Pokémon GO: 2nd Week

My second week was a real efficient one – well, until Wednesday and starting on Saturday again (although I had quite the fun time in Germany while grabbing all those PokéStops).

I got an Ekans, Exeggcute, Rhyhorn and Sandshrew while hatching eggs on Saturday and Sunday. Yay~ Regrettably I only saw a Sandshrew shadow once at work but while I was at break I couldn’t figure out where it is. Now I got one haha.








I also was able to get a Jigglypuff this week~ it’s kinda rare to see it where I live and work so hooray~
I wish I could see those buggers more often – same for fire or stone monsters :/
For some reason I get the other types around my home quite often.






When I jumped into the train on Thursday to visit friends in Germany, I was Level 19 and amazed that there are barely any PokéStops at Amsterdam Centraal – not close to the tracks as they are in Haarlem 😦
I was running low on balls and couldn’t get any – meh.
I had the same issue when I switched trains in Cologne – nothing close to the tracks…
After I bought a travel pass to access mobile data in Germany I could go hunting for monsters (after figuring out why it wouldn’t get any connection at first) and PokéStops.
Neuwied has sooooo many~
After beating the gym at the cinema in Koblenz I made a weird mistake *rofl* …. I put my Ekans into the gym. So I let my friend beat it and beat her Dragonite after to retrieve the gym with my Hypno (just because…although I had the Defender bonus already).

The same evening (Thursday) I was able to see and catch a Ponyta close to my friends’ place. She was freaking out that I saw and caught it while we walked back a few meters after dropping off the car and couldn’t find it on her phone. :/




Friday I was busy being the maid-of-honor at my friends’ wedding so no leveling or PokéStops or something.
On Saturday I traveled back to the Netherlands. While my train stopped at Venlo I took the train station gym 😀
Of course it was taken just a few minutes after I took it (also maybe because I just dumped my super fast Pidgeot in there – I don’t have much choice regarding my Pokémon as most of them are below 1k and super cute but super weak 😀 meanwhile I exchanged that Pidgeot for a stronger one) but I got my bonus~

I also took my train station gym after returning which was taken nearly immediately after again. Well. I had the def bonus already due to taking the Venlo gym but sometimes I kind of like messing around with other players 😀
I had some luck again with hatching eggs the very same day too. Got a Mankey and a Vulpix:




This morning (Monday) I couldn’t catch a Squirtle 😦 CP 422 and it ran away after I blew up my Hyper Balls on it -_-

After that I beat the gym at my train station.
I also noticed something… at the last “boss” I saw someone joining my fight 😮 a few seconds later we beat the monster there and I put my Hypno into the gym,
taking it for Instinct, while there was also a Dragonite in there immediately and the gym level was already level 3 😀  (due to the other one beating the previous owner?) That was fun.

I need another 19k to Level 21 and am running low and lower on PokéBalls. I just hope I can get some at the PokéStops after work on my way home 😦




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