Pokémon GO: 6th Week

I had an exciting week.
Some new monsters and lots of fun taking gyms and such… got both achievements for training and battling 100 times 😀
my medals for now:

I found out I make about 10-20k EXP/day so I try to get like 15k each day – so far it works out pretty well  – eg: my goal for today was to reach 100k. Currently I’m at 111548/150000 at lvl 24 (too lazy to take a new screenshot for that). So tomorrow’s goal would’ve been 115k but now gets adjustment according to where I will be in about 5 hours before I go to sleep 😀

Soooooo this week I nearly had a barf incident…. I was walking my ass off to get Rapidash. And FINALLY made it at Saturday, 12:13AM (yes I stayed awake JUST FOR THAT, it was weekend anyways nevermind) – I evolved. I was happy and went to sleep. The next day my 5km egg hatches after walking it off for an additional km…. Ponyta – and a better one than the one I evolved ………… no words.
So I guess….somewhen in the future I’m going for a walk with another Ponyta or my Rapidash to get a better Rapidash but before that I’m going to walk my Pikachu!
By the way if you don’t know how to get Pikachu on your shoulder: Simply walk it for 10 km…. really, nothing to it.

For explanation: Electric and Fire types are really rare – although there seems to be a certain place close to work that has Growlithe once every 1-2 hours and I even caught a Vulpix at work last week and some Magnemites and Voltorbs at home but usually nothing like that in the area. I find lots of Water types though. But well. I live close to the sea 🙂

As I hatched another Sandshrew I could finally evolve it to Sandslash and after a few more Eevee catches my Eevee evolved to Jolteon (so it ended up really weak which i didn’t expect but well…the same happened to my Rapidash 😀 guess I need to get a new one *rofl*)
Another egg gave me a Diglet which was a first but I didn’t even see it hatch or something – yay game bug?
Pokémon #100 in my Dex is a Seadra which I could get after catching a final Horsea – woopwoop.

As I did barely any PokéStop this weekend my eggs were hatched and hatched until I was down to one 5km and four 10km eggs. As I went back to work today (Monday~ yay~ not~) I started to get new eggs – 1 being a 2km (Spearow -_-) and the others new 5km eggs. Doesn’t seem like the game wants to give me new 10km eggs 😀
But I’ll gather them until lvl25 and then start breeding alltogether. I’m just waiting for those EXP to get me there – should be Wednesday or Thursday that I can start breeding them.
Today something funny happened – never seen that: I opened a PokéStop and rolled for items when my character moved in front of it for some reason 😀 That was like: WOOOOOOOOOOT the hell? I mean seriously…

I thought I’ll screen my PokéDex for once 😀 I think that’s a decent collection for not going too crazy about gathering these all day after work 🙂 (okay my crapped GPS signal helps alot with walking eggs 😀 I admit that)

Besides….. it’s really traumatising to see a Mr. Mime first thing after waking up… really is…. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Why?!

Let’s see what the following week will be like 😀


New Glasses – Received And About To Return

I picked up my new glasses last week. I was happy but then…. I had a blurred view on my left sight.
After a bit of confusion about it, I did another eye test and we found out: I don’t have a difference between -2.00 and -2.50, apparently.

The dude told me to try the glasses for a week and see how my eye adjusts to the sight difference (my former 3-year-old glasses were on -2.50/-4.00, I was tested last week at my previous optician for -2.50/-4.00 and the shop I got the new glasses told me my sight is the same so I assumed they’d get me -2.50/-4.00 but I received -2.00/-4.00 – although I understand why they put in the -2.00 as I don’t have a difference on distance as the test is…).

Well I tried…. I hate it.
My eye doesn’t adjust. Instead it tries to adjust to the glass and the new frame plus light differences as I am light sensitive due to allergy reasons.
Also: the right side (which is perfectly fine with the glass on its side) is trying to compensate for the “weak” left eye while the left side tries to adjust … in the end I get headaches close to my left eye’s nerve for hours/day.
It’s not even affecting me up to 5 meters – it is above that which can’t be noticed by an eye test in the dark when watching numbers and letters in 5 meter distance. I start to fail seeing shapes clearly, not even talking about letters (because those I can’t make out lol)… I couldn’t even recognize a colleague’s face (who came up to me and waved at me) until he was closer than 10 meters. That’s how bad it is. I don’t feel comfortable as this is also dangerous while walking around outside – especially with a light sensitivity.

Also my 2nd pair (as I got 2 pairs) has a smaller left arm which cuts into my ear when wearing the glasses. I wonder why they didn’t see this when completing the glasses – well neither did I until the arm cut into my ear and I checked why it would do so… it’s (visibly) smaller:

I really love the glasses but I can’t wear them as they are. So I’ll return them today as I still got guarantee on these. But I think before I’ll go there today, I’ll get the proof from the other shop that they tested me on -2.50/-4.00 (while the other tested me on -2.00 or -2.50/-4.00) before dropping by at the shop again.
I’m not really satisfied – in contrary: I’m furious. And sad as I spent a lot of money on these and they’re not wearable.

Pokémon GO: 5th Week

Oops, I’m late this week with the update 😮
Well, I blame it on the travel lag from sitting in trains and busses half of my weekend 😀

If anyone didn’t notice: We got the Buddy System 2 Updates ago (yes 2 … the 2nd one was for improvement of functionality for Pokémon GO Plus) – so I can finally walk my beloved Ponyta as I don’t seem to have fire types anywhere nearby and it’s a hassle to get them 😦
So I’m walking my buddy Ponyta which finds a candy /3km… for some (many) kilometers per day to evolve it soon (I hope … but it’ll take some while – about 30km I guess). Funny thing: If you open the menu for the buddy as seen below and click the Poké it’ll do a specific action – as for Ponyta it’ll neigh and rear up 🙂 It’s so damn CUTE ❤

(these screens aren’t up-to-date – I’m at 46.6km now – 10 Candys to evolve this cutie, less than 30km, hooray~)

Wednesday afternoon I was in Haarlem City Centre to get my new glasses and chose to ride with the bus for one station (as it was too hot to walk) and activated the PokéStops on the way… which resulted in having a cute little trail of pink behind me 😀

But let’s talk about my holiday. On Thursday I traveled to Dortmund, Germany by train. Friday I traveled to Kassel, Germany by bus and stayed there until Sunday – return tours respectively on Sunday and Monday.
Riding the train to Germany was fun… I let Pokémon GO run after leaving Amsterdam Centraal Station and took any PokéStop on the way out of the city I could (about 11). I repeated that in Utrecht and Arnhem (about 5 each) and my inventory filled up 😀
In Germany I didn’t continue that until my final stop in Dortmund as the stations barely had a PokéStop (or they do and are mostly too far away from my tracks, meh) – I got another few ones on my way to my friends’ place.
The first thing that popped up shortly before my arrival there was a Charmander *____* my first catch (as my place and work don’t have these).
Friday I caught my very first Vulpix (not the real first one as this one was an egg hatch) and some Drowzees and some more Drowzees and guess what… Drowzees…… I think Dortmund is as much a breeding place as Amsterdam is -_-
Funny thing, though: While riding the bus I did get another few (lot) PokéStop (well, inventory was full for a long time lol) and than this happened…. I choose you… erm…. eh…. Oddish!!! (yes there are THREE Drowzees on this screen!)

Well. Nothing really happened in Kassel. I saw a shadow of a Magmar twice (Friday afternoon and Saturday morning) but I didn’t see it spawn nearby so I still don’t have that one 😦
On our way to the convention hall I activated again all PokéStops possible (my inventory never was that filled with balls before :D) and I took the gym at sight to get my reward *rofl* but that was really funny as no gym around the convention stayed the same color for longer then 5 minutes 😀 That was pretty much fun the whole weekend.
Friday I could get a decent Eevee and evolved it into Vaporeon :3
I didn’t play much on Saturday as the game ate my battery AND Travel&Surf pass but
Sunday I was running around with a friend who plays the game as well (Mystic team) and we saw a Charmander *____*
It was actually the last one I needed to evolve it – now I own a Charmeleon ❤

On my way back home I did the same as before: activate as many PokéStops as I can – inventory was never below 300 items the whole weekend, haha (usually it’s about 200).

I am hoarding 10km eggs as well. I had 2 before the weekend. After hatching some 5 and 2 eggs I received 2 more 😀 I will start hatching these when I hit Level 25 (maybe I’ll have 9/9 10km eggs by then? 😀 That would be fun!).

I wanted to get my Level 24 until Monday evening but the system said no – in a mean way: xxx ran away. xxx ran away. xxx ran away. I stopped playing at 11:30PM-ish that evening at 124773/125000 EXP -_- the game hates me … sometimes!

Tuesday I finally leveled up (hooray who would’ve thought) and I saw that shadow of a Growlithe again at work and was like: meh (GRRRRRR).
But my phone suddenly vibrated and guess who paid a visit! And was caught! Really spectacularly with some bonus EXP 😀 Wooooh~

In the evening I also caught an Omanyte (saw that shadow a few times while sitting in the train but seeing AND catching Pokémon in the train is really hard as they usually run away)

Right now I am at 21191/150000 EXP. Goal for today is to reach 30k 😀 I think that’s realistic but I’ll find out tonight if I managed to reach that 🙂


//edit: Reached 30571/150000 – good night 😀

Pokémon GO: 4th Week

After catching the Porygon on Tuesday, nothing really happened until Thursday when I caught the final Caterpie to evolve my Metapod to Butterfree – and rename it in the process as I wanted to please a friend of mine 😀
It looks so weird when my Team Leader says it’s the whatever he has ever seen. it’s like “Anneliese” is a whole new species 😛 Bu now I understand all those weird jokes going around in the internet …. I’m not going to repeat them though.

I also hatched a  Geodude and could evolve it to Graveler~ woooh.
In the evening I found another Porygon – at my place this time. It was by 200 CP weaker than the first one but well…. EXP!~

On Friday I caught the final Seel to evolve it to a Dewgong~ hooray~ and on Sunday I finally saw a Squirtle again (the first in roughly 2 weeks) and could evolve it to Wartortle). I happen to see lots of Eevees around my area lately. i wonder what’s this about 😀 Some secret meeting place?

Today (Tuesday) I saw a Shadow which I’ve seen for days (since last week on Monday or so) every morning I go to work. I think it’s a Growlithe but I can’t really find out where it’s hiding though. I started an Incense today but all I caught was the normal stuff: Krabby, Rattata, Pidgey, Paras but also a really high Hypno *lol* I evolved some of the first stage Pokémon to get some more EXP.

Due to no additional incubators anymore my egg hatching was slowed down – well that’s a good thing as I hated getting spammed by all those 2KM eggs.
At least now I got a 10KM in the list but I won’t start hatching this one yet 🙂
I just want to hatch a few more of the others and hope for new incubators through leveling up soon (I know it’ll take a few level for new incubes and maybe I’ll lose patience until then and start hatching it or buy new incubes, who knows)

I will be in Germany for a few days this week starting Thursday afternoon until Monday noon. I really hope for some new Pokémon (and maybe different kinds) :3

Pokémon GO: 3rd Week

I’m still on iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Mwahaha~ (and I found out that the individual posting of pictures looks really crappy at some computers so I’ll choose a different format from now on)

Now leveling gets slower of course… due to the mass of EXP I need to level up now (currently 41xxx / 100000 on level 22)

Last week was a bit weird. I hatched several eggs with new Pokés and ones I already had (Charmander flood, hatched the 3rd in one week yesterday) and finally could evolve some of those I was looking forward to finally evolve *lol*

2x 10km eggs got me an Onix and a Hitmonlee.
My 2 and 5km eggs gave me a fresh (and better) Ponyta,  a Lickitung, 2 Meowths, 3 Charmanders, a Pidgey (T_T), a Nidoran w, a Caterpie (T_T okay I hardly catch them as they’re not really common in my area – Weedles are tho – and still need 4-5 to evolve my stupid thing), a Zubat, a Magicarp, a Paras, a Psyduck, a Slowpoke, a Seel, a Doduo, a Drowzee, a Gastly, a Horsea and a Jigglypuff…. busy hatch week!
But after evolving some of these I was happyyyyyyyy~

Thursday I had an appointment to let my eyes check. For that I needed to go to Haarlem Centrum. I was a bit excited to see what kind of Pokémon would be there and managed to get a Machop but scared a Mr. Mime away after wasting 3 Berries and 13 Balls >.> I hate that one since I’m a kid. Seriously.

On Saturday I went to the PokéStop in front of my house, put in a module and a lucky egg to get my Level 22. Caught some (lot) Drowzees, Pidgeys and Rattatas but nothing serious. My last 10 minutes I threw in an Incense as well and went for a walk until it was done… and guess what I FINALLY SAW AND CAUGHT A DRATINI! I love Dragonair and getting a Dratini is a first step to get it hooray.
When I returned home, there was a Mr. Mime waiting for me…. I was like: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Let’s try again~~~ (>.>) I caught it with my first ball !@§&%/ I caught 2 more on Sunday !@§&%/
As I caught a really great Eevee I finally evolved it – not with the name cheat but randomly – and got a cute Flareon!

Monday morning I saw something funny happening at my station. The gym was taken by Valor but suddenly when I was about 200 meter away from it, it changed to “No Team” – but no one took it. So I took it 😀

In the afternoon someone had a lure modul active at the PokéStop so I caught some monsters while waiting for my bus… and caught my second Dratini *____*
Meanwhile some kids battled over the gym. As I already received my reward I couldn’t care less but still helped them to take the gym down and get their rewards by putting their monsters in. It was so fun to see how they were interacting with each other – although being with different teams (and I heard that there are Faction wars in some areas T__T). The gym went from Valor to Instinct to Mystic to Valor to Instinct to Mystic to Valor to Instinct to Valor … and then I took off with the bus.

On my way to work today (Tuesday) I saw a Shadow… I think it was a Ivysaur but I didn’t see it close by and it vanished some seconds later while  walked towards work. I was sad. My phone vibrated shortly before I reached our back entrance of the office building and I nearly got a heart attack … I caught a Porygon 😀
14248887_1146972185350409_759188320_n (1)And this ends the weekly report 😀

New Glasses

After 3 years I thought it might be about time to let my eyes test and get new glasses…
I made an appointment at my optician via their website last Saturday (27th of August) for today.
But I never imagined it would be such a hassle to get new glasses *lol*

So first off: I was there half an hour before my appointment and was seated in the waiting area after I gave my glasses to minor repairs – I thought it might get cleaned as well, nah, the lady just did what I asked her. Well nevermind right? I got an appointment so I can let them clean it later 😛
When it was time for my appointment I was asked to join another lady at the room for testing eyes.
That was fun. They got some new tests which I never seen before – a red-green comparing screen and white symbols on black screen. Really funny. (I wonder if they do the red-green thing for people with a blindness for those colors)

Well, as I am light sensitive that whole thing took 1-2 minutes longer as my eyes needed to adjust to sudden darkness and sudden light again but well….
my eyes DID NOT change in 3 years. Hilarious.
Still I wanted new glasses, so after the test and cleaning my glasses *gg* we tried to find new glasses for me. Which was horrible…. we gave up 15 minutes later after trying women, men and kids glasses of different colors and shapes. The new fashion for glasses is: mega-huge (owl style) or cat-eyes – both look horrible on my face.
So she printed my data and sent me off to another store that belongs to the same company (with a different name) as they might have different glasses available. Well, they did. Pricey too.
But there I had the same issue – too big, too round, too much color, too less color, wrong color/shape. Meh.

So I asked when they get the new designs. The lady who helped me replied they would get new ones every month. So I asked that if I check on their website I could drop by to ask them if they got it or can order it – she confirmed so I left with a feeling like: Yay, maybe next month.

When I was about to go home – or at least that direction – I saw a new optician across the street. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to check ….. and there they were. The correct shape. Colors. Yay.
So I asked one of the dudes (yes dudes, the first time that day!) if he could help me – he got a colleague of his as he could help me better (seems everyone there has a speciality for something) and told him what I was looking for. That guy was so fun! Jumping around the shop like: “here and this and no this color doesn’t fit, no this shape is too much” – woooooooh.
My eyes got stuck on a specific shape I saw already when entering the shop. It was like a magnet. I tried it on. I liked it. As the shop has a specific offer to get a 2nd pair for free (except adjustment of glasses) I checked out some other ones too and found a 2nd pair really quickly.
So now that dude handed me over to another one who would register me into their system and asked me if I want something to drink: coffee, tea, water, wine? …. I replied: Sorry I’m not French 😀
He asked me where I’m from and after they found out I’m German, 3rd colleague talked to me in German haha.
He filed my basic data (name, address, telephone, email) and presented me to colleague number 4 who would do a quick eye check with me – first off to confirm the data printed by first shop *lol* and second to save them from legal issues if something was wrong with my glasses later on.

So now it got funny again… first the balloon check (automatic measurement), then eye pressure check (woot never had that done before) and letter reading yet again – with adjustment to light/darkness as before – sensitive much.
So result *drum roll* IT’S THE SAME! 😀 HOORAY!

After the check-up I was returned to colleague number 3, who then checked the glasses and measured them on my face and did the maths for 1st pair of glasses + sanding/reflection reduce + 2nd pair of glasses (for free!) + sanding/reflection reduce (not for free)… total amount 477 EUR.
I could’ve decided to make one pair sunglasses but nah. I want to confuse people at work and friends with switching both pairs like every few hours (and maybe the current one as well) 😀

Originally pick-up date was the 15th of September. As the dude heard I’m directly traveling to Germany from work that day he said: “I’ll make sure these are done on the 14th. Don’t worry!”
:O I never asked for this, neither did I cry about not having the new glasses ready before I travel to Germany but HELL YEA THIS IS AWESOME!
I paid the glasses before leaving the store and now just need to return there on the 14th to pick them up (hopefully that works out haha)

I can’t wait, I can’t wait.