New Glasses

After 3 years I thought it might be about time to let my eyes test and get new glasses…
I made an appointment at my optician via their website last Saturday (27th of August) for today.
But I never imagined it would be such a hassle to get new glasses *lol*

So first off: I was there half an hour before my appointment and was seated in the waiting area after I gave my glasses to minor repairs – I thought it might get cleaned as well, nah, the lady just did what I asked her. Well nevermind right? I got an appointment so I can let them clean it later 😛
When it was time for my appointment I was asked to join another lady at the room for testing eyes.
That was fun. They got some new tests which I never seen before – a red-green comparing screen and white symbols on black screen. Really funny. (I wonder if they do the red-green thing for people with a blindness for those colors)

Well, as I am light sensitive that whole thing took 1-2 minutes longer as my eyes needed to adjust to sudden darkness and sudden light again but well….
my eyes DID NOT change in 3 years. Hilarious.
Still I wanted new glasses, so after the test and cleaning my glasses *gg* we tried to find new glasses for me. Which was horrible…. we gave up 15 minutes later after trying women, men and kids glasses of different colors and shapes. The new fashion for glasses is: mega-huge (owl style) or cat-eyes – both look horrible on my face.
So she printed my data and sent me off to another store that belongs to the same company (with a different name) as they might have different glasses available. Well, they did. Pricey too.
But there I had the same issue – too big, too round, too much color, too less color, wrong color/shape. Meh.

So I asked when they get the new designs. The lady who helped me replied they would get new ones every month. So I asked that if I check on their website I could drop by to ask them if they got it or can order it – she confirmed so I left with a feeling like: Yay, maybe next month.

When I was about to go home – or at least that direction – I saw a new optician across the street. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to check ….. and there they were. The correct shape. Colors. Yay.
So I asked one of the dudes (yes dudes, the first time that day!) if he could help me – he got a colleague of his as he could help me better (seems everyone there has a speciality for something) and told him what I was looking for. That guy was so fun! Jumping around the shop like: “here and this and no this color doesn’t fit, no this shape is too much” – woooooooh.
My eyes got stuck on a specific shape I saw already when entering the shop. It was like a magnet. I tried it on. I liked it. As the shop has a specific offer to get a 2nd pair for free (except adjustment of glasses) I checked out some other ones too and found a 2nd pair really quickly.
So now that dude handed me over to another one who would register me into their system and asked me if I want something to drink: coffee, tea, water, wine? …. I replied: Sorry I’m not French 😀
He asked me where I’m from and after they found out I’m German, 3rd colleague talked to me in German haha.
He filed my basic data (name, address, telephone, email) and presented me to colleague number 4 who would do a quick eye check with me – first off to confirm the data printed by first shop *lol* and second to save them from legal issues if something was wrong with my glasses later on.

So now it got funny again… first the balloon check (automatic measurement), then eye pressure check (woot never had that done before) and letter reading yet again – with adjustment to light/darkness as before – sensitive much.
So result *drum roll* IT’S THE SAME! 😀 HOORAY!

After the check-up I was returned to colleague number 3, who then checked the glasses and measured them on my face and did the maths for 1st pair of glasses + sanding/reflection reduce + 2nd pair of glasses (for free!) + sanding/reflection reduce (not for free)… total amount 477 EUR.
I could’ve decided to make one pair sunglasses but nah. I want to confuse people at work and friends with switching both pairs like every few hours (and maybe the current one as well) 😀

Originally pick-up date was the 15th of September. As the dude heard I’m directly traveling to Germany from work that day he said: “I’ll make sure these are done on the 14th. Don’t worry!”
:O I never asked for this, neither did I cry about not having the new glasses ready before I travel to Germany but HELL YEA THIS IS AWESOME!
I paid the glasses before leaving the store and now just need to return there on the 14th to pick them up (hopefully that works out haha)

I can’t wait, I can’t wait.


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