, who knows)

I will be in Germany for a few days this week starting Thursday afternoon until Monday noon. I really hope for some new Pokémon (and maybe different kinds) :3


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