Pokémon GO: 3rd Week

I’m still on iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Mwahaha~ (and I found out that the individual posting of pictures looks really crappy at some computers so I’ll choose a different format from now on)

Now leveling gets slower of course… due to the mass of EXP I need to level up now (currently 41xxx / 100000 on level 22)

Last week was a bit weird. I hatched several eggs with new Pokés and ones I already had (Charmander flood, hatched the 3rd in one week yesterday) and finally could evolve some of those I was looking forward to finally evolve *lol*

2x 10km eggs got me an Onix and a Hitmonlee.
My 2 and 5km eggs gave me a fresh (and better) Ponyta,  a Lickitung, 2 Meowths, 3 Charmanders, a Pidgey (T_T), a Nidoran w, a Caterpie (T_T okay I hardly catch them as they’re not really common in my area – Weedles are tho – and still need 4-5 to evolve my stupid thing), a Zubat, a Magicarp, a Paras, a Psyduck, a Slowpoke, a Seel, a Doduo, a Drowzee, a Gastly, a Horsea and a Jigglypuff…. busy hatch week!
But after evolving some of these I was happyyyyyyyy~

Thursday I had an appointment to let my eyes check. For that I needed to go to Haarlem Centrum. I was a bit excited to see what kind of Pokémon would be there and managed to get a Machop but scared a Mr. Mime away after wasting 3 Berries and 13 Balls >.> I hate that one since I’m a kid. Seriously.

On Saturday I went to the PokéStop in front of my house, put in a module and a lucky egg to get my Level 22. Caught some (lot) Drowzees, Pidgeys and Rattatas but nothing serious. My last 10 minutes I threw in an Incense as well and went for a walk until it was done… and guess what I FINALLY SAW AND CAUGHT A DRATINI! I love Dragonair and getting a Dratini is a first step to get it hooray.
When I returned home, there was a Mr. Mime waiting for me…. I was like: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Let’s try again~~~ (>.>) I caught it with my first ball !@§&%/ I caught 2 more on Sunday !@§&%/
As I caught a really great Eevee I finally evolved it – not with the name cheat but randomly – and got a cute Flareon!

Monday morning I saw something funny happening at my station. The gym was taken by Valor but suddenly when I was about 200 meter away from it, it changed to “No Team” – but no one took it. So I took it 😀

In the afternoon someone had a lure modul active at the PokéStop so I caught some monsters while waiting for my bus… and caught my second Dratini *____*
Meanwhile some kids battled over the gym. As I already received my reward I couldn’t care less but still helped them to take the gym down and get their rewards by putting their monsters in. It was so fun to see how they were interacting with each other – although being with different teams (and I heard that there are Faction wars in some areas T__T). The gym went from Valor to Instinct to Mystic to Valor to Instinct to Mystic to Valor to Instinct to Valor … and then I took off with the bus.

On my way to work today (Tuesday) I saw a Shadow… I think it was a Ivysaur but I didn’t see it close by and it vanished some seconds later while  walked towards work. I was sad. My phone vibrated shortly before I reached our back entrance of the office building and I nearly got a heart attack … I caught a Porygon 😀
14248887_1146972185350409_759188320_n (1)And this ends the weekly report 😀


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